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A place to discuss how faith experiences have changed your life.
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Faith that surpasses all understanding

Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:51 pm +0000

As a felon, I know what having faith that surpasses all understanding is about. Being able to stand before a judge and be at complete peace is the gift the Urantia Book has given me. To know that the Universal Father's will will prevail no matter how bad you screw up is a Great comfort. I would like for the readers of this topic to post examples of when you have had faith that surpasses all understanding.

Re: Faith that surpasses all understanding

Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:05 am +0000

There have been many moments, where I've reached for Father's hand, and immediately felt His presents sweep over me. Way back, in 1971,(shortly before the UB found me) my Dad died, I was completely overwhelmed, and devastated. I remember raising my arms with eyes closed, and just saying "peace and love". Instantly I felt a cleansing wave flow over me, putting me at peace. Its as close to magic as anything I know.

Bro Dave :smile:

BTW, have you thought about working with others who find themselves in the "felon" predicament? They are possible open to the UB message...
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