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Spirit Distinctions

Sun Jan 14, 2007 7:56 am +0000

Isolation doesn't really have a good energy charge with most people huh?

Anyways, thats how I sometimes feel, delving into new and strange concepts while everyone around is lackluster in their search for truth, or stuck with traditions which they've held onto for decades.

Also, there is the time period of unifying your religion, and of really absorbing the deep concepts of the UB. In fact, confusion is a very common emotion in my day to day experience. But I've learned to accept it. Most people are afraid of confusion, afraid of uncertainty. They would rather cling to what they know and their simple philosophy, so everything will remain stable.

Eventually the Revelation will prevail in the hearts and minds of Urantians, but it's going to take a long time ticking away with the slowness of evolution, just accelerating reasonably with Revelation.

What do you guys think?
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Sun Jan 14, 2007 8:09 am +0000


Your Words of Truth , Ring True .

The Only Constant Is Change . :idea:

Tue Jan 16, 2007 4:52 pm +0000

Most definitely Coop, "everything has a beginning and an end in time and space."

My spirituality has been lackluster lately. I just can't seem to habitually be on high levels of divinity. I think I have alot of unresolved fear complexes. Ever since I found the UB my life has been somewhat shaky. lol Of course I've had good times too, but I just haven't consistently unified my reality with the Revelation.

I was listening to this music on my t.v. like a week or two ago, on the channel called 'soundscapes.' Anyways, they play some really cool music, very open and spiritual. I was listening to this one guy, I think his last name was Whalen, and he had a really good song. It made you feel like you were touching infinity. Like the music was very open and original and it fosters infinity concepts, imo.

Do you ever get afraid that your Thought Adjuster is unceasingly working for your upliftment but your caught up in material problems?

Do you ever get so confused studying UB cosmology that your more uncertain about reality?

Do you ever touch morontia goodness while it inevitably fades away behind chemical feelings and reactions?

Do you ever wonder who will ascend?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a System Sovereign? To be in charge of all those worlds and to succumb to rebellion.

What are your spiritual thoughts and experiences? :P
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Tue Jan 16, 2007 11:47 pm +0000

I listened exclusively to that Soundscapes for over a year. It mellowed me out good. But eventually it started getting on my nerves. I felt boxed in. Cushy. Mediocre. I needed some jangle! some jazz! some blues! some cacaphony! some chaos! some classical! some NOISE! I needed a bigger range of psychic action.

It was good of you to admit you are afraid of God, Arie. I have lived for periods of time completely in his will. I don't fear God. However, I fear my inability to discern what His will is for me. Even worse, I fear my will defying His will for me. I have overlooked some very obvious cues from my adjutant mind spirits, out of sheer willfulness, and paying the price for that neglect is nothing to sneeze at. Going against universe law has long-term ramifications. So, like you, I'm afraid of knowing God's will and not doing it, but not to the extent of personality extinction.

I am not afraid of where God may lead me, but I am afraid of how willing I am to allow myself to be led where my mother, my husband, my sister would lead me. I am not afraid of what may happen to me in the long run and in the short run I know that whatever it is, I won't be alone, so I am not afraid of soul extinction. My soul is alive and well and growing on its own accord. But I fear I am not reaching my capacities, being all that I could be if I let go of a lot of human considerations.

For me, there is no opposition to the alluring truths in the revelation. I subscribe to the Urantia Papers hook line and sinker. For those who find it obtuse or obscure, for those who find their answers elsewhere, go! I know that you cannot want for somebody what they don't want for themself. This takes the burden off my shoulders for their enlightenment.

I am not afraid that many Christians are going to fall; I am convinced of it. I'm not afraid of financial poverty. I spent enough years fearing that. God (a simple lifestyle and social security) has relieved me of that fear. I am not failure in the world, nor do I fear becoming a part of the world and godless secularism. I am truly a stranger in a strange land; I am in this world but not of it. I am not afraid that not all UB readers understand the gospel; I am convinced of it.

You: Do you ever get afraid that your Thought Adjuster is unceasingly working for your upliftment but you're caught up in material problems?

Me: Not in problems, but in diversions, in creature comforts.

You: Do you ever get so confused studying UB cosmology that you're more uncertain about reality?

Me: No. But experientially I have often been uncertain about reality.

You: Do you ever touch morontia goodness while it inevitably fades away behind chemical feelings and reactions?

Me: I do touch morontia goodness, yes.

You: Do you ever wonder who will ascend?

Me: Only my mother, who professes to only want to go to sleep when she dies. She manifests no conscious interest in survival, or in knowing God. In my assessment, she is a good woman, worthy of survival, but she has chosen not to survive. I don't know what God will do in her case. It's up to Him. I love her anyway.

