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A forum to offer and request prayers.
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Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:23 am +0000

I'm asking for prayerful concern.

Recently I've been entertaining the idea that the mechanism of habit-building is fairly universal among mortal sons. It(habit-building) would seem one reason organized religion has been successfully passed from generation to generation. It also is one tool we Urantians might willingly employ in our relationship with god, even as Father. To work with our TA in a co-operative effort, such as habit-building, would soon run out the "natural" course of our thinking and eventuate in thoughts of god. Fully conscious moments...seconds...hours.

We have each and all built habits in the way we think. We know the brain has a "normal" course of growth and development and habit-building is there from birth to the end of days. We will have all that is of value thereafter.

Do any of us expect to awaken in a lesser awareness than we now endure? Hope not! Too much of us is given to perpetuating life instead of harvesting value. Too many of us are given away to warring spirits in the animal mind. Too few of us have embraced our human mind and dared to reach for more. Thank you Father for the Urantia Book.

I'm rambling. My "offering" is the joy I feel in sharing a few thoughts. My request is that we more fully desire to experience unison with our abiding TA...so that we might know you better...to get to know a better You, Father. As we employ the tool of habit-building in conscious awareness we invite our TA to provide good influence in the process. After all, listening to your "self" in us is how we receive knowledge of your will. Help us with your patience. Help us to experience harmony with our abiding TA that pleases those spirits whom you have given charge over us. As we seek you, let us also seek evidence of you in our fellows by embracing our differences. Thy will be done in all ways.

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Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:31 pm +0000


Re: Differences

Tue May 03, 2011 11:33 am +0000

5:4.8 The Greek religion had a watchword “Know yourself”; the Hebrews centered their teaching on “Know your God”; the Christians preach a gospel aimed at a “knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ”; Jesus proclaimed the good news of “knowing God, and yourself as a son of God.” These differing concepts of the purpose of religion determine the individual’s attitude in various life situations and foreshadow the depth of worship and the nature of his personal habits of prayer. The spiritual status of any religion may be determined by the nature of its prayers.

my bad habits are strong but i hope they go away in my lifetime. but for all of us: My "offering" is the joy I feel in sharing a few thoughts. it's unfortunate we can't do that freely on forums on the internet. whatever i'm discussing on here it's to get and feel a little happiness and yet the owners...{ Deleted by admin just to reinforce the fact that the forum has rules. One of said rules is:
Please do not
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The rules are at: http://forums.truthbook.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3582&p=42424 }

oobie wrote:I'm asking for prayerful concern. My "offering" is the joy I feel in sharing a few thoughts.

Re: Differences

Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:25 pm +0000

Its not so much habit building id say, as it is a universal pattern. There is a certain `pattern` of our universe. The patterns the life carriers came and bestowed upon our early Urantia makes certain that we, as universal children, will inevitably end up progressing in a relatively similar pattern, ie. the father dominant father figure, the nurturing mother spirit, the urge to pro create.. etc Our TA does not think for us, or tell us what to think, it merely adjusts our thoughts in the right direction. We are never conscious of this, it happens in our superconcious. Hence we just need to agree, give full cooperation and give it permission to dominate our minds, and the rest will fall into place.
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