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A place to discuss how faith experiences have changed your life.
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Here is the last part ( my God experience)

Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:34 pm +0000

I apologize for taking so long to finish this. I just got some free time from work to focus my energy's to this telling.

As I said before all of this is up to the reader to intrepid, to believe or not.
How it has changed my life it all the evedance I need.

So here we are: if you can imagine as a result of that nights experience I was not able to act as if nothing had happened, and for many days after I kept coming to work unable to say any thing to any one about what I experienced.
The thoughts in my mind were many and every day I was not sure of my self, Did I belong here, what am I supposed to do with my life? Was that real? Can I hurt people and be okay with it now? I was walking through my job and life with nothing more than instinct doing as I had for many years, keeping up the routine.

For some time ( I think a few months 2 or 3 ) nothing big had happened in the club or in my life, still perplexed and with out any answers.

One night I was driving home ... I lived out side of town so I had to drive through some (at that time) old roads that had no street lights, I came over a small hill and down into a valley where I had a wide open view of the sky,.. to my left I notice a flask of light and turned to see one of those thunder heads that come off the coast, A mass of clouds filled with a dazzling display of lighting dancing through it, nothing hitting the ground ... just creating a spectacle of aw ..each combination of lightning enhancing your ability to see the shapes and curves of the clouds filled with caverns and tall peaks, round columns of billowing mass.. this singular mass of clouds were enhanced more by a clear starry night. One mass cloud against a sky of stars and my mind and heart was touch.

I thought to my self there must be some thing in this world responsible for such a sight, I mean there has to be a Higher consciousness to create a world that has sights like this... to have created all the element that could pull of what to my mind was the most amazing light show I had ever seen.

I should tell you that I did slow down while driving, I actually pulled off the road and drove up a hill in my El Camino, ..parked, got out of my car to stand in amazement till the thought that a God must be responsible for this.

Look: I grow up in Houston till age 14 and had seen lighting storms my whole life always thinking they were amazing, So I have no idea why this one moved me as it did. I had seen storms that made you want to run and hide.. LoL ...but this one had something else.. I was in aw.

All the sudden I thought to my self this is as good as any to attempt to talk to ...well...I don't know ...It
you know that thing most call God.

But I had had my fill with what most had called God so as I stood there and began to define what I may hopefully be talking to.

Sounded some thing like this:
Okay, if you exist and you created every thing, you have to know what is in me, all of us. I mean you have to know why we do what we do, and don't judges us like all that Hell Fire Damnation and Brimstone crap I grew up with. If you are real you have to be about Unconditional Love with out boundaries or limits. You have to see what motivates us in to the things we do even if we make mistakes.

And so I went on and on..till I found my self just talking... some what self-conscious ( thinking that if some one saw me here talking to the air like this they would think me a nut job) but I pushed it out of my mind as I kept talking...I guess I became comfortable with this because I suddenly erupted with an emotional fervor... asked why was my life so kissed up, why did all the things that I had to endure happen to me...I mean, I went off,.. I was asking about my Father and Mom, and all the fights I had had,Everything.

If the word VENTING ever fit a moment in life this was it.
At the peak of this emotional display, I suddenly said ..”and while I'm at it what the kiss was that, that happen to me the other day what the kiss was that all about”

I have to tell you that it felt good to be talking this way, but I was not prepared for what happened next!

I want to give words to this so every one understands what I experienced from this point on but I feel I will fail in doing so. I hope this is met with some degree of understanding to the task in which it is to convey.

I never heard a voice, let me make that clear. But it was very clear to me that as I asked a question all the sudden the answers became undeniably obvious. I just knew at that very moment what the truth to that question was, kind of a “Dah” moment.

As moment after moment pasted it was like ( this is a metaphor here so don't take this literal) I was standing in some bleachers looking down on a field watching my life unfold before me for every question I had I saw the cause and affect of every thing, It all began to make sense and I began to feel as if all my burdens that had been stacking up on my back and shoulders all these year where disappearing. Every feeling of victim hood vanished. My life for the first time made sense to me and I did not blame any one for it, I was more in a state of forgiveness than any thing else.
As that became clearer to me, after some time had passed... I to my surprise, with out missing a beat “Said these words”

( I give my life to you and commit my self to helping other ) it was an instinctive thing in me to do this. I mean it felt like the most natural thing to do when I said it and I felt it in every ounce of my being as I said it.

