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A place to discuss how faith experiences have changed your life.
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Tue May 17, 2005 10:36 pm +0000

:smile: Howl to the cresent midnight moon! Whitewolfs here to stay!!!
You talk about timing!!!, Something very spiritual ; a spiritual experiance+ manifested itself to me tonight! I had to find someone to share it with, im so filled with the spirit, and joy about this that occurred, but in my excitement I got lost in spiritual/manifestations-disscussion and forgot to tell youall, cause I love to read your thoughts, then ,wow!!! I was shape-shifted into abners corner and back again, wow! I love you guys;
Anywho, heres what happened to me this day and night---------

First, I must pray. Father God, in sweet Jesus Holy name I humbly bow and bend the knee before thee, and ask that you would continue to bless this website, bless the people here that are members, and bless the visitors, bless us all lord, comming and going, Father every time someone loggs onto this site, may their entire lives be blessed to overflowing, grant them first the treasures of spiritual wisdom, peace, love, and deep serenity!!!
And next, bless there human material needs, in jesus name I pray and decree it done, by your awsome loving power! Amen.

Now, first, my day started out not good, because of my own emotions
were running fierce with anger, an emotional roller coaster ride im enduing at this time in my life for many personal reasons, anyway, I started my day over with another fresh prayer of forgiveness,etc...
and again went about my daily affairs, I began to feel much better, by this afternoon when my friend arrived to pick me up, all was well and we went on our planned journey of visiting some friends, well it was a great visit to say the least, but as we were heading out the door, I was delivered some deeply painfull news, one of my dearest friends had been killed.
I was too stunned and shocked to feel anything except the need to vomit, in which I cryed out to God not to let me, make it not be real, my mind keeps saying, my other friends are consoling me, but tears never came, just nausea and a silence I couldt come out of on the ride home, finnally we arrive home, I tell my friend ill be fine, we hug and speak breifly, but I must get inside.

She drives away, like a zombie I walk to my door and turn the key, Its
quiet and pleasant in the dimly lit house,my little boy nate is at grannys,
Im alone, I shut and lock the door and walk into the livingroom where I fall to my knees in front of the couch and weep bitterly, then I begin to pray, and pray and cry some more, I heard myself speaking to my deceased friend saying im so sorry , so sorry please forgive me for the unkind words that were last left hanging in the air between us, along with the cold silence,
a few months back, prior to his death. I was so hurt that he died, and hurt that we hadnt gotten the chance to make amends before we drifted away; and
Hadnt spoken in months, and pow, hes gone, I didnt get to say sorry, and how much I love you..............

Lifes so precious and short on this realm. Finnally I gathered myself off the floor and stood up, looked around the house wandering what to do, I called a friend to tell her, and hope to ease the pain, but to no avail. I said what now God ? Suddenly I felt peace and calm start to flow over me, and Gods soft voice started speaking inside my head{T.A.}, and he said go get your bible and other favorite spiritual stuff, I got my Jesus cross with the serenity prayer printed on it, a vase with two glass roses, my big praying hands and my picture of jesus,knocking at the door; then went and sat at the kitchen table, my lord told me to start to talk to scott, pull a chair out for him as if he were physically there, I did.

As I began to talk to him I felt the room fill with the presence of angels
and other spiritual beings, I began to feel as though I knew them, I did.
I spoke outloud audiably to scott and the others and then began to read the Bible verses God led me to, then some vital papers concerning this matter, fell out of the back of the bible, I cryed out with joy, then I began to hear them in my head announce their pressence, there were many I had know in this life that have gone on to paradise, i communed with many souls, angels, and Jesus, and laughed, and was filled with joy, then they said goodbye, I asked if they would come again, they said all I need do is call their names, or think of them,they also conveyed to me things of a deeper nature that im still swirling with, they moved gently away, yet a few stayed with me, and are still here as I speak, a profound sense of
peace has settled into me, and ive been kinda dreammy for awhile, they say, thats what heavens like....

I finnally made my way to the computer, it was about 7:30 p.m. when I got home, I thought id been at the kitchen table for about 15 or 20 minutes, but it was 10:45 when I turned to look at the clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had been in their devine presence for 3 hours!!!!! And it was like time did not exist, I had to share this with someone, I choose you guys who would believe me and understand, that is all. Thank you for listening.

Know telling what tomorrow will bring, but from now own, im going to work really hard at being gratefull for the loved ones in my life.
Take heed, we must; to what we say... the power of the spoken word is
intense. I dont want too feel that pain and regert again, but im human as
well as divine; yet im on a mission now more than ever to show love, kindness, tolerance... the fruits of the spirit.
I could pass away tomorrow, I want to do as Jesus would, speak as jesus spoke, with great love for my fellowman- those close, those aquaintances, those strangers to me...

