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Hi Folks,
I've seen a number of threads here about Urantia-based movies. Seems like a good idea as long as it didn't become too sensationalized or corporate (though I doubt that would even be a possibility for a very long time if ever)
What about movies, short films, youtube films etc. based on the Jesus Papers? They could be explicitly linked to the UB, or more anonymous. Terms could be changed to make them more friendly to those not familiar with the book. We could use our imaginations to fill out details not explicitly discussed in the book. One could make a great epic based on the entire life of Jesus, or just focus on a little story for a short and intriguing internet film perhaps, or focus on one period of his life. We could have individual episodes or serials and so on. Tons of possibilities. Other media are an option as well. I know some people have already done books. Jess Vasquez is one of and I've heard of a guy in South America fictionalizing the Papers with some good success. I am also interested in the use of the comic book medium?


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LightPoet 8)


A Movie or mini series of movies etc sure would
be cool and i would love to see it come to fruition .
I Personaly dont care for so called secondary UB Books .
Yet there are several works done with class and style
that are good and helpfull . Like Charlie Foxs
'' Being like water ''

There are many great artists an writers right here
on Truthbooks site and elsewhere . For a feature length
Urantia book based movie , it would need to be a co operation
of many talents working together , ... and then there's
the need for funding .

IMHO A Comic book style series of the UB Timeline
would be cool and helpful , and bring attention to and interest in
the UB .


P.312 - §1 One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork. The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings. Few are the duties in the universe for the lone servant. The higher you ascend, the more lonely you become when temporarily without the association of your fellows.

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Hi you all,

I like this thread, count me in! I have several of these. Inspired by The Urantia Teachings

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Michael Cuthbertson

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