Now this part I guess you all will have to come up with your own understanding for this.

To use the word hit is incorrect, but I don't know any other word to us, I did not fall back which would be the reaction if I was hit by some thing. but I did feel a force come at me and hit me in the chest, fill my body and in a split second was conscious of this energy coming out my finger tips and hair as well as my feet.
As this energy expanded I became more conscious of every thing around me. I could not move but I could see and feel on a level I have no word to convey I looked over at a tree that was to my right just past were I had parked my El Camino, it was Dark out side but this tree was glowing and I could see it clearer than any thing around me, it had a blueish glow coming off it, I could see it was a living thing, I began to scan the scenery around me and every thing was aglow and alive I looked down the hill and could make out small animals in the bushes ' rabbits' My mind was taking on an awareness that I in one moment thought ( this is beyond me how can I know all of this) I was becoming conscious of every thing all at once as this energy expanded from me out to the farthest horizons I in my mind could sense every thing...I have no word for this... but as It kept growing in my minds awareness I became with out any doubt aware of “IT”....I all the sudden was conscious of God ( and I say God only because there is not a real word for “IT” and I'm sure this word is the most common for most readers)
(And there was no mistaking it to be the Source and Center of every thing)

I in a singular moment I was conscious of it and it being conscious of me be being conscious if it. I again have no words, but to say we were in each others thoughts completely aware of each other. And I was fill with the most over whelming Love, Peace, Serenity, that word will never be able to convey.

Time stopped for me I did not feel my self breathing I was not aware of any thing for... I have no Idea how long.. I was in bliss, suspended.

The next thought that came to my mind was me becoming aware the the sun was coming up. I began to notice the colors in my environment take place in my visual space. I saw the green in the plants around me and I saw the purple, violet, pink clouds and dark to light Blue sky My first thought was ...the Sun is rising. I looked to my right and starred at my car .. next thought was ...I guess I should go home.
Like a zombie I walked over to my car pulled my keys out of my pocket and opened the door sat down started the car and drove down the hill back on the the road off to my house, Got home and went to bed.

When I awoke it was late in the evening a usual for me back than, I did as I always had done going through the routine of getting ready for work... Right in the middle of it I stopped, and sad to my self,” I don't belong there any more” I paused and thought it threw thinking that if I did not go to work who would protect the girls. I resigned to go and began to formulate my exit from that life.

It took a few months but I enrolled in a community collage and started a journey I have no idea where it will take me other than to do Gods will in my life to the best of my ability's each day as I live it.

It has been over 23 years now and I have had some great adventures and met some amazing people to say I am greatfull is a understatement.
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Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:27 pm +0000

I never tire of hearing how God meets us where we are...we only need to pay attention and engage in that moment. And the proof of your experience is in the way you live your life...I have no doubt that all you wrote about was real, and continues to be real.

And don't be concerned with the English language...it is intact and undamaged. Actually, I enjoy your down to earth way of speaking/writing...you are authentic.

Many thanks for taking that leap of faith and sharing all of this with us.


Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:48 pm +0000

Thanks..I attempted an edit any how..I hope I made some improvement to the reading.

I have no spelling skills...lol

and proper paragraphs...what is that... :)

Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:48 am +0000

I'm awestruck by your story JB, and you tell it with such humility and grace.
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Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:43 am +0000

Thank you.

I have had my reservations, but these many years I felt I need to put it out in the public domain. mostly under an alias, but I felt I could be more open here in truthbook.

there is always a risk of critical thinkers out there none as critical as me though.

I told my self I would not defend my experience, if I put it out there than it was no longer for me but those that relate.

I want there to be a growing dialogue that brings about an acceptance that God is as active in our lives today as much as it seemed in the day of Biblical writings.

We all are able to have spiritual experiences that testify to us and us alone that there IS a Higher Power and it is dynamically involved in ours as well as every one else's lives.

That leap from Believing to Knowing.

Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:16 am +0000

The God-knowing individual is not one who is blind to the difficulties or unmindful of the obstacles which stand in the way of finding God in the maze of superstition, tradition, and materialistic tendencies of modern times. He has encountered all these deterrents and triumphed over them, surmounted them by living faith, and attained the highlands of spiritual experience in spite of them. But it is true that many who are inwardly sure about God fear to assert such feelings of certainty because of the multiplicity and cleverness of those who assemble objections and magnify difficulties about believing in God. It requires no great depth of intellect to pick flaws, ask questions, or raise objections. But it does require brilliance of mind to answer these questions and solve these difficulties; faith certainty is the greatest technique for dealing with all such superficial contentions.1126:06
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Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:50 am +0000

That was inspiring, thank you. I will have to look that part of the book up.

