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Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:22 am +0000

Greetings fanofVan,

I like this:
fanofVan wrote:Disseminators feed souls by placing bread on the water, first,-

Presumably you're speaking of the "bread of life," soul food.

I'm always struck by what happened when Jesus fed the five thousand. First he spoke to them for three days; he offered them truth, food for their souls, then finally he offered them food for their bodies. He spent three days feeding their souls first.

But the lesson which came from feeding the multitude was that it did not lead them to desire more food for the souls. Feeding them non-living bread did not lead them to hunger for the bread of life, it only made them hunger for more bread for their material bodies. People are weak, they pay more attention to their stomachs than their souls. Like addicts, they craved carbs rather than truth.

And now do you all see that the working of miracles and the performance of material wonders will not win souls for the spiritual kingdom? We fed the multitude, but it did not lead them to hunger for the bread of life neither to thirst for the waters of spiritual righteousness. 152:5:4

There is wisdom in feeding the souls of men before feeding their bodies. I know Mother Theresa would disagree with that, but I stand firm on it. The question then becomes, "What is soul food, what is the bread of life?"

I think the bread of life is really a person, the Master. When we allow Jesus/Michael/Spirit of Truth to live in our souls, he becomes a living piece of bread we can share with others. Sharing a book is fine; sharing your food, your home, your clothes and your money is good; sharing your personality is better; but sharing living bread is best of all. Do it first! because it is the Master himself who directs the loving contact between persons. (180:5:11)

Next, the Spirit of Truth came to help the believer to witness to the realities of Jesus’ teachings and his life as he lived it in the flesh, and as he now again lives it anew and afresh in the individual believer of each passing generation of the spirit-filled sons of God. 194:2:6

When man yields the "fruits of the spirit" in his life, he is simply showing forth the traits which the Master manifested in his own earthly life. When Jesus was on earth, he lived his life as one personality — Jesus of Nazareth. As the indwelling spirit of the "new teacher," the Master has, since Pentecost, been able to live his life anew in the experience of every truth-taught believer. 194:3:1

And so must we clearly recognize that neither the golden rule nor the teaching of nonresistance can ever be properly understood as dogmas or precepts. They can only be comprehended by living them, by realizing their meanings in the living interpretation of the Spirit of Truth, who directs the loving contact of one human being with another. 180:5:11

In Friendship,

Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Thu Nov 05, 2015 3:40 pm +0000

One of my favorite lessons too Rexford - the distillation process of the Master to identify the dedicated few amongst the hungry many!! Many raise not their hand to serve, others raise a hand but slip away after some challenge or failure, but the few who stick, thick or thin, are revealed only by time and results.

A couple of points:

nod says above: "One of the first criticisms I kept hearing was that the UB was a "rich man's bible" due to its cost. When I found out about the various conferences and meetings of readers getting together somewhere in the world far from where I lived, to further the dissemination and translation efforts and such, I said to myself, sure would be nice if I could afford to participate and jump on an airplane and hang out in some nice hotel with these nice folks. But those cards where not then, and aren't now, in my hand."

I too am of limited means. I've only been to one International, in Snow Mass back around 1990....as I could drive there and love Colorado also. It was life changing actually. Hundreds of friendly students having fun learning and teaching. Friendships and bonds made. The music and art and laughter and small group encounters, not to mention the awesome concert by fellow reader John Denver! I have been to dozens of local and regional conferences though as costs are usually quite modest and, again the friendship bonds formed and teams expressed and created were exhilarating. But I bring this up to illustrate the dissemination functionality of organizational infrastructure and shared priorities for a group.

This past summer at the International Conference in Quebec over $20,000 was donated and spent on financial aid for attendees from many countries. This was not general donation funds budgeted for this purpose but gifts made specifically to pay for the attendance of those who could not otherwise attend. Hundreds of people gave that money, most of those did not attend themselves, and the organization had to arrange all the travel and lodging and visas, etc., etc. - donors and volunteers activated, organized, focused, and working in teams to create an event and bring people together. Not otherwise possible. Is it a good thing to bring people together? Oh, and for the first time, these events are now being videoed and archived and even live-streamed and people from around the world participated in asking questions and discussing the presentations in real time! Stunning in its implications for the future.

