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Which is the True Religion?

Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:13 pm +0000

Q: Which is the true religion?

A: The true religion is the religion of benevolence.

Q: Whence and how old is this religion?

A: This true religion is born in the heart of the Universal Father in unison with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit from the everlasting ages.

Q: Who observes this religion?

A: This eternal religion of benevolence is observed by all benign beings and creatures throughout the Grand Universe.

Q: How is this religion of benevolence put into practise?

A: Benign beings practise their religion of benevolence by endeavoring to spread by all their means holy truth, delightful beauty, and divine goodness, everywhere they might happen to be or happen to go.

Re: Which is the True Religion?

Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:56 pm +0000

143:7.2 (1616.4) True religion is the act of an individual soul in its self-conscious relations with the Creator

100:4.6 (1098.3) You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will. Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments. It is not so important to love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love one more human being. If each day or each week you achieve an understanding of one more of your fellows, and if this is the limit of your ability, then you are certainly socializing and truly spiritualizing your personality. Love is infectious, and when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more catching than hate. But only genuine and unselfish love is truly contagious. If each mortal could only become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man.

Re: Which is the True Religion?

Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:45 am +0000

Some of the "true religion" quotes:

...True religion carries over from one age to another the worth-while culture and that wisdom which is born of the experience of knowing God and striving to be like him.... P.1088 - 1 99:2.6

...True religion is a meaningful way of living dynamically face to face with the commonplace realities of everyday life.... P.1089 - 11 99:4.3

...Primitive religion was largely a material-value consciousness, but civilization elevates religious values, for true religion is the devotion of the self to the service of meaningful and supreme values.... P.1012 - 6 92:7.5

...The social characteristics of a true religion consist in the fact that it invariably seeks to convert the individual and to transform the world. Religion implies the existence of undiscovered ideals which far transcend the known standards of ethics and morality embodied in even the highest social usages of the most mature institutions of civilization.... P.1781 - 1 160:5.5

...Modern science has left true religion--the teachings of Jesus as translated in the lives of his believers--untouched. All science has done is to destroy the childlike illusions of the misinterpretations of life.... P.2076 - 9 195:6.4

...True religion is to know God as your Father and man as your brother. Religion is not a slavish belief in threats of punishment or magical promises of future mystical rewards.... P.1091 - 1 99:5.2

...One of the great lessons of this sojourn at Caesarea had to do with the origin of religious traditions, with the grave danger of allowing a sense of sacredness to become attached to nonsacred things, common ideas, or everyday events. From one conference they emerged with the teaching that true religion was man's heartfelt loyalty to his highest and truest convictions.... P.1727 - 5 155:3.5

...Upon the impartiality, fairness, and integrity of its courts the endurance of a nation depends. Civil government is founded on justice, even as true religion is founded on mercy.... P.1462 - 1 132:4.8

...The projections of the human intellect may indeed originate false gods--gods in man's image-- but the true God-consciousness does not have such an origin. The God-consciousness is resident in the indwelling spirit. Many of the religious systems of man come from the formulations of the human intellect, but the God- consciousness is not necessarily a part of these grotesque systems of religious slavery.... P.2095 - 7 196:3.23

...Culture does rest on a biologic foundation, but caste alone could not perpetuate the Aryan culture, for religion, true religion, is the indispensable source of that higher energy which drives men to establish a superior civilization based on human brotherhood.... P.883 - 1 79:4.9

...Since true religion is a matter of personal spiritual experience, it is inevitable that each individual religionist must have his own and personal interpretation of the realization of that spiritual experience.... P.1091 - 6 99:5.7

...The consciousness of the impulse to be like God is not true religion. The feelings of the emotion to worship God are not true religion. The knowledge of the conviction to forsake self and serve God is not true religion. The wisdom of the reasoning that this religion is the best of all is not religion as a personal and spiritual experience. True religion has reference to destiny and reality of attainment as well as to the reality and idealism of that which is wholeheartedly faith-accepted. And all of this must be made personal to us by the revelation of the Spirit of Truth.... P.1782 - 4 160:5.13

...True religion is an experience of believing and knowing as well as a satisfaction of feeling.... P.1142 - 2 103:9.11

True religion--the religion of revelation. The revelation of supernatural values, a partial insight into eternal realities, a glimpse of the goodness and beauty of the infinite character of the Father in heaven--the religion of the spirit as demonstrated in human experience.... P.1728 - 7 155:5.5

...True religion has reference to destiny and reality of attainment as well as to the reality and idealism of that which is wholeheartedly faith-accepted. And all of this must be made personal to us by the revelation of the Spirit of Truth.... P.1782 - 4 160:5.13

...True religion must ever be, at one and the same time, the eternal foundation and the guiding star of all enduring civilizations.... P.1013 - 10 92:7.14


Re: Which is the True Religion?

Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:29 am +0000

The Dangers of Formalized Religion

1) Fixation of beliefs and crystallization of sentiments.
2) Accumulation of vested interests with increase of secularization.
3) Tendency to standardize and fossilize truth.
4) Diversion of religion from the service of God to the service of the church.
5) Inclination of leaders to become administrators instead of ministers.
6) Tendency to form sects and competitive divisions.
7) Establishment of oppressive ecclesiastical authority.
8 ) Creation of the aristocratic “chosen-people” attitude.
9) Fostering of false and exaggerated ideas of sacredness.
10) The routinizing of religion and the petrification of worship.
11) Tendency to venerate the past while ignoring present demands.
12) Failure to make up-to-date interpretations of religion
13) Entanglement with functions of secular institutions.
14) It creates the evil discrimination of religious castes.
15) It becomes an intolerant judge of orthodoxy.
16) It fails to hold the interest of adventurous youth and gradually loses the saving message of the gospel of eternal salvation.
17) It restrains men in their personal spiritual activities instead of releasing them for heightened servixe as kingdom builders.