You: Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a System Sovereign?

Me: No. I haven't got past wanting self mastery.

You: To be in charge of all those worlds and to succumb to rebellion.

Me: No. I'm more likely to START a rebellion, out of ignorance, than to succumb to somebody else's.

You: What are your spiritual thoughts and experiences?

Me: I posted most of them somewhere here on Truthbook. I was "born of the spirit" in 1968. I've consecrated myself (twice) to the reality promulgated through the UB, which has been a major influence in my life for 40 years. Jesus appeared to me in 1992. I heard my Adjuster once, in 2003. I am a woman in recovery (from the Lucifer legacy, the Adamic default, alcoholism, co-dependence, nicotine addiction, gender confusion, and Christianity) and have been living a spiritual program for 15 years. For the past 13 years I have been augmenting my spiritual life through conversations with "invisible beings," as an art form.

I just worry sometimes that my serenity is actually complaisance and that I could be doing a whole lot more than I am, in terms of service work. Or maybe it is just that lackluster you mentioned, Arie. Kinda like a steady diet of Soundscape. Or maybe it is just the fruit of the spirit "enduring peace" and I'm still learning how to get used to it.

Thu Jan 18, 2007 2:58 am +0000

Hey Gerdy!

Thanks for replying! We're not that different after all. lol You've been reading the blue book for a while now. I wonder what I'll be like in 34 years after studying... I've been reading for 6 years now. Also, I don't think I've been listening to soundscapes enough to get sick of it yet, lol.. but I do listen to other types of music as well.

With me, before I found the UB, I was a catholic. Actually recently converted, but it was a spiritual conversion, not intellection, which is why I was so open to the revelation. I don't remember that much from my childhood spiritual experiences, I do remember my first holy communion when I must of been around 6. I believed in the sacrament sincerely. I also have vague memories of going to confession as a child where the priest is in the other side of this chamber listening anonymously. In fact, when I reconverted to Catholicism about 6 years ago, literally a week or two before I found the UB, I went to confession at this church near my house. It felt really good. Freed me from all fear, guilt, shame etc.

I remember that theres this teaching in the UB that humans need to develop new techniques to acquire the consciousness of salvation. Maybe us new religionists should develop new churches with no doctrinal pressures but having religious sacraments like confession in a new and enlightened way. Even the UB says that there is great hope for a church that 'dares to remove all doctrinal pressure from it's members.'

Yeah... so back to what I was saying, that is quite odd that I found the UB like a week after I had the spiritual conversion back to Catholicism. I actually learned about the UB from my SAT tutor, I was a senior in high school. He was actually writing a book correlating part 4 with the bible. I don't think he knew what kind of an effect his mentioning the UB would do to me. The first think I checked out about the UB was a quote on hell which impressed me to such an extent that I immediately knew it was a revelation, and which overthrew my traditional philosophy however unconscious it was. This may have been one of the teachings I first read:

86:4.8 "Almost every group had a different idea regarding the destiny of the ghost soul. The Greeks believed that weak men must have weak souls; so they invented Hades as a fit place for the reception of such anemic souls; these unrobust specimens were also supposed to have shorter shadows."

There still are some great spiritual leaders in the Catholic church though. I remember this one priest who gave a sermon to my recently converted self 6 years ago which was really amazing. He spoke with such power and beauty that only my older self really realized the significance of his character.

Gerdean or any others want to share some spiritual experiences?

Adios! O:)

Thu Jan 18, 2007 7:02 am +0000

Hi Arie.

There was a time when I screamed at God, hated God, cursed God,
and then disbelieved in God. I dared God to kill me. I was fearless in my hatred of Him and His Stuff. Ten years later I regained my faith.

Here is my take:

A little kid of 6 or 7 years says, "I hate you, Mommy. You are a
_____ ! I hate you! I wish you would die."

The mother smiles. She is full of love for her little child. She knows her child does not have good judgement at his/her young age.

God is the same - but Greater. God Will never be against us.

However we can "be against ourselves" by over-boozing, overuse
of credit cards, drugging, hangin' with bad company. Love from God for His creatures is everyday and all day.

Fri Jan 19, 2007 4:13 am +0000

Yeah... I have cursed at God also, or more likely towards my distorted conscience.

My conscience I think has been very confused ever since I found the urantia book. lol It doesn't fully understand what is right and wrong. "The conscience is hardly the voice of God..."

I think the conscience is a living entity, which is created by our human moral self-consciousnes. I think it is continuous also... it is the constant SHOULD in our minds. lol Well, at least in my mind... okay, not always.

