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 Post subject: Having a Mentor
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Having a Mentor of the Transcendentalist Tradition of Concord, MA, I have benefitted from the various "Initiations" of our world-cultures. It is Ralph Waldo Emerson who told us, that History poses the greatest of champions and we hold the very present-imaginations of them in our own fingertips when we read about these heroes. It may be true, too, that the history of our "founding fathers", of the angels and saints, is nearer than our imaginations are to us.

Therefore, it was the choice that I made, to allow the "Spiritual Receptivity" to predominate, so that my intellectual status could be reserved for "observational status", self-honesty, and the like, relegated for a period that I may allow the forces of the cosmos to be willingly received, and not abated somehow by my own limitations as a Rational-Sentient Creature.

Having a Teacher who could provide the insights-of-illumination to my own passions, has been invaluable to my own experience. I was shown on one hand the doorway and in one hand the key that I could use to unlock the secrets of my soul, of my own destiny. This was A.D. 2009, a year at least before I began to methodically make notes on the Urantia Book in my desk in the closet of 4104 Fuller Hollow Road Vestal New York. And now, the passionate journey of self-fulfillment, the fulfillment of my true potential, is akin to waiting upon the will of God.

The dream of a "Utopia", of the "Fruitlands" in the "Wayside" forests of Massachusetts was real in potential. I would not dismiss the goal of "Ideal Garden", even though the writers of Concord lacked in the skills of Husbandry to carry forward their Destiny. All of our failures cannot account for the eventual dream of a culture in the image/pattern of Adam and Eve on Jerusem.

With Humanities-Study at Geneseo, NY, I had sat with several professors, and one Walter Soffer, whom stated plainly that "Utopia" was beyond the reach of our current generation to attain. The efforts of mankind, so to speak, are better given to an avenue of pursuit for every individual. And when I thought hard about the impossibility of Utopic Eden, the sense of Euphoria I grew up with became fleeting. The more I gained intellectually, the more limitations I would place on my own ability to receive of the cosmic guiding forces unto Urantia. I had adopted a humanistic fatalism instead of the pursuit of perfection.

As it is, the Gardens of Eden was a legacy approach. Amos Bronson Alcott perhaps could have inspired that true fertility upon the land he settled if he gave rise to all boys and not all "Little Women". The life of the Transcendentalists was given "from the wild" "into the indoors", rather than "into the wild" or permeating on the face of Mother Urantia. There is somethign unfulfilled yet about the American Dream.

There was, however, a one Edwin Lewis Sturtevant, the Massachusetts man who appeared shortly after the Transcendentalist Movement, with two brothers grew a farm, who maintained a seed catalogue and correspondence with the US-Patent (Seed-Distribution) Office. Sturtevant copied "into American writing" the linneage of Taxonomy from Linnaeus, also acknowledging 2978 species of edible plants growing on the face of Urantia in the year A.D. 1919. He migrated to Geneva, NY after the death of his oldest sibling, and left a Legacy that seems to continue through both NY-Horticltural Society and the Wegmans-Organic-Distribution Center.

The spritiual receptivity is an essential part of my human mind. I cannot hope to understand God or His Minister's Spirit without this inbuilt mechanism. I rely on my Rationality and my Energetic Intake in order to craft my goals. This has led me to lose my sexual fantasies, and fantasize about only a verdant Garden which would outrival those days of yore when the Material Daughter and Man came into existence on our sphere.

What can I say about Faith, except that when I have had a full day, each time, then I am strengthening both my own convictions and my own ability to receive the "Guiding Forces" of the cosmos and the Holy Spirit. In the Grace of my Guru-Fragment, I am blessed by the opportunity to fuse the truth of my mind with the forces that wage passionately in my soul, and in this I am reliant upon the Supreme-Mind of My Creator, the Creator who made me in whom I consist.

The experience I have had at Concord, with my mentor Stuard Sinclair-Weeks and while reading the Archival Material of Henry Davis Thoreau and of Wm. Ellery Channing, has been an enriching, even mirthful, experience for my soul, and I pray that I could bestow the fullness of Good that I have garnered upon those who read these words. May you transcend your actuality and discovery the true potential that is placed inside of your own path by the Adjuster, through the minsitry of the Most High and the Seraphim.

to the Underlaying Unity of All Life so that the Voice of Intuition may guide Us closer to Our Common Keeper

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