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What Qualifies As Loving One's Neighbor - II

Tue Jun 25, 2019 11:59 am +0000

I began this topic as a reboot to a discussion by the same title begun by Jim George that soon got locked. Below is his original post, slightly edited to remove the 2 sentences which caused the mods to halt the discussion. Here's a link to that short thread to verify Jim's words and the responses received. Perhaps the real subject might be of interest to some. We will see. It's up to Jim to manage this reboot if he wishes to.


Jim posted: "Katroofjebus responded to a post of mine by adding the gospel's part 2. That is the whole concept of loving our neighbors. (sentence removed) MaryJo has said that she observes that we as a civilization have a pretty decent handle on brotherhood. I don't know whether I agree or not.

So my question is this. Does it matter that we think we are following Jesus' version of the Golden Rule or is there a higher concept than one posited by our understanding to which we should adhere? Or maybe we should adopt a fluid concept that regularly evaluates and updates our own best concepts of these things?

Having the latest revelation of truth gives me a sense of obligation to achieve personal mastery of recognition of my spirit guidance and my subsequent sharing of the growth I experience. Is that the practice of loving by brothers and sisters; that I seek for them what I seek in me? Isn't that what Jesus does?

Let's talk about this. There seems so often to be personal judgement by some who are so quick to evaluate others practices but remain unwilling to self reflect. (sentence removed) In the discussion on climate yesterday you both resorted to personal criticism and confrontation. The Golden Rule must first be a mirror into which we look deeply.

I realize I am being quite vulnerable here, but I truly desire to practice the best I can know and I desire to assist in helping others to do the same.

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