We never know when we or those we love shall draw their last human breath, may we always be slow to anger, and quick to forgive
And may we continue always to pray.
I love you all, goodnight.

Whitewolf Strongheart- Tammy Parks

Tue May 17, 2005 10:51 pm +0000

That was beautiful Tammy, thanks for sharing with us, and reminding us to live with those we love "in-the-moment", every moment.

Bro Dave

Wed May 18, 2005 4:46 am +0000

I know the pain whitewolf, and i know the peace that comes with knowing a loved one is okay.

I have unfortunately experienced the loss of close ones in my life as well.
Before i comment more on your post let me share my experience, so that those who read know that i share deeply your belief that God in whatever form will allow peace to come to us.

I have shared with you about VIC. well to everyone else, vic' was my love. I met him when i was 15. It was love at first sight. At i mean, both ways, instant. He was 16 at the time. 2 years later, it was just a known fact that we would be married, and that was that. But Vic was killed in a car wreck on his way home 2 nights before Graduation.

My world stopped, my whole future as planned was gone. And that was it.

I was still in a very confusing time with my spiritual self. The death hit me hard because i had nothing peaceful in my soul to turn to. I went everyday for nearly a month and just sat by his grave. Grieving. I sat and pondered this thing called death. This thing that had changed my life forever. I worried over Vic. I wondered if he was okay, we were all teenagers, we weren't the kind to profess God just yet, was he burning in everlasting hell? The thought was to much.

One night I fell asleep. ( this will sound weird but its true ) in my dream i found myself at the awake again. It wasnt' the same place as it had been, but it was a gathering for the loss of Vic. I was standing alone crying, as everyone talked. At this moment the elevator "dinged", and the door opened. It was Vic. He was as bright as an angel to me, it was him yet he looked so 'pure". I ran to hug him, and i said oh vic, you're not dead, i'm so glad, it was all a mistake. We have to tell your family, they will be so glad to see you".

He softly held me and said calmly, I did die. You can tell no one else you saw me. I came to tell you that i'm okay. I came so that you would quit worrying over me, and live your life. You will see me again, i promise. God loves me, and all is well.

At that moment, a big peace fell over my heart. I hated letting him go again. He smiled and waved goodbye, got back on the elevator and went "up'.

I woke up shortly after that. Crying, but with peace and comfort. My fears of him in hell, or in the grave was gone. I knew he was alive, and he was in a new place, and i would see him again.

And since that moment, the grave has no longer held fear over me.

So, I do believe that though there is life after death, and we of faith should have no fear over it, and people tell us to rejoice, God understands our feelings.

He feels our heart, our confusion, our regrets of words unspoken. He knows what we need to be comforted. And he provides peace to those in grief.

Though mine and whitewolfs experience is different, i am glad that God worked with her and brought her to a place of peace.

I believe fully that God can do what needs to be done. Whether in a dream state, or meditation. God is here, a part of us, to experience this life with us. He feels our pain, our loss, our joys, our trials. And he does all that he can do to comfort us and bring us safely out on the other side.

I am sorry for your loss in this life Wolf. I'm glad Father allowed the experience you had so that you could be comforted and at peace.

Please let me know if i can help you in any way as you deal with this loss.

Much love
many Blessings

Fri May 20, 2005 10:05 am +0000

Hello Friends,

I'm deeply touched by these stories, I too had a tremendous loss at the age of 20, I have never before nor since felt mental anguish like that. The crisis of losing my dad (my best friend, biggest fan, and one true consoler) is what made me pray in earnest for the "good news" and shortly thereafter the UB came into my life and has fed me spiritually ever since. As I started reading this wonderful book about all of God's beautiful and benevolent spiritual children, I had a dream. In my dream my Dad came to me and he looked radiant, like I never remember seeing him look in life. He beamed a broad smile at me and said, "Paula, you just have to meet these people." "What people?" I asked. "I can't describe them to you," he said, "you just have to meet them." I was following him to meet the people when I woke up.

My whole family was in such grief and I wanted to share this book that was so comforting to me, but they wouldn't hear of it. However, right when I was reading the Papers that describe life on the Mansions Worlds (particularly how ascended humans are delighted to discover that they are unfettered by material concerns) my big sister had a dream about dad and she told me about it. In her dream they were walking down a lovely country road, rolling green hills on either side dotted with lakes that looked like jewels. (Sound familiar?) She said they were walking along laughing and talking and she looked down and noticed that Dad wasn't wearing any shoes. She said to him, "Dad, don't you think you ought to have some shoes on?" He just laughed and said, "You don't need shoes in this place." That's when she woke up.

