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A place to discuss how faith experiences have changed your life.
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Re: A crisis of faith

Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:39 pm +0000

Hi Maryjo,

Just had to say 'thanks' for the very warm welcome from you, and others. Nice to be among friends... and yes, I'll be around. Living the truth is a tough job sometimes. I always have 'faith', but I don't always do what I know is right. Just a struggling Urantian doing my very best to do my Father's Will.

Have a great night,
God Bless,

Re: A crisis of faith

Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:44 pm +0000

Aloha Bill and welcome to our group...I liked what you said and I too sought God from about 5yrs old. I got the book in '75...and never left :wink:

I enjoyed your web site...looks like you've created a pretty nice place on our planet...Happy Earth Day!

Re: A crisis of faith

Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:43 am +0000

Thomas, Bill, and Tony,

This section has helped me in so many ways, with the doubts, and the tough stuff.
I hope it may be of some help for you too.

(1191.6) 108:5.5 The Mystery Monitors are not thought helpers; they are thought adjusters. They labor with the material mind for the purpose of constructing, by adjustment and spiritualization, a new mind for the new worlds and the new name of your future career. Their mission chiefly concerns the future life, not this life. They are called heavenly helpers, not earthly helpers. They are not interested in making the mortal career easy; rather are they concerned in making your life reasonably difficult and rugged, so that decisions will be stimulated and multiplied. [/b[b]]The presence of a great Thought Adjuster does not bestow ease of living and freedom from strenuous thinking, but such a divine gift should confer a sublime peace of mind and a superb tranquillity of spirit.

(1192.1) 108:5.6 Your transient and ever-changing emotions of joy and sorrow are in the main purely human and material reactions to your internal psychic climate and to your external material environment. Do not, therefore, look to the Adjuster for selfish consolation and mortal comfort. It is the business of the Adjuster to prepare you for the eternal adventure, to assure your survival. It is not the mission of the Mystery Monitor to smooth your ruffled feelings or to minister to your injured pride; it is the preparation of your soul for the long ascending career that engages the attention and occupies the time of the Adjuster.

He must have something really good in store for me because he is sure working me over good right now!

I guess I should be grateful, and thankful for all the difficulties, and stop my whining!


Re: A crisis of faith

Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:17 am +0000

Morning to all :D

How to polish a gemstone.....start with heavy grit and knock off those ugly blemishes....toss around in grit for what seems like forever...only way to get to the smooth beauty of what is inside the raw stone.

Bring on the spiritual grit!!! Ready to look polished :lol:

Hey Bill....yep...can't/don't always do what we know is right....exponential growth in understanding...yet our ability to do right lags behind....as we get older...seems that gap is bigger in some ways....knowing better but not being disciplined enough to do better....a great lesson in not being perfect and understanding other's imperfections and poor choices too....good stuff actually..not being as "good" as we know we should be...all of the time...maybe it is so we can love and understand others better.

Good example today for me....can't seem to bring myself to wear safety gear..helmets...but as my dear friend lays in a hospital bed with a skull fracture...I know I should put on the helmet when playing hard...just can't seem to do it though...hmmm. Oh well.....all I can say is...wee ha...love the wind in my hair!

blessing to all and have a sun filled day!!!...even if it is only in your heart :D

Re: A crisis of faith

Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:30 am +0000


'' ... ....a great lesson in not being perfect and understanding other's imperfections and poor choices too....good stuff actually..not being as "good" as we know we should be...all of the time...maybe it is so we can love and understand others better.

BINGO ! THAT RINGS TRUE :idea: :wink:


Re: A crisis of faith

Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:24 pm +0000


I forgot to post this with the last stuff, but I think it also may help.

(1192.4) 108:5.9 When it comes to the sharp and well-defined conflicts between the higher and lower tendencies of the races, between what really is right or wrong (not merely what you may call right and wrong), you can depend upon it that the Adjuster will always participate in some definite and active manner in such experiences. The fact that such Adjuster activity may be unconscious to the human partner does not in the least detract from its value and reality.

Good stuff that helps keep me afloat too!


Re: A crisis of faith

Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:51 pm +0000

156.5.13 God-knowing individuals are not discouraged by misfortune or downcast by disappointment. Believers are immune to the depression consequent upon purely material upheavals; spirit livers are not perturbed by the episodes of the material world. Candidates for eternal life are practitioners of an invigorating and constructive technique for meeting all of the vicissitudes and harassments of mortal living. Every day a true believer lives, he finds it easier to do the RIGHT THING.