Next year is a conference in San Antonio, co-sponsored by the Foundation, Fellowship, and Association - who cooperatively attended the Parliament of World Religions this past month. Both events are building bridges of cooperation, team work, and love of connectivity in purpose for dissemination. Volunteers from all 3 groups joined together to create a beautiful booth in Utah and joint presentations to religionists from around the world, including very professional videos about Jesus life and teachings. This is but a limited perspective of the potential that organizational infrastructure can magnify the sincerity and faith of volunteers and leverage that into chain reactions of perpetual motion and progress in service to the readership and those truth seekers which come to the UB in their own way and time.

Groups of people can accomplish more than what 10 times as many individuals can when organized and focused in priority and strategy. It has been very rewarding to know such people and work side by side doing our small part to bring the Revelation to the whole world, believing that such work might provide some assistance to those charged with planetary progress by the spread of the Good News and hoping that someone will come to the UB in their truth seeking to be as blessed by that discovery as we have been due to those disseminators before us.

I could provide a litany of frustrations and failures along the trail of course. Those bring experience, wisdom, resolve, renewed efforts, and better outcomes over time. We remember how many times how close our ancestry barely survived a jump to the left or right....dissemination has had its share of fire and earthquake and the whisker's hair of doom. It's been very "interesting" indeed.

I am confident that all who come to love the facts and truths within the text, will raise their own light and share their own fruits of the spirit in ways which will bring Light and Life by their selfless and loving service to others in as many unique and personal ways as there are such believers (in God, not a book). Dissemination is only one way of the limitless ways we may bring love and life to our world.


Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:48 am +0000

The Alpheus twins vs. the brothers Andrew and Peter. There are differences in what these four individuals accomplished in service to the gospel of the kingdom. Who's service has more value?

Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:29 am +0000

"More value" to whom....those who served, those served, or the kingdom itself? I don't know how such is valued....quantity? Quality? Effect on others? Effect on oneself by circle progress?

As direction is more important than speed or distance to circle progress and sincerity is the measure of intent and motive and act, my guess is the question is irrelevant...... or at least unanswerable. Feeing like a universe citizen and acting so will deliver all that is required and likely all that is measured.

Father utilizes and actualizes all worthy efforts given in love to others. We are told the twins inspired many and were beloved by the Master in their service for others and their love for Him. I don't think there is such a thing as love that has lesser or greater "value" but we are taught there are many forms of love and some have more quality than others related to one's progress in the Spirit....but all love that is not self love and is given to another has power....and effect.

What of David Z's service? And John Mark's? And the disciples who returned to their families and communities as pillars of light?

As I said, dissemination is but one form of limitless opportunities to serve and disseminators also serve in other ways while in service to dissemination....as caring children and parents, in communities and extended family, service to country; service has so many kind and smiling faces it may wear in so many ways which shines the light of love, truth, beauty, and goodness. Dissemination must also include dissemination of love itself while the topic here is merely about dissemination of the Revelation....out of love for others. Just one form with no claim as to superior or inferior measurement of value. But there's the beauty in free will....we must each determine that which is most important and most expressive of our love and our opportunity as citizens in a friendly universe. We may serve that which is put before us or we may seek out specific forms and expressions of our love. But love is more than a feeling....it is an action taken in response to the Spirit. Or so I think.

I can offer no measure of value in the service of any other....or myself....way above my pay grade as tadpole!!


Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:38 am +0000


I think the value of any service is measured by it's divinity attainment. All service by a faith-son is sacred in God's eyes.

Never forget that, when you are a faith son of God, all upright work of the realm is sacred. Nothing which a son of God does can be common. Do your work, therefore, from this time on, as for God. And when you are through on this world, I have other and better worlds where you shall likewise work for me. And in all of this work, on this world and on other worlds, I will work with you, and my spirit shall dwell within you. 192:2:13

In Friendship,

Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:20 am +0000

As to the inspirational Alpheus twins:

139:10.4 (1563.5) The multitudes of the common people were greatly encouraged to find two like themselves honored with places among the apostles. By their very acceptance as apostles these mediocre twins were the means of bringing a host of fainthearted believers into the kingdom. And, too, the common people took more kindly to the idea of being directed and managed by official ushers who were very much like themselves.

139:10.8 (1564.2) The twins were good-natured, simple-minded helpers, and everybody loved them. Jesus welcomed these young men of one talent to positions of honor on his personal staff in the kingdom because there are untold millions of other such simple and fear-ridden souls on the worlds of space whom he likewise wishes to welcome into active and believing fellowship with himself and his outpoured Spirit of Truth. Jesus does not look down upon littleness, only upon evil and sin. James and Judas were little, but they were also faithful. They were simple and ignorant, but they were also big-hearted, kind, and generous. *

139:10.9 (1564.3) And how gratefully proud were these humble men on that day when the Master refused to accept a certain rich man as an evangelist unless he would sell his goods and help the poor. When the people heard this and beheld the twins among his counselors, they knew of a certainty that Jesus was no respecter of persons. But only a divine institution — the kingdom of heaven — could ever have been built upon such a mediocre human foundation!

