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Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:48 pm +0000

To all Brothers and Sisters

This could be a good excuse for some of you who haven't joined FACEBOOK to do so. His cousin Frank Cecena has been keeping us informed here at Facebook. That is how Brother Dave and I have been getting updated info on brother Joe's condition. Joe is a member on almost every Urantian on Facebook. May our prayers continue. and God bless Joey.


Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:31 am +0000

Dear Joer, sorry to hear the news, been thinking of you lately..... sending my prayers to you.... you are the kindest person i have ever met with the biggest heart.....thanks for being a true friend.... we look forward to your return soon.... :wink:

Love you,


Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:18 pm +0000

I've never met Joe in the flesh but I have been touched by his loving and faithful spirit on the web. I look up to him and love him from afar. I've been following these recent events on facebook and now here.

Today our sister Lisa on facebook requested I share this information over here.

"It sounds like overall, Joe is doing well, he looks good, was clean, shaved- even looked like he was given a bit of a haircut. He is truly resting has been “very stable” for over 24 hours. His blood pressure is normal. He is still on the respirator, and the plan is to remove that on Sunday or Monday. The hospital did not put the monitor in his head to measure pressure. The doctor told Jackie that 20-30% of his brain was affected by the stroke. ... They told us that he will not be able to talk and he wont be able to move his right arm, but we believe, and have faith, that God is the one who has the last word and that he will be able to be cured. We thank you so much for all your prayers, my Dad hasn't gotten worse, thank God. The Doctors also told us that his brain had swelled up on the left side and they said they think it will be better to put a tube in his brain to monitor the swelling and the brain activity better. He also said that if his brain does swell up to the point where it is squished in his cranium they will have to do surgery to remove part of his cranium due to the swelling. We are praying and we have faith that Our Lord is good and that my Dad will get better and his brain will not swell up. Thank you for all your prayers! Please keep praying and keep the faith."

I trust that no matter what happens to Joer's body the Father will safeguard his soul. Let us keep praying for Joer and his family.

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:55 pm +0000

My continued thoughts and prayers are with you and yours Joer...Aloha...
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Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:09 pm +0000

There aren't enough words to describe the beauty inside Joe's soul. He's the kindest person I have had the privilege of meeting. He is filled with the love of God, and he unselfishly gives that love to all he meets. How can you not love him? Who can fail to feel uplifted by his words? He is our brother, and our friend, and dang it I love him as one. I'm trying to resist fight the tears here, but its hard. Everything is in the Father's hands, and I know that its fully within His power to help Joe. I pray that Joe not only makes a full recovery but that he thrives...but if in His infinite wisdom He deems it necessary to carry our brother to the mansion worlds, I'm going to feel jealous of all those who get to hear his words of comfort and courage, his wisdom, and love :wink:

Joe has helped me many times, and I am so grateful to him. I wish I could do more than just pray, but I know that the Father loves him and cares for him infinitely, and all things are in His control. I have faith that, if our Father desires that Joe pull through this, then he will.

In the spirit of Joe's loving ministry, may we join in a prayer together?

Our loving Father, we pray for the recovery of Your son and our brother Joe, that he may live and thrive in this life, and glorify Your name through the love he has shown to us all because of You. We know that You do all things well, and we all have faith in Your love. We pray, Father, for the recovery of our friend, that he may continue to be a light to us and his family. In Your wisdom you saw it fit to put Joe here among us in this world, and we are grateful for having the opportunity to know one of Your more beautiful children. Heavenly Father, we know that time and space itself bend to Your will, and in accordance with Your wisdom and love You can interpose your Fatherly hand into the stream of events. We all trust and love You Father, and we know that You shall not only make the best decision, but the perfect one.

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:41 pm +0000

Yep, Joe's one of the good guy's. He seems to zero in on the positive in everyone, even the most irritating and obnoxious ones. I trust that he's being held gently and firmly.


Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:34 am +0000

Brothers Joe and Tramp are very much on my mind, as well as all of you who are affected by this unwelcome news.

Oh Great Source and Center of us all, Your will be done in goodness, beauty and truth ...

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sun Jul 19, 2009 11:10 am +0000

Creator hear us, for we are your children.

Father we thank you for all that you have given us.

We thank you for the lessons that you have taught us and
for the life that you have allowed us to lead.

We thank you Mother Earth for your beauty and sustenance.

We thank the masters of this universe
for their guidance, protection and direction.

Father we thank you for the white light that surrounds us, and for
that same white light which transmutes all negativity
into love and healing.

