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terrifying night vistitor

Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:50 pm +0000

My wife and I had a terrifying experience 3 nights ago. We need help and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. We were both asleep. I woke to a black cloaked figure leaning over me in the bed. As I opened my eyes the room was dark but the black figure appeared extremely blacker than the rest of the dark room. As I looked at the figure over me I could only see 2 very large red glowing eyes. I immediately started to scream and flailing my arms and legs. The figure stood straight up as if startled and just stood there. My wife awoke by my screaming started screaming what is it over and over. It stood next to the bed for may seconds as we screamed and then suddenly it as if a balloon that someone let the air out of shot around the room with a trail of what I can only describe as coal dust. We got out of bed and turned on the light. We noticed the lock said 02:30 am. I never saw any facial features or arms. Just a blacker than black hooded figure with red glowing eyes that were large as silver dollars. All I could say over and over was "what was that thing?" My wife's description of the thing was exactly the same as mine. We could not go back to sleep and can't bring ourselves to sleep without a light and we haven't sleep much until we see the sun come up in the morning. We were and still are frightened.

Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:23 am +0000


Welcome to truthbook.

WOW! What a shock. I can imagine not being able to sleep after an experience like that. It reminds me of two things. A plate in the hardbound edition of Man and his Symbols by Carl G. Jung. Page 63, a painting labeled “Nightmare” There’s a character couched on the bed with a woman laying across the bed sleeping. The character doesn’t look like the one you described but reminds me of one I saw when I was attempting Astral travel (out of body experience) in my twenties. I used a technique described by Jung to bring consciousness into the dream state. I traveled with consciousness to a dream place and when I returned to the hotel room in the Small town on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada I saw a figure similar to that that you described bent over my girlfriend in the bed where my girlfriend and I were sleeping. My point of view was from the foot of the bed about five feet beyond and maybe seven feet high. I tried to intimidate the black character away but it sort of smiled at me with a devious mischievous smile and had no fear.

I came towards the creature intent on getting it away from my girlfriend and grappled with it and at the foot of the bed cast it down and it disappeared. One of the most unnerving aspects of the character besides it’s lack of fear and looking so smug and comfortable was when I gazed into it’s eyes from a very close distance. They weren’t really eyes they were like openings with a hollowness of depth and darkness that seemed to have no end. The shadow form of the figure was black but the inside of it through it’s eyes was unending emptiness.

I gazed at the bed and saw myself laying on my left side with my back to my girlfriend as she laid on her right side with her back to me and we we’re both sound asleep. I tried to wake myself up by metally telling myself to "wake up" as I was conscious that I was dreaming but I couldn’t do it. Then I went to bed and laid down into my body and turned to the left side and then from that perspective I awoke. I was startled. I looked around the room and at my girlfriend and everything was exactly as I dreamt it. I couldn’t tell for sure if I was asleep or awake. So I shook my girlfriend until she woke up. And I asked her if I was awake. She said, “Yeah, So am I now.” In the morning I asked her again if I had awoken her in the night and she said I did, because I still wasn’t sure if I was awake or not.

I was studying Psychology in College at the time. But I never tried to bring consciousness into a dream since. The black character was unnerving and I left him to God to Jesus to deal with. I knew with them I had nothing to fear.

Anyway, don’t fear that character that you both saw. By all means sleep with the light on until you both feel comfortable again. In time you will experience new and wonderful things and you naturally won’t think that much about the scary experience you had. Look for the light in your lives. Stay away from the darkness. If you are religious by all means Pray. If you're not religious, focus on the positive aspects of life.

God Bless You and be with you both and gird you with strength and shield you with comfort.

Expanding Insight

Prayer is designed to make man less thinking but more realizing; it is not designed to increase knowledge but rather to expand insight.

The Urantia Book,
[url]Page 1616 (143:7.4)[/url]

Hope you stick around and enjoy the site. There's a lot of positive support here no matter who you are. That's the way it should be. Right? :smile:
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Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:52 pm +0000


Several of us have also had PM experiences-mostly to do with the Genes and reproductive abilities.

