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A forum for thought provoking questions & answers of a spiritual nature or as pertaining to the Urantia Papers.
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Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:48 pm +0000

sela, moses improved upon the ten commandments...and the revelators didnt just give the handwritten papers and leave. they granted permission to publish in 1954...then they said "you're on your own".


Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:23 am +0000

toto wrote:I have a question about Proverbs 2, Jim.

Jim George wrote:5 Then you will understand what it means to fear the Lord, WHEN?
and you will gain knowledge of God.

TUB tells us that we must love God in order to know Him. How is fearing the lord the path to gaining knowledge of Him? God is love and how can fear come into play? Jesus said to fear not.
I do not understand this. What are your insights on fearing God?


When we see phrases like "fear God," "fear the LORD", or "God-fearing man" we shouldn't take them literally. These are archaic uses of the verb fear which means "to hold in reverence and awe." It's more about respect than anxiety.

- quil


Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:23 pm +0000

Jim asks above: "Brad, I do not mean to argue with your position here but isn't our responsibility to do our very best?"

Me here: Yes indeed Jim...that was my intended meaning when I posted: "I also truly understand and appreciate the CALL to act upon our faith and hope and not wait, individually, for ANY time to come. According to my understanding of the UB, the patient perspective of the time unit view of the eternal past and future, is a rallying cry for the believer of today to act today in service, loyalty, and love!"

I am reminded of the parable of the talents by your question Jim. I have always, since a boy hearing the Jesusonian gospel, known that God knows us intimately and measures us by our own personal "scale" of ability and understanding and sincerity and purity of heart and our intentions at every turn....there is no where to hide and there is no way to conceal what is written upon our hearts and the thoughts within our mind. Truly no child of Father might pretend goodness nor offer ceremonial rites in lieu of the sincerity required and measured by God. This made me tremble as a child....and in many ways I tremble still today. I am not measured by your best nor you by mine....God knows perfectly well what our "best" is at every moment in every situation and knows this of the each of all his trillions of trillions of children.

But I confess I tremble less and less as I gain understanding of the many other teachings of Jesus, within the NT, and so well elaborated upon in the UB....specifically that God does not require us to forsake error to avoid punishment but, rather, blesses the doing of right for the sake of right. Sincerity is rewarded rather than or more than insincerity/error is punished. The children of Father are beloved and led to choose right for right's sake...when mature enough to understand this profound difference. God does not wish us to suffer...we suffer most when at our worst and are most blessed when at our best, and deeply loved at all times, in all failures and all victories too! We are never not loved. And the more loved we feel, the less we tremble and the more we aspire to our potential!

The story of the Alpheus Twins in the UB is one of the most enlightening and inspiring of all tales...selected by the Creator of a universe to serve the children of God...sincere, loyal, faithful, helpful, happy....reaching the pinnacles of human potential. Were they the "one talent" servants? I do not know...but their talent was invested, sincerely and to the best of their ability, and the "return" on their talent invested so sincerely wrought ten fold or a hundred fold that with which they were blessed with. Did they ever fight over position at the table? Did they ever think themselves too good to minister to any other? Did they expect to be served or honored by others?

So...to quibble Jim and split a hair....I would suggest that rather than our "responsibility" which indicates, to me, the potential to suffer for being "irresponsible", I believe the shame is the lost "opportunity" in not doing our best which results in the lesser blessing and the less wisdom and the less good we might know and be and do if we offer less than our very best! By the UB, we also know we truly contribute to the Supreme by our aspirations and efforts to serve in love and draw closer to God in Spirit....so we should strive to do our very best out of a sense of participation and contribution....but mostly we should do our best so that we are more capable of delivering more truth, beauty, and goodness to our fellow children in this friendly universe!

Indeed....if giving our best, then our best is ever increasing in its potency by our growing experience and wisdom and strength and our inner peace and happiness of belonging and being a faith child. When mature enough, we actually become an instrument of the power of righteousness. Glorious....and most humbling.

I always welcome your feedback and questions and posts Jim....thanks for asking!

Bradly 8)


Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:30 am +0000

To elaborate some on my most recent post: I find the gospel of our Lord and the further illumination of the Revelation to find a particular corollary in my own spiritual progress. As a child I was taught to fear the wrath of God and the threat of eternal damnation and hell's fury and fire and that I must "save" not only my own soul but the souls of others from this eternity of suffering....it was my "responsibility" and duty for which I would also be judged. To be "saved" had specific requirements and "duties" or "obligations" of behaviors by which my worth and my very existence depended.