181:2.19 (1959.3) Jesus then went over to the Alpheus twins and, standing between them, said: “My little children, you are one of the three groups of brothers who chose to follow after me. All six of you have done well to work in peace with your own flesh and blood, but none have done better than you. Hard times are just ahead of us. You may not understand all that will befall you and your brethren, but never doubt that you were once called to the work of the kingdom. For some time there will be no multitudes to manage, but do not become discouraged; when your lifework is finished, I will receive you on high, where in glory you shall tell of your salvation to seraphic hosts and to multitudes of the high Sons of God. Dedicate your lives to the enhancement of commonplace toil. Show all men on earth and the angels of heaven how cheerfully and courageously mortal man can, after having been called to work for a season in the special service of God, return to the labors of former days. If, for the time being, your work in the outward affairs of the kingdom should be completed, you should go back to your former labors with the new enlightenment of the experience of sonship with God and with the exalted realization that, to him who is God-knowing, there is no such thing as common labor or secular toil. To you who have worked with me, all things have become sacred, and all earthly labor has become a service even to God the Father. And when you hear the news of the doings of your former apostolic associates, rejoice with them and continue your daily work as those who wait upon God and serve while they wait. You have been my apostles, and you always shall be, and I will remember you in the kingdom to come.”

Personal heroes of mine who have inspired my humble engagement in service to others knowing how unworthy I might be but how powerful is our Lord and love itself no matter how dull or small may be its instrument of sincere intent. Glorious!


Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:11 pm +0000


What are we to DO? We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul! We are to love one another as Jesus loves us.

We are to develop and grow in a personal relationship with Our Creator. We are to seek genuine humility. We are to minister to spiritually hungry and prideful souls. Feed those who are poor in spirit however in whatever way you can! Teach others the good news. Support and serve the organizations that make these things possible, now matter how imperfect they may be.

I believe one can do all of the above: disseminate, minister, teach, support, serve, and love.

While the watchword is progress, the theme is patience.

Good luck everyone! And praise God! :)

Re: Dissemination of the URANTIA Papers

Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:52 pm +0000

nodAmanaV wrote: "tell no man".
The point is there is power in anonymity. It's a paradox.
I think the text stands completely on its own. I think disseminating the UB is not necessary. I think God works with anyone who genuinely seeks truth to bring him or her to the text. That's what happened to me. The fact of it being forever lodged in or on the internet is enough now. In a FER kind of way, it's gone viral!
Just don't tell anyone.

Even Credit-Type Transactions are to be considered public, not private, type of informations. The Bank that you used to transact the Urantia Book hold that knowledge, even if no other person or institution.

This is a very important observation. But we who have "Liked" Urantia Book, or whom Discourse Publickly about issues concerning Life and it's association with the Truth of the Urantia Papers, have already "revealed our Identity Cards". Sociologically speaking, the test of time for us is not in how the world or Society in general observes us, but how Society observes other family members' reaction to us.

Are we (am I) too fervent in our recommendations?
Are we abandoned by our group because of the dramatic reorientation of values and purpose?
Are we socializing well enough, so that other people may respect or trust our opinions more as a result of our experience?

These and other questions may serve as the adequate sociological plumbline, that is used for how Analytics, other Persons, and Society as a whole will use to evaluate our mutual mission. Therefore, it is not so much important that we flaunt and haphazardly promote the Urantia Papers, as that we (each) love our neighbours as ourself. I have no doubt that with the fallout of the 3 Great Abrahamic Religions, the Truth of the Urantia Papers is a vital ingredient for the preservation of tradition and the revivification of spiritual forces within the human minds of Urantia.

HOWEVER, let us praise and be thankful to all the anonymous Urantia Book Readers. These people may have been given the book through a discussion group. They do not declare their allegience, and are not inquired. They are the greatest example for the personality of Jesus/Joshua that we may know, but we may never be aware of their "Damascus TentMaker"'s identity.

Therefore, I say to you whom have visited this site:
Buy as many new copies as you have discretionary income to ascertain.
Give them to strangers, not just family,
tell them to hide their own zeal and belief in these Papers (unless it is revealed by God that they should.)
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