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Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:09 am +0000

Sooth! We should all be inspired teachers of the will of God for all mankind. By every utterance, our lives should be such a prayer.

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:23 am +0000

No Iris

But when you are shown the end of things and things that will affect all of us someday. YOu can take what ever interpretation you choose to take, or believe. I have refused to post these visions because as you now Implied, "He now thinks his a prophet!" Its much more confortable to share the things I have been shown without claiming to be a prophet. Especially all of them that have already come true.


Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:58 am +0000

Jess --

You've said goodbye so maybe this warning is unnecessary. "God told me" or any permutation thereof is not acceptable here in any post -- that's why we have guidelines. What is acceptable is what you personally take responsibility for, whether it's your personal opinion, insight, conviction, idea, or special discernment. Those are things we can discuss and think about. Had you persisted in prophetic pronouncements your posts would have been deleted and you would have lost posting privileges... a moot point now if you've chosen to leave of your own accord.


Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:05 pm +0000

Hi everyone O:)

O:) It is always a challenge to have an idea or experience of ours be considered unnacceptable. Feelings are a real challange to control...I know mine are....as you see by my recent thread. We all have a natural need for acceptance.

Jess, having some of your experiences or posts be....well not within the guidelines is not exclusion of the whole you; you as a person and the rest of your long and valuable life may hold so many pearls of wisdom for us folks in the middle of the journey, I would ask you to consider staying on. Don't feel hurt by rules....they can turn out to be our best friend later on. Personally, I have never had any experience that included any kind of ....well stuff I would not see most days....which are filled with chores and critters etc. - so I cannot speak to those subjects with any kind of understanding, but I do respect you and that you feel strongly.
What I can speak to are the feelings I read in your posts. You are hurt, you feel isolated off by what you feel is being treated differently than others and now you feel like leaving. I wish you didn't feel hurt or isolated, :cry: that is sad and I hope you feel better soon.
Maybe look at your expression boundries here as a practice in coming under authority. We are often challenged to accept authority in our daily lives. In the end, don't we all come under authority when we find the true freedom of completely coming under our Father's authority? Rules are often the result of experience and experiments that result in necessary parameters to control outcomes....in this case this rule is likely to protect many - and maybe to keep communication on track and ongoing in a way that is meant for a broad population. Unfortunately, rules cannot always fit all the needs of each individual and their need to express themselves.

If you still feel heartache over what you see as unfairness....do like my mom says and just add it to the balance of your fair share of unfairness in an often seemingly unfair world. Try not to look too hard at how other are treated...that is only a path to more heartache and the ills caused by envy. Anytime I feel mistreated....that's the pile (my fair share) I throw the experience in and move on to potentially happier times ahead. Another good reminder of the value of authority was a time my uncle helped me build a really strong fence for my dogs. He taught me that love of those I care for and I am in authority over must have safe bounderies. My dogs would surlely love to run free, but there would be the good chance of one of them getting hit by a car without that very strong fence. He was a discipline oriented Marine who raised very successful kids and protected many a young soldier.
I looked at the guidelines again and well.. seems there is lots of good room for good conversation on lots of U.B. stuff. This pup sees lots of room to run in this big yard...with fences. :biggrin:

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:50 pm +0000

Hey Jess...hope you're still hanging around. There are very few of us here that have posted to any extent that have not stepped a little out of bounds, and the administration stepped in to let us know.

When it happened to me my initial reaction was, "It wasn't all my fault! I didn't start it! This isn't fair!" But that didn't last long once I looked at what the motivation had been behind my posts...it wasn't all "purity of heart".
It's probably natural to not want to see any of our faults...but late in my life I've been the recipient of an almost continuous lessen that: if something or someone disturbs me then I need to check myself. When I do (and sometimes I'll put that off for quite some time because I dearly love to feel blameless) I will usually find that there is a mixture of pride and fear that has been tweaked...and THAT is what is REALLY bothering me. Pride and fear, especially spiritual pride or righteous indignation, will get me nuts in a heartbeat. So if I'm going to get any peace of mind then I better address that problem first. And on those rare occassions that I'm actually innocent? Well, the question I have to answer then is...is it important enough for me to do battle? I only have X amount of energy left and just don't need to waste any of it, so if I walk into a battle it better be life and death important.

Anyway, I felt very much like you do...no one enjoys being publicly corrected. So I took some time off from posting...but I couldn't stop reading the posts on a daily basis. :-s I had not realized that I had come to count on TruthBook and the variety of personalities, wisdom, craziness, and life experiences of all those that contribute. What surprised me even more was that I also missed the posts of the people I was angry at :shock: !!
Bottom line is that I just don't function well in isolation and there aren't too many UB readers in my area. I need this site. I need the fellowship. I even need the disputes...to make me look at myself and how full of myself I can sometimes get.