Although this red eyed and black rob one is indeed different it would be a challege for us here in CT to quiet and ask the presence within who this might be? However we would do so only if you gave permission or an OK .
OK? Nothing ventured/nothing gained.

There is a biblical phrase(It escapes me right at the moment) that states something to the effect, 'Iwill come in the night like a thief."....or something like that.

Could this be reference from your past religious information?
Hugs, carl

Sun Sep 17, 2006 3:41 pm +0000

Yeah, I believe this is actually a common experience except that people see different things. They are basically vivid hallucinations when you are still in a fairly deep trance state coming out of sleep. If you google 'sleep paralysis' and 'hallucinations' you should find more info. I once saw an alien come through the wall of my bedroom and hovered on top of my bed and I was frozen with fear, then he quickly disappeared, through the wall of course. lol

I think it's almost like having a dream while a wake, but it only happens when you were very recently just asleep. I guess for us it was our mind's way of expressing a personal fear we each have. I imagine people also have more positive ones like seeing angels, saints, Jesus, Buddha etc. Even though there is probably still fear involved but they just later interpret it more positively.

I believe almost all of these nightly 'visitations' are purely psychological, just as alot of the phenomena of unusual spiritual conversions can be. I think it is very rare where a real celestial or extraterrestrial actually makes contact with us lowly humans. :mrgreen:

Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:47 pm +0000


Your observations regarding the manefestations mentioned are interesting.

I disagree with most of your conclusions that most of the manefestations are not real.

I believe an understanding of the diverse ramifications of fear and the heavenly partners who are assisting us to help overcome, discharge and otherwise unload fear is to be given more considerations.

Jesus gave three great directions, Pledge, Seek and fear not. UBook states in simple terms, "...fear blocks all forms of progressing education."

Our partners who see our mind thoughts recognize minds that are blocked, not growing in spiritual directions, let alone physical life advancements.

There are many. and sometimes almost endless attempts to get we humans to open our eyes to fear and understand it for what it is worth-the allerting mechanism which can stimulate our thinking processes. Such stimulation(s) and thinkings open the door to unloading, overcoming, or understanding the reasons for its human stimulations and demanding altering our thoughts.

Fear not- its a whole lot of individual work for many of us as we attune-we must overcome, we must break the chains of fear, we must fear not. Information helps loosen the ties, action with more information shows ways..

We are welcomed in His embrace as we overcome our chains. :wink:

Hugs of spirit


Mon Sep 18, 2006 7:49 am +0000

If we were going to vote my vote would go to Arie's assessment. The Urantia Book points out that as evolutionary beings with an inborn desire for worship we humans develop higher worshipful consciousness by passing through worshiping inanimate things, worshiping ancestors, ghost worship, magic, polytheism and evenutally, with help recognize monotheism. Those long evolutionary stages still influence our subconscious -- we're not so very far removed from worshiping rocks and ghosts. Jesus did tell us to fear not -- fear usually doesn't sit too far from our surface consciousness -- so when fears, evil spirit visions, seemingly other worldly contacts well up, which is more likely to occur coming into or out of sleep, remember Jesus.

Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:05 pm +0000


Interesting way to summarize the UB relative to fear and its blocking of progressing education.

As the spiritual manefestations play out in ones life all the descriptions as related in the UB become fact.

Our Fathers kingdom is not of this world--this contrast to the intellectual alone understandings of the heavens glory is so pungent as to be not missed in this life time.

Remember, for those who do not experience the manefestations the area of faith is their 'passage'. Those who experience the manefestations it becomes their 'passage' of faith. Allowing each to experience these different travels is 100% value as long as it is to the light contrasted to ones thoughts away from His embrace.

When one arives at His House it is also interesting to turn about and notice there is one blended path-it is wide and well lite-it allows all to come forth.

Hugs, c

Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:02 am +0000

Hey dude,

The figure you saw might possible have been what is commonely termed the "gate Keeper"

From what Joer said it seems to be the same thing, however the gate keeper is supposed to present itself before astral travel begins, not after or during.

