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An Epiphany of Time

Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:10 am +0000

I wondered about time and how it relates to human experience for a long, long time. The URANTIA Book mentions “time” over 2,000 times, but even there, it is not explained to my satisfaction.

I used to work rotating shifts. Nights would often permit me time to contemplate things uninterrupted except for low drone of large pumps and the occasional hiss as air made adjustments in automatic valves. One evening, as I was waiting for the water to drain from a pressurized vessel, it hit me. I suddenly knew what time was. The sudden insight felt like a sudden burst of light inside my chest. I somehow knew that time is the movement between the birth of an idea and its fulfillment. Suddenly, I understood not only the role time played in my own experience, but something of the nature of beings outside of time. The present is where the past and its echo from the future intersect. It is where decisions are made. As it relates to me, time marks the evolution of a localized region of dominant characteristics conditioned by the decisions it makes. For describing beings outside time, words are inadequate. Words like “cognizant fields of influence” might kindle a spark of my understanding, but they don‘t have the feel.

[I know this stuff sounds far-fetched and really “out there,” but it’s how my mind (another topic) works. I still have an active imagination and find thinking about such things more fun than a trip to Disneyland. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.]

Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:25 pm +0000

Merlin, this I suspect is TA communications. It seems that The TA communicates not in specific information flow, but a complete concept is suddenly "there" in your mind. No effort is required, since the communication is prepackaged for us as individuals and our level of unfoldment.

Bro Dave


Another possibility?

Sun Mar 05, 2006 5:15 pm +0000

While what you suggest is one possible explanation, there is another. It may be that something--the Thought Adjuster, perhaps--triggers a coalescence of ideas derived from personal experience and things I’ve read but do not remember. For example, Paper 118 together with the intellectualization of personal experience might be the actual the source of my insight into the nature of time, the TA only triggering the coming together of the preexisting ideas. And while the insight is part and parcel of my spiritual growth (or evolution), it is only one rung in the ladder to a complete understanding of time.


Mon Mar 06, 2006 10:57 am +0000

I have not read it yet but I saw a special edition of Scientific American at the store and thought of this post. It is on the shelf now and the cover title is A MATTER OF TIME. Perhaps it adds some insight to the non-UB perspective on time, or, perhaps it is supportive of the UB perspective on time. For what it's worth. Ray


Mon Mar 06, 2006 11:40 am +0000

Thanks. I'll take a look! :smile:

Mon Mar 06, 2006 9:11 pm +0000

RayOk, I was in the bookstore yesterday and just happened to look at the Scientific American article you mentioned. Now, I don't pretend to understand all of what they said, but my quick look left me thinking how it agreed with the UB view, that time and space are stand alone creations, and if viewed "externally", completed in the "eternal now".

Any, it was an interesting read...

Bro Dave

Tue Mar 07, 2006 3:08 pm +0000

Thanks Dave for the review. I still haven't had an opportunity to read it yet but as with most things in Scientific American, it is probably above my pay grade. I approach such articles in the same way I decided to approach Part I of the UB years ago - Read with as much understanding and comprehension as possible and hope, over time and further study, light bulbs will go off. I'm up to about 10 watts on the UB Part I ten million watt bulb but at least there is now illumination of sorts. I'll take a deeper look at the Scientific American edition and see if I can shed any light on this subject.

I did a quick scan of the Scientific American special edition and I was right – it is far above my pay grade. However, I did notice several statements and pictorials that were somewhat UBerish. A few examples I wrote down are as follows:

“String theory suggests that the BIG BANG was not the origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a preexisting state.”

“In more sophisticated models, which include quantum effects, any pair of galaxies must have started off a certain minimum distance apart. These models open up the possibility of a pre-bang universe.”

“Ekpyrotic Scenario. If a universe is a multidimensional membrane, or simple a “brane”, cruising through a higher-dimensional space, the big bang may have been the collision of our brane with a parallel one. The collisions might occur cyclically. Each galaxy follows an hour-glass shaped path through space time.”

This last statement is at least half of the description in the UB of a cross section of the Master Universe as a Maltese cross – pervaded space being the horizontal axis and unpervaded space being the vertical axis.

In closing, my personal appreciation of the concept of time is succinctly expressed in the following verse attributed to Arthur Butler.

There was a young lady called Bright
Whose speed was much faster than light
She went out one day
In a relative way
And came back the previous night.

Tue Mar 07, 2006 4:52 pm +0000

LOL, Ray, she was probably dating a Gravity Messanger... :wink:

Bro Dave
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