Like fishin mom said:
Don't feel hurt by rules....they can turn out to be our best friend later on.

And Jess...those sites that have little or no guidelines...they are free-for-all's with very little substance. There will always be squabbles here, but we back up, look at the misstep, jump back in and try it again. This site is meatier than most so occasionally you'll bite into a piece of gristle...spit it out and come on back.


Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:38 pm +0000

I think the real issue here is posting an experience that one thinks is actually spiritual for oneself, which doesn't and can't apply for others - it is actually a "witness" experience, to use old Christian expositives. For those who have no "Christian" experience, it seems to create problems of one sort or another.

Let's change the thread to another subject, and avoid causing problems for those who find "spiritual experiences" a difficult subject. Those experiences are very personal, and aren't really discussable, or arguable, or discoverable. Again, I forgot how many inexplicable "wounds" people have.

May God Bless.
Old Ted

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:09 pm +0000


My mistake for reading only a potion of your thread.

As i have mentioned ealier, people fears the unordinary. You are being 'feared' because you want to share something which you feel is real and true and should be shared to all. There is a burning desire inside you to do so. The problem with cyberspace interaction is that people judged others merely by their postings and words;this makes things difficult. As much as you want to share and convince others of it, they too have their own views and opinion regarding the matter; so this is just normal. Most true and genuine gurus, prohets, invnentors and geniuses are ridiculed or even persecuted before they are accpeted, but likwise many also are misled by false prohets and teachers. Putting you in the category of a prohet is bit harsh a comment.

If your experience is real and true (for all we know it might! who knows.) take console that truth eventually will be brought to light, for geniune divine truth surely will be dicserned by the willing spirits and made known. Times and condition will tell. there are thousands in the world today who had similar situation/experience like you. If indeed it is deemed necessary to be shared to fellow peoples, there are many ways and means to further your course. not only here. I would write a book, for instance. in this way, many fellow being can benefited by it. patience and long suffering is the mark of spiritual growth while humility/teachable is the cornerstone of knowledge.

I do not know you personally or get a test of your experience, therefore, i decide to keep an open and neutral mind.

God bless.

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:09 pm +0000

I was driving up the 215 today And as I passed the Sun City exit I thought of you Jess.
I wonderd how you were doing, now I know
Take a deep breath, chill, you are loved by God, me, Larry. Jak and all of us here on the forum.

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:31 am +0000

O:) Just thought I might drop a possible scientific reason for what the couple saw...clouds. A unique cloud formation called a lenticular formation can occur due to isolated low pressure system wind reactions to topigraphical features and the action of wind rolling over topigraphical features can easily chop these clouds into shapes that look very familiar and would seem to have significance to us. We often see in these clouds familiarity and that which we long for, (common and shared by groups of people). The part that was unseen was the spiritual feeling you and your wife shared that is wonderful and much more valuable than the cloud itself. The time you share together looking into the sky and sharing a vision that made you feel closer to God and each other is simply beautiful. This particular cloud formation type has caused people to believe they have seen religious images, signs of the future and has been attributed to many of the UFO sightings - each person and even groups of people at a time being fooled by these really cool clouds - seeing what would have meaning to them within their backgrounds and cultures.

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:26 am +0000

Aloha...there are some beautiful lenticular clouds on google images...I do see them quite often over Mauna Kea...recently while watching the sunset beyond the horizon and I saw what beautiful appeared as another island, clearly defined with the mountain, landscape and a pink ocean bay. I really had to get my bearings and realize it was clouds. God's handiwork.

Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Sat Jan 02, 2010 8:01 pm +0000

Regarding this 'seeing situations"--I beleve everyone has this happen, sometimes more than once too.

Concerning a physical body situation for such receptivity of 'signs' the human mind can be altered(TA's adjust the info within it) and one can see , hear, or other sensation openness to the senses, what the God voice within deems appropriate for the persons growth(or couple in this case).

I would think the reasoning of such events could best be used to teach one the awakening to Spirit and Spirits observation of ones directions-hopefully pointed up.

We are just now begining to discover actual mind chemical alterations when we are aware on a 'higher' experience. It is a natural event in the mind/brain area-drugs are not needed in a healthy body.

There should be little problem sharing such experiences if as Jesus has asked, to share them with like fellows and not to cast such pearls to the animal traits(swine was sample used as they were in Jesus's day a rather garbage fed creature.) Jewish law required strict use of pork! The hog was a lowly creature on the scale of 1-10 .

Remember to consider the sincere pledge to do Gods will as the key to mind opening to TA adjustments. View of the cloud form triggered the beauty, truth, child openness love of life and its beauty. God favors you and your mate.



Re: Still wondering what we really saw.

Sun Jan 03, 2010 11:44 am +0000

Thank you Carl.....Your explanation hit home. We now understand our experience and the responsibility that comes with it.

We are comforted by LOVE.


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