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Count me in... :wink:

A fellow Agondonter...

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it's the best written book ever, just the most intelligent, logical well-written book ever. after i started reading in back in '90 i was so taken by it that i read it through 3 times without skippin ahead at all. this was in my twenties. i've investigated everything including the pagans since, and i can walk into a pagan meeting and easily be with them, all souls are truth searching, i just have to know how to put my comments. on-line groups and search engining things are great. tub makes a lot of sense to me too. 117:4.1 God the Supreme is the finite Deity, and he must cope with the problems of the finite in the total sense of that word.

even god has his problems, it's a tough life for all, from high to low.

pertti wrote:
I may be a bit premature in writing this, having only read 1/4 to 1/3 of TUB so far. I started reading it with "suspending my disbelief" until I would have read it through. I decided just to read what it says and only after having understood it, I would check whether I consider it the Truth.

Well, only after a couple of hundred pages I realized that "this is really something". The more I read, the more it resonates with me. My background is that I was raised as a Christian (Lutheran), but did not really believe. In my twenties, the Gospel hit through and became a believer. However, about ten years of intensive fellowship with co-believers left me at a spiritual bankruptcy. I had to drop one the three: God, the congregation or my sanity. I decided to drop the congregation and along with that the Faith as I saw it - to follow God.

Quite a few years I floated around. While doing some internet searches, I encountered Wicca. Having heard about it (in the negative sense), I decided to check out how evil it actually was. To my big surprise it was not evil at all - instead it turned out that it was how I had believed myself as well. So I became a Wiccan.

I got acquainted with quite a few other neopagans and it turned out that the Pagan field of religion was actually a lot more multifaceted than I had realized. I learned about new neo-Pagan religions and also studied buddhism and hinduism very seriously. I digged deeply into shamanism, both traditional and Toltec teachings.

Every time I found something new I had a feeling that "this is it" - just to be disappointed again and again. So, I resigned just to be in a "quest for truth" for the rest of my life. Which wasn't that bad, after all. At least now I knew where I stood. :)

I had already seen TUB about 15 years ago and had even done some reading. Then I decided it was just filling a superfluous need to know "something more about Jesus' earthly life" along with a few pieces on how the administrative organization of the universe happens to work (seemed quite multileveled and bureaucratic to me. How wrong I was - but I did not know that until now!

Last November I got me an ebook reader and downloaded TUB to it. It made it possible for me to read TUB while commuting - the actual book would be too heavy for that. So I started reading.

Here are some individual points that come to my mind so far:

- TUB manages to synthetize Christianity, most branches of neopaganism, hinduism, taoism, buddhism and quite a few other religions. And it does not do it the human way - by taking the largest possible subset that is included in all those religions. Instead it actually creates a superset that the religions are a genuine subset of. And where there are differences, they can be seen as "erosion" throughout the years, commonplace with oral and even written traditions.

- As an example of the above, the Spirit of Earth, Tao, Mother Creator, Higher Self, and any other basic concept of any religion can be found in the universe that TUB describes - albeit with very different names. You just need to look through the terminology, to the actual concepts.

- The Thought Adjuster resonates with my personal experience throughout the years, being the almost unaudible voice of God, yet having had a huge effect on my life in the positive sense.

- The Spririt of Truth has time and time again shown me the right way, through a path that I would never have taken myself. Well, I did take it, with my free will, but I mean I would never have seen it beforehand even one single step ahead. However, it is exactly the path I would have chosen, had I seen where it lead me to!

- The "religion" that is painted in TUB is so much more than any human religion I have so far seen. It is like comparing the latest 3D color movies with high definition image and natural multichannel sounds to the first blurry black-and-white movies without sound. Or even more, as the words actually escape me.

- The change from dogma to values in religion is a similar jump as was from evolved religions to revealed religions.

- TUB makes me see all humans in the same boat, being all brothers, irrespective of the race, religion or other differences.

- TUB is difficult to read but not because it was written obscurely but because it tries to convey us many concepts that we do not have. Sometimes I need to read a verse 3-5 times before it sinks in, but when it does, it seems to be almost self-evident.

- TUB makes a lot of sense - although I never could have conceived the ideas in it, no matter how long I spent working on it.

- TUB gives me immense hope in the bright future that I have ahead as well as faith in God.

- TUB makes me realize that God is infitely more than what I had understood from the teachings of Christianity. TUB has helped me overcome the bad father relationship that I had, and see beyond that to understand God as our Heavenly Father.

And many more that just do not come to my mind now.

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