Re: A crisis of faith

Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:57 pm +0000

I'm feeling better and stronger all ready...thanks for the quotes...

Re: A crisis of faith

Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:36 am +0000

Hi Tootsie O:)

Better and stronger? Gosh...hope you weren't sick....glad you are better if you were.

Hey Bill....just looking back over this thread and also checked out your website....cool cabin! Northwest lifestyle is truly wonderful. I spend most of my free time outdoors....fishing, hiking, mining, and falling off of anything with wheels.

I like to learn things and then make them real in my everyday life. That is the key to knowing if they are real or just mind things, or memorized things. Do they effect how you live life? Do they help you cope with life? Do they fill you up... is you're cup over-flowing? Some simple questions beyond the words in a book. Does everyday life become more colorful and full of wonder? Of course even if you're cup is over-flowing it does not mean that your life is a bundle of roses all the time. Disabilities can be turned into Gifts with effort, and sometimes tears and pain!

Good stuff said there....is the learning of value in your everyday life....seems like a good test. I am a practical farmer type in my thinking and I would say that most of my learning is based on practical need....fix cars...build houses...pour concrete...ya know...stuff that made life more productive and happy. The Urantia Book hit home with my practical side big time...improved my daily experience and how I approach life in so many ways.

I like the comment about turning disabilities into gifts with effort....I have had my body broken so many times...had to learn to make tools and modify ways of doing things a bunch in my life to accomodate physical shortcomings...but...made me creative and strong...and I feel like no matter what is taken from me physically...I'll just invent something to accomodate the need. In that process...been able to help others accomodate needs too...which felt like the gift part. O:)

Blessings to all

Re: A crisis of faith

Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:20 pm +0000

Chop wood, carry water... you go girl!

Re: A crisis of faith

Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:16 pm +0000

Afternoon Bob, Tootsie, Coop, Fish'n Mom, Larry, and anyone else I've missed, or is reading,

Some very good posts, with good info in all of them! This thread is sort of like the UB mailing I get everyday, and the one yesterday seems to fit this thread. "Kindred Spirits"... well, here we are :biggrin:

Glad you enjoyed my webpage Fish'n Mom. I do relate to the adaption of the tools to the body. Speaking of which, and chopping wood, I do need to get that old split'n maul out and get some fire-wood up to the cabin.

Have a Great afternoon friends,
God Bless,

Ahh, yes... ALOHA Tootsie.

Re: A crisis of faith

Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:46 pm +0000


Put another log on the fire ...
cook me up some bacon and some beans ...

Imagine sittin by the campfire ...
hearing the master speak , eh


Re: A crisis of faith

Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:50 am +0000

Aloha...I lived in the woods of Oregon in a log cabin...wood cook stove and got a red handled ax for my birthday :roll: Today I completed my outdoor shower, running a long hose in the back 40 to heat the water...duck soup :wink: Life is sweet...fruit to pick and soil to dig...

Came across this quote on this post on this thread way back but worth posting again...

p291:3 26:5.3 That, then, is the primary or elementary course which confronts the faith-tested and much-traveled pilgrims of space. But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrims became: "In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible."

Give me the simple life anyday...

Re: A crisis of faith

Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:59 am +0000

Thanks Mom...I am gooooood...didn't mean to give that impression...thanks for your concern.

Re: A crisis of faith

Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:27 am +0000

tutte risposte molto utili e allora aggiungo anche la mia:
quando la verità risuona dentro di te allora essa sarà anche un termine di paragone per investigare l'esterno e qualunque verità espressa nei Libri compreso quello dui Urantia. Se la verità non è ancora in te, allora ogni libro può essere buono per aumentarla ma non sarà che un surrogato della stessa.
Un conto è la Fede personale e un conto è la credenza, la Fede va oltre ogni credenza la Fede si sostanzia per lei stessa ed ha come collegamento soltanto il punto più alto dell'universo, il Padre, perché da Lui deriva.

all very helpful answers and then add also my:
when the truth resonates within you, then it will be a benchmark for exterior and investigate any truth expressed in the Urantia Book including DUI. If the truth is not in you, then any book can be good to increase it but will not be a substitute thereof.
Faith is a personal account and an account is the belief, Faith goes beyond belief, the Faith is the substance for herself and has the only connection the highest point of the universe, the Father, because he comes from
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