Nowone knows for sure if it is a real thing or a manifestation of fear in the process of breaking through into the unknown. What we do know is that Christ Michael is the supreme soverign now and I do believe that he has everything under control. This includes random creatures lurking around with no apparent purpose other than to terrorize Gods children.

Joer I would be interested to hear more about your astral travel experiences and knowledge if you are willing to chat with me regarding them ?


Sat Sep 23, 2006 8:56 pm +0000


a group at dinner tonight discussed the dark robed one and who we believed this one to be and why this enity comes at certain specific times.

We generally came to the conclusion this is the guise of the Holy Spirit. One additional manefestation seems to incorporate brillant white energy light eminating from the robed form symbolizing the outpouring of truth and the calling to be attuned as was Michael. The robed form seems to have significance as it appears to represent an yet to be discovered/developed/further attuned symbolisims regarding the human TA attunements.

All were in agreement with a vivid black going to brillant white regarding color- The red eyes representing the negative film that develops to a blue hue. Some direction of white light travel had significance also.

hugs, c

Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:52 am +0000

Hello Georgem

My next door neighbor had the same experience in England. He does not believe in God as such but he does believe in the relam of the spirit. He experienced this when he was living in England when he was about 20, but he is in his sixties now. The story he told my was very long, but in the story he speaks of a tall dark figure about seven foot tall and round red eyes. But for him he experienced heat from the eyes off this being. With this being was asimilar being, a Dog, dark like coal as him, which i assume is the beings Master.
He told me he threw a blessed cross at it which he got form the village
priest, which Made the being explosed with a load bang and knocked him on the ground of the field he was in. I do not know if this story which he told me was true or not but i say it you because of the similarities of the Dark Being itself. The man who told me the story is sane i can tell you so its not just another story.
The tall dark being and dark dog is common in Ireland and more so in England. As for other Countries, i have never heard of them.
I do not look into ghost's stories so i can not help you. But if you search the web for types of ghosts in england and ireland, I'am sure you will find your man


Fri Jan 05, 2007 5:45 am +0000

I've had a sleep paralysis episode before, and although it was a negative experience it did offer some insight into how your perspective reality can be influenced by fear.

I had this sleep paralysis experience years ago when I was around the age of 16. At that time, my dominant religious belief was in Christianity. The way I learned about evil from Christianity was that people were influenced by the devil and demons so naturally I had a fear of them. I was terrified of the idea of demonic possession and often had trouble sleeping after having to hear of or to watch of anything related to evil spirit personalities. Now that I have told you a little bit of that history I can tell you just what happened with this sleep paralysis experience and you can see how my beliefs affected this experience.

The way I can describe sleep paralysis is something like when your body is still resting but the mind is awake and aware. The scary thing is when your mind becomes aware of the fact that it's disconnected from your body. This causes you to almost instantly panic and this is the point when people feel like they have to struggle to wake themselves up. For some reason when you’re in this state of sleep paralysis, just the slightest thought or desire will manifest itself for you to see.

When I awoke in what I can only describe as a conscious mind closely in sync with the subconscious mind, well at least more than usual, I did not automatically panic but my experience did eventually lead to that point. I realized that I was awake and more aware than usual but I could not feel my body and here is the proof of just how responsive the different levels of mind are and also how the mind can be severely handicapped by experiential fear.

As I became aware of the fact that I had awakened in my mind I realized that I could command this experience, I just knew it instinctively. So of all the possible things I could have questioned, I asked my own mind in thought form what is my greatest fear, and before I could even finish that thought, I had summoned my own demon. It appeared to be very real within my mind. It had a horrific visage: red eyes, powder white face, sharp teeth, and it snarled at me. Not only was it physically terrifying to envision, but it commanded a very powerful presence about itself. Its energy was suppressing me and at that point I panicked. That is when I tried to wake myself up. The struggle to wake up was very scary because I actually thought I couldn't connect my mind back with my body and I literally had to will over and over again a connection between the two. I wanted to escape this fear in my mind and the only way was to wake up. I did finally wake up and still felt the sense of a residual evil presence and had trouble sleeping that night.