Later, upon my rejection of the church and in earnest pursuit of enlightenment, I became even more of karma-paranoid, knowing that which is sown is also harvested....so the elimination of negative thinking and choices became enhanced even further and deeper. Both of these experiences became quite a mental and spiritual burden...making choices to AVOID consequences. Then the UB found me...and life changed forever. Finally, the Gospel of Jesus found fertile soil within and I began to understand those lessons from my youth of doing right for the sake of right....not to avoid punishment or suffering but, rather, to enjoy the benefits (fruits) of a right motivated life and the embrace of a loving father and creator of this grand universe. I began to "see" the truth of this friendly universe and God's mercy and love and patience and the reality that He never wishes for any suffering of any kind for anybody ever for any reason.

So....NO! It is not our "responsibility"....it is our opportunity and our great treasure, the pearl of great price for which a person will willingly and most gladly surrender all that one has for that treasure to become our own. The UB says that duty is transformed into joyous and loving service as a form of "sharing" this treasure with others. So long as we choose duty and responsibility, we have not yet found the treasure nor can we share that treasure truthfully and sincerely since it is not yet our own. The fruits of the spirit do not include duty or obligation nor are they derived thereby or therefrom. Let us live in joy and confidence and share that fruit with all who seek the treasures which lie within us all and each.

This is a primary teaching of Jesus and the UB or so I believe and so I choose to act upon. I have no obligation to convert and no need to save others, no duty to tell others what's what or how to be or live. My opportunity is to live as an expression of the Divine Joy and share the Fruits of the Spirit with everyone who will share this over-flowing Cup of Promise and Deliverance; and it is nothing more nor less than that!

It is not "I" which can save or turn or transform any other; it is the Spirit that only may do that. It is for me to live in the Spirit and let the Spirit shine forth and to be generous in the sharing of that peace, love, truth, beauty, and goodness with which I am so lovingly given. I am a conduit...at best. I deliver love...or "I" have no value or purpose or "obligation" or "responsibility" for which I might begin to honor otherwise.

To be clear...I did not find the Spirit in the UB....I found the facts of existence and universe reality which realigned my perspective and changed the path upon which I walked and the direction I walked it...and as time goes by I find myself deeper in love with God and his children and his creation and my destiny.

So....I was certainly "ready" for the UB...and have met so many others who were and are as well. The seed grows and the branch forms and the bloom will come and the harvest fruits are inevitable. Do we wait until harvest time to plant our seeds? The seasons come and go and come again...we are to plant in one and harvest in another. And it is quite immature to expect the seeds of epochal planetary progress and harvest to come to bear their fruit in our own brief life...such immaturity and impatience does not help the sower, the seed, or the harvest....in my opinion.

Bradly 8)


Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:36 am +0000

Greetings friends and fellow students!!

I am grateful for another student here who PM'd me to point out some text regarding "responsibility"...which led me to a key word search for "responsibility" and "duty" and "loyalty" and "obligation"....a worthy study and not without some dilemma for reasoned resolution.

I based my posts on some teachings of Jesus which I will share and I would encourage further discussion on this important topic and what such terms and teachings mean to others here. Thanks to all.

180:1.6 (1945.3) Keep in mind: It is loyalty, not sacrifice, that Jesus demands. The consciousness of sacrifice implies the absence of that wholehearted affection which would have made such a loving service a supreme joy. The idea of duty signifies that you are servant-minded and hence are missing the mighty thrill of doing your service as a friend and for a friend. The impulse of friendship transcends all convictions of duty, and the service of a friend for a friend can never be called a sacrifice. The Master has taught the apostles that they are the sons of God. He has called them brethren, and now, before he leaves, he calls them his friends.

140:5.9 (1574.2) Experiential righteousness is a pleasure, not a duty. Jesus’ righteousness is a dynamic love — fatherly-brotherly affection. It is not the negative or thou-shalt-not type of righteousness. How could one ever hunger for something negative — something “not to do”?

140:5.23 (1575.8) And so it is revealed that the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount are based on faith and love and not on law — ethics and duty.

