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Perceived Duality - Agenda for Children

Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:31 pm +0000

Between the Lives of John the Baptist and Joshua of Galilee, we have useful examples that children can learn from that will help accelerate the rate of learning and increase the overall devotion/service children will have as adults.

The Two Figures are universal Leaders, and themselves have relationship with the inner human Architecture of spiritual receptivity. (See: 49:5.19) They were referred to as the Lion of Judah (John) and the Lamb of Galilee (Joshua), and one represents the pituitary gland, whereas the one represents the second spiritual receptivity gland (often referred to as the pineal gland but represented symbolically by the servant' feet).

Whereas John's on preachment was his conscious endorsement of what he found good in the Jewish Nation, Joshua's preachment and actions were unconsciously, or religiously motivated. John was the Governor's Advisor (Herod), whereas Joshua accepted all of the Advisors of John.

We note that each John of Zebedee, John of Zecharias, and John of Elijah all had some type of "priveleged" upbringing, whereas Joshua's upbringing was ideal and the privelege was earned. And Joshua pronounced, of the three John's John Mark to be the ideal, which the Apostles accepted as their own.

Children should grow up understanding this Duality, and Parents should not assume that spiritual receptivity is an esoteric subject. Indeed physiology can be made simple if given the appropriate metaphors.

Whereas John's preachment abides in the realm of Prose, and of Legality, Joshua did not compell an individual during his life to do what is righteous. This is the relationship between the intellect and the will. We need good teaching in order to align our thoughts with our inner motivation.

When children grow up learning the Diametrics, or oppositional concepts, it is important to provide Maxims in order that children can identify the basic rule, and then invent their own dualities/polarities. Placing John and Joshua as a duality helps the individual to notice how these are not equal. Darkness is known by the absence of Light, for instance.

But what is the point of all this except that to notice how all of our bodies have this type of duality involved in the reception and growth.

This is why the Archetypes Joshua and John are very useful in the understanding of Diametrics and the intellectual reverence of Spirit-reception.
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