I thought long and hard about this many times and I've come to believe that first of all, I experienced this only because I actually dared to face my fear. Secondly, my fear is based on my subjective experience through life and maybe there is a little predisposed fear in everyone. While everyone may not be scared of demons, everyone might share the same primitive fear of the darkness, although in varying degrees. So naturally when caught in this sleep paralysis where the mind is blank and dark and you feel disconnected from your body, you will begin to panic. You just feel very vulnerable and when this happens you choose the closest representation of your fear of why you're experiencing this consciously or subconsciously. Remember, I didn't even have to finish the though about asking for my fear to manifest. It was like my conscious mind was commanding the experience and my subconscious mind was aware and ready to meet the demands of my conscious mind. When I asked to face my fear, my subconscious mind already knew what that was and didn't even have to wait for the thought to finish, instead it listened to my desire before it was a mind thought and responded instantly.

As to why both you and your wife shared the experienced, I really do believe in psychic manifestations. Maybe you or your wife projected that subconsciously. It could even be someone else's projection and it was just passing through. The best thing to do is to align yourself with positive thoughts. Believe in all the positive aspects of the universe and that because you choose to, you don't have to be subjected through that experience. Choose what you will allow and will not allow by declaring it with your faith and belief.

When I was in command of my thoughts during my sleep paralysis, I could have sought for a positive experience by trying to communicate with god or angels and even though it could have been just a manifestation of my imagination in that state of mind, it would have been much more beneficial. Perhaps I experienced it in the negative way so I could understand that how you experience everything is based on what you choose to include in your perspective reality. I had such a negative understanding of evil and demons and that's how my mind chose to show what they appear like to me.

This experience happened before I read "The Urantia Book" and after reading this book I feel so lifted out of the deprivation of fear. The book has taught me that there are no innate evil beings but that evil is a repercussion of sinful choice. I just feel more contempt knowing the causes of evil according to the book and instead of how evil was taught to me in Christianity, which is just a powerful force that can pervade people for absolutely no reason at all and exists to hinder the positive experience of the lives of people.

Although I have freed myself from fear I still don't understand everything about the supernatural experiences that are claimed to be happening. I don't know whether ghost really exists or if people are still being possessed, or if all this could be some type of powerful psychic manifestation of people's thoughts and beliefs. I would like to know all these things because if it is the latter, then perhaps people could be helped if they were willing to expand their perspective reality on the causes of such experiences.

Well I think I went on long enough lol, so time to call it a night. I know that you'll get passed this situation and you'll continue to be blessed with positive experiences in your life.


Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:30 am +0000

Dark entities are nothing more than the projection of the fear energy within you. Fear is simply the absence of love. There is no need to attempt to understand fear and darkness unless you desire to hold onto it.

Simply release it's hold on you by accepting what you know is true: the universe is a friendly place full of goodness and light. If you truly believe this, all darkness will perish as if it never existed; because, in reality it doesn't.


Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:11 pm +0000

Hello everyone...

Ive had that sleep paralysis twice before also and it was a terrifying experience. I woke in total darkness and could hear myself breathing deeply, could not open my eyes nor move my body, i felt like i was buried alive in the earth, of course i panicked. After about half a minute i was able to move. It seems like i felt my soul or some kind of detatchment from myself, or my brain had not woken yet.. but i dont think it was my brain, because when i panicked my breathing was still deep and slow....??

I think it is very common to see figures in our bedrooms, at the side of the bed. Maybe we see them because we are still not fully awake and in a semi conscious dream state. Ive seen figures, ive seen my ex stood over himself before he woke. It does not surprise me to hear of couples seeing figures together in their bedroom, we can dream together. When we sleep our souls travel around and meet up with other souls alive or deceased and maybe any other beings out there. Thats why we can have the same dream as a friend on the same night, we meet up and create a virtual reality together but not always identical scenes, or we can travel around together in real settings, have fun really. I have had several identical dreams as my sister and mother, we once met up with my Grandmother in a huge house, me and my sisters, my mum and her deceased mum... we had a group hug and all went off to have fun at the seaside, we all dreamt this on the same night, same setting also etc.. On another occasion a few weeks ago, me and my sister dreamt on the same night we were chosen by aliens to be saved from this world, just before it was to be destroyed by natural disaster, we saw the same aliens, same colour, same story and two types of alien one looked like an insect...... O:) So seeing a figure at your bed may have been another soul you spent the night with...