143:2.6 (1610.1) “Salvation is by the regeneration of the spirit and not by the self-righteous deeds of the flesh. You are justified by faith and fellowshipped by grace, not by fear and the self-denial of the flesh, albeit the Father’s children who have been born of the spirit are ever and always masters of the self and all that pertains to the desires of the flesh. When you know that you are saved by faith, you have real peace with God. And all who follow in the way of this heavenly peace are destined to be sanctified to the eternal service of the ever-advancing sons of the eternal God. Henceforth, it is not a duty but rather your exalted privilege to cleanse yourselves from all evils of mind and body while you seek for perfection in the love of God.

193:2.2 (2054.3) “Peace be upon you. You rejoice to know that the Son of Man has risen from the dead because you thereby know that you and your brethren shall also survive mortal death. But such survival is dependent on your having been previously born of the spirit of truth-seeking and God-finding. The bread of life and the water thereof are given only to those who hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness — for God. The fact that the dead rise is not the gospel of the kingdom. These great truths and these universe facts are all related to this gospel in that they are a part of the result of believing the good news and are embraced in the subsequent experience of those who, by faith, become, in deed and in truth, the everlasting sons of the eternal God. My Father sent me into the world to proclaim this salvation of sonship to all men. And so send I you abroad to preach this salvation of sonship. Salvation is the free gift of God, but those who are born of the spirit will immediately begin to show forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service to their fellow creatures. And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace. If professed believers bear not these fruits of the divine spirit in their lives, they are dead; the Spirit of Truth is not in them; they are useless branches on the living vine, and they soon will be taken away. My Father requires of the children of faith that they bear much spirit fruit. If, therefore, you are not fruitful, he will dig about your roots and cut away your unfruitful branches. Increasingly, must you yield the fruits of the spirit as you progress heavenward in the kingdom of God. You may enter the kingdom as a child, but the Father requires that you grow up, by grace, to the full stature of spiritual adulthood. And when you go abroad to tell all nations the good news of this gospel, I will go before you, and my Spirit of Truth shall abide in your hearts. My peace I leave with you.”


Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:51 pm +0000

But to think that simple proselytizing of the Urantia Book lessons will help our population to recognise the validity of Urantia Papers or the true personality of Jesus i.e. Michael, is an oversimplification. "If I know your sect, I anticipate your argument;" Ralph Waldo Emerson. It would not be amiss to suspect that in the modern age, there are "doorways", "avenues" of possibility that open or close based on known allegience.

The censorship of the day is such that if a young man were to search for the propaganda of the Hezbollah or the Mujjah Hideen, they will be shown an exacting negative message from the google search engines. There are the Herods of our world, who look with suspicion against things not approved by their nation, their house. Such terrain is plagued with disadvantages: the isolation and grouping together of Urantia Paper readers, the promotion of blanded opinions over what views may have been arrived at via the contemplation of the individual with the Thought Adjuster, using a software that is co-owned by you, the state, and the corporation that has engineered it. It is imperative that states recognise the majority of Urantia Book readers to be conforming to the laws, progressive, and altruistic. But the fear of state collapse and dual-loyalties is present in what we call the public domain.

That is why the quiet labours and the verifiable contact with citisens of one's community has a better premium, or ensurance that the Urantia Teachings will prevail. The concern in this discussion is that readership may be waning, but the fact is that this is not localised to urantian spiritual fellowships but is endemic of most religious sects. You must look at the consequences of nonreligious marriages in general, and compare it to what you perceive of a community within solidarity of the Urantia Book.


Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:42 am +0000

An interesting point SEla....indeed the early Christians and Melchizedek's teacher/missionary corps faced great dangers from both the pagans and the secular institutions and today's "monitoring" and eaves dropping is far superior. I can testify that many UBs have been literally smuggled into countries over the decades...one book or one case of books at a time. I have met and know of two people who are here in the states (there are others) by asylum who had to flee their homes as a direct result of having a UB and forming study groups. Sometimes bribes must be paid at borders to allow even legal shipments of books.

Most of us have no idea what some believers (God believers) and religionists must suffer for their faith and beliefs....still today. From Christians in the Mideast to Muslims in the West. China has only recently begun to show tolerance so religionists of any flavor may leave the secrecy of the home to congregate in public. Our world is still in a crazy place and time.