I have been doing my best to find the little thing that we human being do that are out side our basic need to survive as an example that we are motivated by more than just the need to feed and procreate.

These so called random act of kindness that are truly abundant in our world come from something more that animal instinct, the unselfish act that put one in harms way to protect another and the simple act of smiling, there is some thing there to magnify.

I truly believe that every one has spiritual experiences in there live's, they are so out of the norm of thinking that most give in to the easy path of pushing it away insted of investigating them ,..thus denial as a tool of survival wins out most of the time and we forget these moment to moment happenings.

Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:19 pm +0000

Despite complaints to the contrary, I don't believe there's any intended constraint on personal religious or spiritual experiences being related here on this discussion board -- J. Barry's being an excellent example of how inspiring it is see the effect such a transcendent experience has had.

There's considerable difference, in my mind anyway, between a genuine spiritual transformation and psychic manifestations and it's all too easy to slip into mind tricks being related as spiritual experiences. Nearly everyone can relate to "supernatural connections" -- there are a number of discussion boards where they're entertained; sorry, this isn't one of them. Strange things can and do happen with seances, channelings, voices, hallucinogenics, drugs, ghosts, -- if we were open to all these stories, interesting as they may be, we'd soon have people here channeling their Thought Adjuster, Jesus, Mary and God for us. Sorry.

Use J. Barry's recital as an example of what's expected here -- there's not a much better genuine example than that one.


Tue Mar 25, 2008 1:16 pm +0000

Greetings J.

You wrote:
The next thought that came to my mind was me becoming aware the the sun was coming up. I began to notice the colors in my environment take place in my visual space. I saw the green in the plants around me and I saw the purple, violet, pink clouds and dark to light Blue sky My first thought was ...the Sun is rising.

In my own personal experience, when someone called my name during such an encounter, I said aloud, "It's just the morning sun". And I heard the reply, "I am the Morning Son".

I have found it rare that I can share the ways, dreams and visions, God has used to get my attention. Some of them are instantly rejected because I must be a "nut job"! I have to continually remind myself that I learned from "no man" to listen to and to follow the way planted within

me, teresa.

Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:00 pm +0000

Hay every one....

I have given much thought to the differences in what the U.B. calls Fantastic thinking and it's warnings of our minds ability to run away with a thought and make it some thing it is not.

I am not sure how my experience sounds to others, but I do see a difference between what I have read about other persons experiences as well as mind and those that seem to tip the bucket of fantastic thinking.

I am not sure we will ever be able to tell weather one persons experience is of there own mind or of super human origins, I thing that how it affects there life will be the best course of reason here.

And I do see reason and logic in spiritual experiences that would help in this discernment.

As with me those two moment where the last of the contact experiences I had, after them as I chose to move forward from there I began to have epiphany's ands as time moved on moments of clarity, sometimes felt like i was having a revelation in my thinking of truths as i lived my life in response to persons around me, i was growing in my ability to interact with others as I did service and having found a 12 step community to dialogue these concepts with and working the 12 step program did not hurt either...lol

I believe that spiritual experiences are about motivation for that person alone.

I have to choose my life path to walk it with God as I grow to understand or to live in my will, experiencing the consequences of my choices alone.

I have not felt alone ever since and I most defiantly see the world through new eyes... :)

My hope is to magnify the simple things in life that are not so out of the norm, but are easily missed proofs to the dynamic involvement of God in our lives.

I love the statement in the book where it says: You can not walk in to the wood to find God, but if you have God in you, you will see God every where there. ( this was not an exact quote)

And every thing that has been written about our T.A.'s effort to guide us, I still am moved by that thought and it's truth.

Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:56 pm +0000

I like what you said here:
My hope is to magnify the simple things in life that are not so out of the norm, but are easily missed proofs to the dynamic involvement of God in our lives.

Constantly searching for truth, beauty and goodness is a full-time profession.

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Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:51 pm +0000

It sounds like a great book already, if you have any passages you would like to shear, you can e-mail me at Soljourn@hotmail.com
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