Like I was just reading a little bit ago that the goal of our Adjusters work in the realm of the highest and most spiritualized thinking. So these childlike self-criticisms and urgings are from the conscience, your own individual self-criticism.

One day I think I will have my beliefs more greatly clarified, with a soundly functioning conscience. It's just very difficult to unify that part of myself because most of the beliefs are unconscious... even though they influence my life.

"The keys to the kingdom are sincerity, sincerity, and more sincerity."

You know in the paper "Religion in Human experience" in the first section, it says that "sharing your spiritual life with ones fellows" is one of the factors that fosters religious growth. :mrgreen: I wonder who came up with this mr.green fellow.

I think I've had a really narrow concept of the workings of God... or of the will of God. I think it's that everyone in my social circle is religiously stagnant, to a greater or lesser degree. And I usually never express my religious concepts and moral beliefs. I have alot of physical tension and anxiety from day to day... I really think it is due to conflicting subconscious beliefs and conceptions. It's almost like the smarter you become and the more you learn.... the greater is the potential for you to create very sophisticated fears if you do not clarify your concepts.

Hopefully I will learn to be more tolerant with myself and more farseeing in regards to my place in the universe economy. Spirit Joy.

Fri Jan 19, 2007 6:40 am +0000

Hi Arie.

Some big points/issues in the Urantia Book deal with God's Love, His Plan of evolution, etc. There is much said about Struggle, Growth, Transformation. However - an important part is the writings about Humor.

Perhaps it is good to watch some dopey movies, drink a few beers, act stupid, and absolutely forgive ourselves for all our bad stuff. I think God Wants us to be happy - TODAY - and as much as possible - as we go through this wacky experience called "life."

Let's chill out............ and accept that chillin' out is good. ..........so long as we 'take care of business' ............

Fri Jan 19, 2007 5:19 pm +0000

Yeah, I agree... even though it's really hard for me to do that sometimes.

"Humor lessens the shock of unexpected facts or truth."

You see, just before I found the Ub... I had a spiritual conversion with Catholicism... went through the whole sacrament of confession and even had the Holy Communion if I remember correctly. I did not have a philosophic foundation with Catholicism. I think that is why I was receptive to the UB... because I was more spiritual than most traditionalists. My philosophy did not have time to settle and form. So, I guess it was a blessing and a curse. But maybe the future will vindicate my acceptance of the revelation.

I was reading about survival earlier... and I think they may mean it literally that survival decisions must be made here. Like, even if someone chooses not to ascend on this planet, they still have to executed by the Higher Personalities... with the last decision I think the Ancients of Days. But then again... what about all the people who haven't made a decision? I don't know, I remember one of the papers talking about if there is any doubt as to their spiritual intent... they will unfailingly make a decision towards survival. So I guess if they have the "faintest flicker of faith" then they will allow more time on the mansion worlds for them to choose.

You would imagine that if they reach the mansion worlds that the potential for them choosing survival would go up wouldn't you? It's hard for me to see many choosing not to advance when on the mansion worlds. They do say however that the mansion worlds are not much different from this world. In fact if this planet was a normal world... we would barely notice a difference at all. They also say that we will still have our limited viewpoints and visions. We're still going to be quite material. And we drink, eat and what not... just a different type of material, and that their is no waste, it gets totally absorbed by the morontia body. The toilet industry becomes extinct. :shock:

I don't think I'm that spiritual. Though I have been. I think it really depends on my social status, my physical condition, environmental factors, such as moral affinity with others. I was just reading the first seciton on Celestial Artisans, the writer was talking about how the transmissions were getting made, and that he couldn't see the building where it was happening, because he was a pure spirit, but he knew how it was very servicable to us.

"The mind focused completely on material problems will not survive material death" not verbatim... but it was something to that effect.

One thing that I think is unchallengable with Christians or any other traditionalists... is that God is the source of all true values, peace, love, mercy, intelligence etc. My parents being both christians have never challenged me on that.

Another time... I suddenly became highly conscious of the Spirit of Truth while reading a section of the UB on truth relativity.. and I left the room in power and I saw my mother and said "It's the spirit of truth Mom, it's the spirit of truth" and she just had an incredulous expression on her face. That was a very real spiritual experience.

I remember this other time I was in a hospital, and I was listening to some really powerful christian music, and I went into spiritual bliss. One of these times in high spirit, my family came to visit me, and I was just on high in spirit to the point of just listening to them in pure love. They just talked amongst each other on a lower plane and I was just being, completely content.

When you have less... it is easier to give everything you have.
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