If the faithful were to wait until the world were "ready" for the UB, there would be little or no point FOR the UB. It's purpose here is to prepare the world, slowly and over great time...one reader at a time, for change to come and to feed those souls whose time is now in every generation. The rulers of and ministers to our world are patient...far more so than those they minister to! Let our impatience incite us to act and to assist in the garden of such seeds sown among us.

The primary seed that grows is the Jesusonian Gospel of good news...the love of God and the family of us all. The secondary seed are the facts of universe reality for the alignment of perspective for the believers in the Good News to help bring context and fact to urge and encourage us all to be faithful and loving and kind to one another during our brief stay upon this world of our origin and to live in anticipation of that which comes next and what will come by such loving faith and service to one another to us each and for us all.

With over a dozen translations in hard copy and digital versions, the UB seed has found fertile soil on every continent now and the readership branches flourish like never before. I am confident the gift will serve its purpose until the Spirit of the Jesusonian Gospel flies forth from its cocoon in all corners of the world by the work of the Son's Spirit, gifted to us over 2000 years ago. Was the world ready for the Spirit of Truth 2000 years ago? Or was it given back then for its harvest to come?



Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:19 am +0000

We can also ask: are you able to show others that these teachings are useful and relevant to their lives. When people say that the world is not ready for the urantia book, suppose how unfair that would be, if it is true that the Urantia Book would be of benefit for others.


Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:19 am +0000

just a couple of sections pertaining to the current state of affairs confronting the 5th epochal revelation and the need for sound religion :shock:

88:6.8 (973.1) Ancient magic was the cocoon of modern science, indispensable in its time but now no longer useful. And so the phantasms of ignorant superstition agitated the primitive minds of men until the concepts of science could be born. Today, Urantia is in the twilight zone of this intellectual evolution. One half the world is grasping eagerly for the light of truth and the facts of scientific discovery, while the other half languishes in the arms of ancient superstition and but thinly disguised magic.

99:4.6 (1090.2) During the psychologically unsettled times of the twentieth century, amid the economic upheavals, the moral crosscurrents, and the sociologic rip tides of the cyclonic transitions of a scientific era, thousands upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history they need the consolation and stabilization of sound religion. In the face of unprecedented scientific achievement and mechanical development there is spiritual stagnation and philosophic chaos.

99:4.7 (1090.3) There is no danger in religion’s becoming more and more of a private matter — a personal experience — provided it does not lose its motivation for unselfish and loving social service. Religion has suffered from many secondary influences: sudden mixing of cultures, intermingling of creeds, diminution of ecclesiastical authority, changing of family life, together with urbanization and mechanization.

99:4.8 (1090.4) Man’s greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in partial progress, the predicament of unfinished growth: forsaking the evolutionary religions of fear without immediately grasping the revelatory religion of love. Modern science, particularly psychology, has weakened only those religions which are so largely dependent upon fear, superstition, and emotion.

99:4.9 (1090.5) Transition is always accompanied by confusion, and there will be little tranquillity in the religious world until the great struggle between the three contending philosophies of religion is ended:

99:4.10 (1090.6) 1. The spiritistic belief (in a providential Deity) of many religions.

99:4.11 (1090.7) 2. The humanistic and idealistic belief of many philosophies.

99:4.12 (1090.8) 3. The mechanistic and naturalistic conceptions of many sciences.

99:4.13 (1090.9) And these three partial approaches to the reality of the cosmos must eventually become harmonized by the revelatory presentation of religion, philosophy, and cosmology which portrays the triune existence of spirit, mind, and energy proceeding from the Trinity of Paradise and attaining time-space unification within the Deity of the Supreme.


Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:54 am +0000

Those are very pertinent quotes to the state of the current affairs and situations beguiling our world right now. This forum is dedicated to the study of the Urantia Book so the following question is not directed to any of the members of this forum.

IS OUR WORLD READY FOR THE URANTIA BOOK? is the title of this topic. My question is:

Are there enough of you who know of the Urantia Book, what it means as a factor in providing the solution (true religion) regarding this: "thousands upon thousands of men and women have become humanly dislocated; they are anxious, restless, fearful, uncertain, and unsettled; as never before in the world’s history they need the consolation and stabilization of sound religion." in order to make the difference the Master needs when he said "follow me"?

The Urantia Book is ready for our world.
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