Our loving Heavenly Father ministers to us in any and every way he can. I have another life after death story but I will save that for another occasion.

Love to all.....Paula

Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:49 am +0000

Hello again, all. Just so all of you know, my name is Joe, and I have been reading the UB for about 31 years. More importantly, I have tried in various ways, over the years, to live these teachings on a daily basis.

I was first introduced to God by a wonderful man named "Brother Jack" in Long Beach, California, not long after I came home from Vietnam and quit shooting heroin. I mean introduced literally. Jack knew Him quite well. :smile:

At that time, the "Jesus Movement" was very big in that area, and I dove into it with a passion. I ended up going to a "Bible College", and majored in Bible. The more I read, the more I was conflicted within. I had this relationship with the Father within, but kept reading these terrible things about Him in the Bible, and kept finding these contradictions in the Bible.

When I asked a professor about the contradiction concerning Cain and the land of Nod, he told me that kind of questioning would lead me to hell. So I moved on. I held on to the scripture from Jesus that stated that If I prayed for bread, my Father would not give me a stone. This matched what was going on inside of me. So trusting God, I began my real search.

Unfortunately, I spent a long time struggling with drugs and booze. But this doesn't mean I was in a constant state of unreality, by any means. My cousin's ex-wife was caretaking the Religion of Jesus Church in Sonoma, and she told me that she had something that she just knew I would love, and she opened up the UB to the beginning of Paper Number one.

Before I got 3/4 of the first page read, I was crying tears of joy, and I KNEW it was perfect and real! The Truth sensor within me was humming with joy! Subsequently, I was afforded the opportunity to study for a year in depth in Hawaii, and to this day, I carry the "gestalt" of the UB in my heart at all times.

My first "epiphany" came in the garden in Hawaii, and I was shown everything that God had done to change things to help me grow up to that point. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it was unmistakeably Divine Contact, and no one can take that away from me. It is my very own revelation.

There was another profound story the day I quit getting loaded in 1991, but that can wait for another time. I really agree that we should not put limitations on God. After seeing how much His Love has transformed my life, I am truly amazed. And I have had a couple of occasions to see that light come on in someone elses eyes while carrying the message of the Kingdom. What a privilege!

Thu Jun 30, 2005 1:54 am +0000

Welcome aboard Tekboy! You and I have been UB readers for about the same length of time. The difference is it took me 14 years to get past the Forward! :(

Thanks for sharing your journey and spiritual experiences. Angel and I both believe this sharing is critical to those who visit this site. Please continue with the rest of your experiences... we love reading them. :wink:

Bro Dave

Fri Jul 01, 2005 7:56 am +0000

Thanks for the kind words, Bro Dave!

I woke up this morning, remembering something from probably 30 years ago. I was working for a county in the mountains of North Carolina as a "garbage man", and I got to work with my stepdad. One day we were at the landfill, and I was in back of the truck, cleaning the space where the huge swinging steel door meets the rest of the truck, clearing obstructions from allowing the door to close properly.

Now I have never been a large man by any stretch of the imagination, and at the time I likely weighed 130 pounds. This heavy steel door picked up a gust of wind, and slammed on my right arm with tremendous force. I realize this morning that it should have cut my arm off on the spot. While it hurt like crazy. nothing was broken, and I didn't even get a serious bruise out of it. My stepdad and I were amazed that there was no damage.

I believe this had to be divine help, but didn't even realize it until just this morning. I guess it was so I have been able to bring happiness to so many people by playing guitar and singing. Yes, God is Great! While I suffer from significant physical problems currently, none of them prevent me from entertaining. Funny how I can see my Father's hand in all of this when I get my self out of the way enough to see what is real. :idea:

Fri Jul 01, 2005 3:54 pm +0000

Tekboy, I have had several similar experiences, where I should have ended up seriously dead! One in particular gives me goose bumps. I had a 14ft boat with two 40 horse outboards on a trailer behind my car. I noticed a smell of rubber, so I pulled into an old carwash parking lot. I found one of the shackles had broken off and I was dragging one axel at an angle. Well, I didn't have the right equipment to jack up the boat and trailer, but I found an old cement block. With my car jack wedged at a precarious angle, I managed to the that huge mass up in the air, and slid the cement block under it for support. Unfortunately, in my haste, I slid it with the thin membrane supporting the load! I crawled under and with a coat hanger wire, managed to juryrig it together. I suddenly got a strange feeling, as quickly slid out from under the trailer, when within seconds, the block broke dumping the boat and trailer were I had been.
I think my Guardian Angel has been waiting to "kick-my-butt" over that one! :shock:

Bro Dave
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