(UB p.1092; 99:6)

The above expose' explains why devout Roman Catholics and devout 100% Biblists loathe and condemn the Urantia Book so virulently. In discovering this and other such passages, they come to understand that their beloved habituated authoritarian church is so completely demolished in the light of divine reasoning and good sense.


May ALL MEN come and embrace the SIMPLE benevolent religion of the Universal Father, of the Eternal Son, and of the Infinite Spirit. Those blessed to have embraced this religion will find themselves in the good and wholesome company of millionillions of delightfully benign Beings. Every participant in Light and Life surely belong to it. Do you want to let go of all hate, confusion, and division, and be joined to peace, love, and joy? Would you like to spread peace, love, and joy wherever you go? Then YOU come and join too!

Re: Which is the True Religion?

Sat Jul 25, 2015 6:08 am +0000

Ray said:
"The above expose' explains why devout Roman Catholics and devout 100% Biblists loathe and condemn the Urantia Book so virulently. In discovering this and other such passages, they come to understand that their beloved habituated authoritarian church is so completely demolished in the light of divine reasoning and good sense."

Yes but, if these folk get so far as to poke around in a UB or peruse it online, they're probably doing it because their inner guide has led them there due to the true longing of their heart for more. Whether or not they will move on and away from their position in their spiritual journey is of course THE great challenge. It's not easy and it takes time. Spiritual infancy has its tensions.

The UB makes it pretty clear that as a part of being an evolving creature, religion must evolve too. Involvement in an authoritarian ecclesiastical religion is what some people crave and for that time and place, it's good enough. They just want to be told what to believe and not do the work of thinking it through themselves, yet that is.

Paper 101, Section 1. True Religion:

101:1.1 (1104.4) True religion is not a system of philosophic belief which can be reasoned out and substantiated by natural proofs, neither is it a fantastic and mystic experience of indescribable feelings of ecstasy which can be enjoyed only by the romantic devotees of mysticism. Religion is not the product of reason, but viewed from within, it is altogether reasonable. Religion is not derived from the logic of human philosophy, but as a mortal experience it is altogether logical. Religion is the experiencing of divinity in the consciousness of a moral being of evolutionary origin; it represents true experience with eternal realities in time, the realization of spiritual satisfactions while yet in the flesh.

101:1.2 (1104.5) The Thought Adjuster has no special mechanism through which to gain self-expression; there is no mystic religious faculty for the reception or expression of religious emotions. These experiences are made available through the naturally ordained mechanism of mortal mind. And therein lies one explanation of the Adjuster’s difficulty in engaging in direct communication with the material mind of its constant indwelling.

101:1.3 (1104.6) The divine spirit makes contact with mortal man, not by feelings or emotions, but in the realm of the highest and most spiritualized thinking. It is your thoughts, not your feelings, that lead you Godward. The divine nature may be perceived only with the eyes of the mind. But the mind that really discerns God, hears the indwelling Adjuster, is the pure mind. “Without holiness no man may see the Lord.” All such inner and spiritual communion is termed spiritual insight. Such religious experiences result from the impress made upon the mind of man by the combined operations of the Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth as they function amid and upon the ideas, ideals, insights, and spirit strivings of the evolving sons of God.

101:1.4 (1105.1) Religion lives and prospers, then, not by sight and feeling, but rather by faith and insight. It consists not in the discovery of new facts or in the finding of a unique experience, but rather in the discovery of new and spiritual meanings in facts already well known to mankind. The highest religious experience is not dependent on prior acts of belief, tradition, and authority; neither is religion the offspring of sublime feelings and purely mystical emotions. It is, rather, a profoundly deep and actual experience of spiritual communion with the spirit influences resident within the human mind, and as far as such an experience is definable in terms of psychology, it is simply the experience of experiencing the reality of believing in God as the reality of such a purely personal experience.

101:1.5 (1105.2) While religion is not the product of the rationalistic speculations of a material cosmology, it is, nonetheless, the creation of a wholly rational insight which originates in man’s mind-experience. Religion is born neither of mystic meditations nor of isolated contemplations, albeit it is ever more or less mysterious and always indefinable and inexplicable in terms of purely intellectual reason and philosophic logic. The germs of true religion originate in the domain of man’s moral consciousness, and they are revealed in the growth of man’s spiritual insight, that faculty of human personality which accrues as a consequence [karma?] of the presence of the God-revealing Thought Adjuster in the God-hungry mortal mind.

101:1.6 (1105.3) Faith unites moral insight with conscientious discriminations of values, and the pre-existent evolutionary sense of duty completes the ancestry of true religion. The experience of religion eventually results in the certain consciousness of God and in the undoubted assurance of the survival of the believing personality.

101:1.7 (1105.4) Thus it may be seen that religious longings and spiritual urges are not of such a nature as would merely lead men to want to believe in God, but rather are they of such nature and power that men are profoundly impressed with the conviction that they ought to believe in God. The sense of evolutionary duty and the obligations consequent upon the illumination of revelation make such a profound impression upon man’s moral nature that he finally reaches that position of mind and that attitude of soul where he concludes that he has no right not to believe in God. The higher and superphilosophic wisdom of such enlightened and disciplined individuals ultimately instructs them that to doubt God or distrust his goodness would be to prove untrue to the realest and deepest thing within the human mind and soul — the divine Adjuster.

Re: Which is the True Religion?

Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:06 pm +0000

True Religion?

The one that worships our Father in Heaven and also commands you to provide loving service to your brother.

I kept it pithy due to a serous case of carpel tunnel syndrome. :smile:
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