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Re: I Have a Vision.. A Center For Urantia Education

Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:45 pm +0000

Thank You FanofVan,

I studied Papers 34-38 in my first UBIS course.
Among the many things we studied (learned and relearned) was about angels.

There is a great and long training program for Seraphim, and other angels.
They focus so much on their education.
We would do well to establish parental, social and spiritual education for
all members of society. What would be offered them is beyond "public" education.

Yes, gleaming from the best and most sound revelations and teachings would be ideal to write a curriculum that would enrich the lives
of everyone who attended and it would help promote and foster peace and good will among men.

The Master's teachings would be the main focus of the education of such a center.

Majestone The Faithful

Re: I Have a Vision.. A Center For Urantia Education

Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:17 pm +0000

WOW, what a wonderful idea :) Just imagine if all churches taught us all about the Urantia Book, we would almost immediately be restored to where we are supposed to be on the progressive scale, (advancement in light and life) I know that it is almost impossible considering the spiritual darkness and rebellion detaining our planet.. I am glad that people are considering doing this; I know I would definitely take part! However, it clearly states in the UB that the only way for us to begin learning the True Eternal Gospel which will eventually lead us into light and life is when either the Trinity Teacher Sons come, a new Adam and Eve, Melchezidecks in His place, or the returnal of Jesus Himself, even as he was in the flesh. With the way the planet is now, it would be well-nigh impossible for anyone of mortal origin to be able to enlighten us. Not to mention all of the mortal shortcomings, never enough money, cooperation and overall means to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Even as a few previous posters have said, it would likely lead to mis-communication. But over all, it IS a great idea and one more step towards discovering His teachings :)

Re: I Have a Vision.. A Center For Urantia Education

Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:24 am +0000

It would have to begin with voluntary efforts. Such a school could find creative measures of finance; it could utilize both farming and industry.

This college is necessary not only to provide Parental Instruction but also to prepare evangelists, or those who proclaim the Sonship with God and the Brotherhood of humanity. Some people think Melchizedek will come and establish His City, but I think that there is a greater chance that with the expectation of the coming Trinity Teacher Sons, we need to establish a place for them to thrive, just as the children who followed Van in building the Garden-City in the expectation of Material Son.

The Urantia Book has so many good suggestions for a school that would adopt its students, that is, help each one toward the realization that God is my personal Maker. The school would need to be very soul-searching, but it could provide a lot of practical teaching.

Re: I Have a Vision.. A Center For Urantia Education

Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:34 pm +0000

I wholeheartedly believe this should and could be accomplished. We might remind one another; with faith He will make us more than we think we are. He promised that all that we needed was faith. He will do EVERYTHING else. :)

Re: I Have a Vision.. A Center For Urantia Education

Thu May 15, 2014 9:09 am +0000

Imagine a University, similar to the many so-called Christian Universities, except with a Urantia Book bent. Imagine this university taught all the usual subjects; math, all the sciences, social studies and humanities, except with a focus on the central core of the UB, Love and the Brotherhood of Mankind. Imagine a University where you could get a degree in Liberal Arts, in Medicine or in Engineering, yet you would glean subtilties about the human condition unavalible anywhere else. Now imagine this University in an Inner City, where disaffected and troubled youth could gain a new vision of what their lives are all about.

This is my Vision for a Center for Urantia Education.
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