We thank you father, for the healing of our souls,
the healing of the Earth and for the healing of all mankind.

We call upon the power of the universe, to
allow us happiness, prosperity, healing and love.

We call upon the power of the universe for
good relationship to all things.

We call upon the power of the universe, for sacred direction,
sacred protection, sacred correction and sacred connection.

We call upon the power of the universe for magic and miracles.

We honor you Creator, as we honor all things seen and unseen.

We honor you Creator, as we honor our ancestors,
as we honor ourselves.


grant redhawk - two feathers - native american

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:29 pm +0000

Thank you brother that prayer brother coop!

god bless all of his sons and daughters and continue to lift us up so that we may do your will. God give strength to those who bring so many of your lost sheep home. Brother Joe has more work here father, but still never the less your will be done.



Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:40 pm +0000

At about 2:00 oclock yesterday our beloved brother Joer passed away.


Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:28 pm +0000

I can't stop crying... WHY he's such a good man... I know that god's will is infinetly more important then my question, but I hurt... I hurt so bad to know that someone I loved so much will be missed until we meet again...

If my father died today the world would not miss him... I would miss him because he is my father and I love him, but people who never Met Joe loved him because he loved them first. I had the pleasure of meeting brother Joe last year at IC08 and he and I picked up Metaroc Mike and Joe struggled with his legs and had to sit about every 3 or 4 minutes because his legs would hurt him so badly... I just remember thinking this is a beautiful man to sacrifice himself for the service of others... I learned about him and his life, and I love him. I wanted to be just like him and he inspired me to be like our master.

I could never say enough about his man, and it's because almost everything he was was inspired through our master and I would hear and see our master through him everytime I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone, or reading his emails, or his posts on truthbook...

Oh this hurt is deep... I pray father that this pain is lifted for his family.


Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:32 pm +0000

Any information on the Funeral?????

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:40 pm +0000

this is an email that brother Joe and I had back and forth and I think it pretty much sums up our relationship together and how he inspired me. He always knew the right thing to say...

From: j-reza@juno.com [mailto:j-reza@juno.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 6:13 PM
To: David Tucker
Subject: RE: Please sign this petition

I´m doing very little dude. But I´m liking it and I brag alot. Whopps! Forgive me father. But it´s the truth. There is nothing less important than what youn are doing right now brother. caring for those around you whereever you are. YOU ARE DOING WHAT I´M DOING. Right now right where you are. Loving those and sharing the spirit with them as you pass by. Family, lovers, friends, They are all God´s Children and our brothers and sisters and deserving of our service for the Love of God to them as we PASS BY.

The cool thig Bro is that we have cotat with each while we´re in teh process of Spiritual growth. AND WE KNOW IT:

We know why we here, and what we are supposedto do. You wrote in those petition things you sent out. I saw it bro. No matter what happens, what comes up, serving others is our job. And believe me, I still have a lot of selfish stuff I serve to. But little by little we grow along in our eternal journey. Man it´s cool!

Peace Bro! I had a Corna Light the other night. My first beer in along time. It was so cold and the night was so hot, what a treat Bro! It tasted just like I remembered it only better. ;-) joe

---------- Original Message ----------
From: "David Tucker" <dTucker@westcoastuniversity.edu>
To: <j-reza@juno.com>
Subject: RE: Please sign this petition
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 17:22:15 -0700

Thank you so much brother you always have a way of helping me find the best path. I am so confused and I know that our father will be with me through it all and that comforts me. I’m scared, but willing. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling good. I have been so worried for you brother because when we met, you explained to me how 60% of your nerves could be gone without you even knowing it and I have told God I will be there for you when you need me. I truly look at you like a father figure and you are the most kind, and loving person I have ever met in person. I would do anything for you brother I just want you to know that, and it’s because you have done everything for me.

Thank you for your advice it means the world to me.

I will try to go see Panto he is really a great performer and a talented spiritual uplifter.


your brother dave

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:26 pm +0000

I just heard the news and I felt a strange mix of feelings. I felt that cold dropping No! feeling, but pretty quickly I thought of Joe's smiling face being received by the Higher beings on the next world, how the next moment he is about to experience is rebirth in a new morontial body free of all pain, and a smile passed over my lips.
Our brother is finally free from his pain and about to start living out a whole new adventure! The Urantia Book community is remarkable in its ability to potentially celebrate death. Of course we will grieve too, for we have lost our friend. Joe was a man whom I felt comfortable telling some stuff that really scared me. I wish so bad I could've met him in the flesh. I'm sure if I had I would be a lot more emotional like you Brother Dave. I'm going to pray for you Brother Dave. God Bless you, brother.