Love Sarah xxx

Fri Jan 05, 2007 6:16 pm +0000

It sounds like there are plenty of "logical" explanations for Georgem and his wife's experience, and I won't even attempt to add my own. Bottom line is that I just don't know. I've had enough wierd happenings in my own lifetime that occured while fully awake (and completely without any drugs or alcohol) that I believe just about anything is possible. Truly. We know so little about the human mind's capabilities but enough to know that we can create our own realities...literally. I've had some terrible experiences while asleep also and always chalked them up to my mind, the sleep paralysis...until I noticed marks on parts of my body that I could not have possibly reached, and that weren't there when I went to sleep. This happened during a period of time when I was in a very dark place w/in myself and lasted for several months...not every night but often enough that I checked myself physically each night before I went to bed and again each morning. I actually felt like I had been wrestling w/someone during the night and was reminded of the part in scripture where..can't remember the man's name..Jacob?..wrestled w/the angel. So I thought, if this is an angel trying to get my attention, then I'll just allow it (I was raised Catholic so of course I had the belief that we each had at least one angel guarding us). I haven't thought about it in years but looking back on it now I realize that it was about that time that there was a shift in my thinking/feeling/belief...can't really explain it. But instead of "thinking" the worst, which was the norm for me, I allowed myself to hope. In what I had no clue. I only knew that the episodes were disturbing enough that I HAD to turn from them. It was gradual, but my perspective began to change, and I actually began to move forward (for lack of a better description). A few years later a friend gave me a copy of the UB and the gradual movement forward turned into flying (not literally but that would have been fun)!
Now....I believe that I was probably wrestling w/the darkest and most desolate part of me. I really had hit a point of hopelessness.

Jay wrote:
Nowone knows for sure if it is a real thing or a manifestation of fear in the process of breaking through into the unknown. What we do know is that Christ Michael is the supreme soverign now and I do believe that he has everything under control. This includes random creatures lurking around with no apparent purpose

and Carl wrote:
Remember, for those who do not experience the manefestations the area of faith is their 'passage'. Those who experience the manefestations it becomes their 'passage' of faith. Allowing each to experience these different travels is 100% value as long as it is to the light contrasted to ones thoughts away from His embrace.

Since a very young child, I have always believed that we were surrounded by so much that couldn't be seen or touched. As I grew older, and more pessimistic, I tended to think what surrounded me was all negative (probably was for the most part b/c that's what I attracted). The UB confirmed what I believed, but with a much more positive and intimate "surrounding". There is still some negative mixed in there, but I am also assured of our safety, of how cherished we are. Even while in ignorance of how deeply God desired to help me, even though in turning away from that dark wrestling to...I knew not what...just that teeny tiny amount of reaching out without any awareness that I had actually taken a step...I opened myself to the possibilities of the universe...the absolute wonder of good (again, lack of a better word).
The UB came into my life only when I was ready...and I was primed and ready. Still am.

I wish you and your family peace, Georgem

georgem's apparition

Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:47 pm +0000

Being new in these parts, I just read this string. For whatever it's worth, considering two people shared one experience and this sets it apart from the other experiences described, my own included . . . I would ask Georgem if he and Mrs. Georgem have added any significant new people to their lives lately . . . new friend(s), church/mosque/whatever, social club, etc. (Or, less likely, made a definite change of some sort in their Life direction.)

If the answer is 'yes', you may want to reconsider your decision or at least move with full awareness of the energies of those folks/circumstances that are 'new' in your lives.

You still with us, Georgem? :?: Onward :arrow:
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