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Triumph on Urantia

Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:37 pm +0000


By the POWER of the Father Within, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit, TRIUMPH over all conceivable evil can be ours! :

"Genuine spiritual faith (true moral consciousness) is revealed in that it:

1. Causes ethics and morals to progress despite inherent and adverse animalistic tendencies.

2. Produces a sublime trust in the goodness of God even in the face of bitter disappointment and crushing defeat.

3. Generates profound courage and confidence despite natural adversity and physical calamity.

4. Exhibits inexplicable poise and sustaining tranquillity notwithstanding baffling diseases and even acute physical suffering.

5. Maintains a mysterious poise and composure of personality in the face of maltreatment and the rankest injustice.

6. Maintains a divine trust in ultimate victory in spite of the cruelties of seemingly blind fate and the apparent utter indifference of natural forces to human welfare.

7. Persists in the unswerving belief in God despite all contrary demonstrations of logic and successfully withstands all other intellectual sophistries.

8. Continues to exhibit undaunted faith in the soul’s survival regardless of the deceptive teachings of false science and the persuasive delusions of unsound philosophy.

9. Lives and triumphs irrespective of the crushing overload of the complex and partial civilizations of modern times.

10. Contributes to the continued survival of altruism in spite of human selfishness, social antagonisms, industrial greeds, and political maladjustments.

11. Steadfastly adheres to a sublime belief in universe unity and divine guidance regardless of the perplexing presence of evil and sin.

12. Goes right on worshiping God in spite of anything and everything. Dares to declare, “Even though he slay me, yet will I serve him.” "

(UB p.1108; 101:3)

The above is the formula for the fast track to personal Light and Life, a stage which is so contagious in its beauty, that Urantia itself, for all its appalling darkness of errors and selfish evil, will be solidly afoot toward that same blessed state. Surely, the greatest act of charity and service one could render to his fellow man and to the world is to love his God Within!

"Behold, the Kingom of God is within you."

(Luke 17:21)

Re: Triumph on Urantia

Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:13 pm +0000

In conjunction with the previous post, there follows the UB narration as follows:
(1108.16) 101:3.17 We know, then, by three phenomena, that man has a divine spirit or spirits dwelling within him: first, by personal experience — religious faith; second, by revelation — personal and racial; and third, by the amazing exhibition of such extraordinary and unnatural reactions to his material environment as are illustrated by the foregoing recital of twelve spiritlike performances in the presence of the actual and trying situations of real human existence. And there are still others.

As we are told, that one spirit which dwells within use is the Thought Adjuster (divine spirit), but as indicated above "or spirits", by which there would be more than one, and the "spirit of truth" really dwells with us not within us, so is the reference above, reference to the "adjutant mind spirits"?

Re: Triumph on Urantia

Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:04 am +0000

Though not dwelling within us in the same way as the thought adjuster, The Spirit of Truth and the ministrations of the angels touch our hearts, minds and souls in such an intimate manner and so very much to the very core of our existence that I think they are equivalently "dwelling within us" for that period that they contact us.
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