We must remember our brother Joe. His shining example must be kept alive in the community and in our own hearts and lives. I suggest that we must rise to the challenge of filling the void left by Joe's shining light. Father please help us will Love as Joe did!

And of course, Father please protect the sanity of Joe's family. Their grief must be terrible. Protect them and uplift and guide them. Is there any way we could reach out to Joe's family?

Re: Please pray for brother JOER

Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:23 pm +0000

I found this post by Joer (Uncle Joe) on My Space. I thought I would share it. He had a site for sharing the UB to the younger generation.

"How I got started on TUB. (The Urantia Book)

I got TUB from a friend who very adamantly encouraged me to read it, two years before I was ready and disgustingly shelved it with no intention of ever reading it or even picking it up again.

Then a couple of things happened I was looking for information of Magnetic Energy with the intent of seeing if I could discover how to create a device that generated more energy than it used to create it by perhaps capturing magnetic energy from the Earths magnetic field.

A different friend said, "I think the Urantia Book says something about that." I told him I had the book and it seemed phony to me. He said he was amazed by how it spoke about scientific discovers before they happened. It got my interest again, I glanced at it again looking for anything on magnetic energy. While looking I noticed the Papers on Adam and Eve and The Lucifer Rebellion and started reading and while I had never heard anything like that before, it made more sense than the Biblical Story.

I read about Andon and Fonta. A millions years ago. Again matched recent scientific discoveries of that time. Again I was interested because it made sense.

Then My father died and I had a tremendous desire to find out more about our spiritual nature and Everything I had seen up to that time left me feeling like there was more to it AND SOMEBODY SHOULD NO ABOUT IT.

If they could write about Jesus' first 13 years of life and the last 3, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING SOMEWHERE ABOUT the missing years. I read new incomplete translations of ancient writings that had been recently discovered , and that had just come out about that time. Like Thomas' Gospel. Lost books of the Bible. Modern purported revelations about Jesus. Universal truths like those contained in Hesse's wrings and Gibran's writings and other historic and historical fiction writings. Still I couldn't find anything that satisfied me. I KNEW there must be something, somewhere. It can't be lost. And then after expressing my frustration to my friend who have given me TUB earlier, he said, "Why don't you just read Part IV on the Life of Jesus. It has those Lost Years of Jesus in it. Just read it. What do you have to lose"

I started Part IV and was reading about the bestowals of Michael and was thinking to myself what is all this CRA*. I almost put it down again. Then I said to myself OK so they Call Jesus Michael, I read a little more and let's see what happens. It got into stuff I was familiar with fro the bible. Gabriel’s visitations, Joseph and Mary's relatives, A historical perspective of the times that sounded very convincing . Then it was talking abut what people were thinking, HOW CAN IT DO THAT. I was starting to become more interested in the story so I resigned myself to read it as if it was fiction.

That was it! I was had. The things it said, the way I was moved, The outrageousness and presumptiveness of what it was saying and claiming as truth by revelation. The audacity. These must have had to be an extremely intelligent group of people to write this in this way, so consistent, so moving, so perplexing. IT WAS GOOD. I thought about teachings about Jesus, Movies about Jesus, Books about Jesus. THIS WAS THE BEST STORY about Jesus that I had EVER read or experienced in any media. And it just seem so possible, so plausible, It made so much sense. This is what it REALLY COULD HAVE BEEN LIKE!.

I was hooked. I wasn’t really ready to receive the book when I did. But the book didn’t give up on me. EVERYBODY is ready for the BOOK. Because EVEN if they reject it. They can’t escape the Truth it contains. That Truth the LIVING TRUTH will follow them all the days of their lives UNTIL that time that they are ready to see it.

Get the book, the Name Urantia, The truth as we live it, out there anyway you can. If’s it’s done negatively as in some YOUTUBE videos it will gain more name recognition by being absorbed by the truth as presented by those to negate the negative image of the book.

Translate it into every language of the world. The most well known ones first, than the lesser known ones. When the world is ready, TUB or the Truth it conveys, will be in the World waiting for those of the world to find it. And when they do find it with a sincere truth searching heart, they will soon KNOW they have found the NEW TEACHING of Eternal Value. IMHO.

Posted by Uncle Joe on Monday, September 22, 2008 - 3:40 AM"
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