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A forum for thought provoking questions & answers of a spiritual nature or as pertaining to the Urantia Papers.
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How Has the Father Guided you?

Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:05 am +0000

How has the Father guided you?

How can the Thought-Adjusters better lead humanity in this generation, and for each of us as human individuals?

How can we connect to the cosmic-mind adjutant ways in a beffiting manner of harmony of Knowledge, and Truth, in the search for Wisdom?

Please sanctify those who would answer my pleas to know.

Re: How Has the Father Guided you?

Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:47 pm +0000

SEla_Kelly this is a thread I can literally put my heart around. After so many years of searching this out I could write and write and write but as I am not interested in merely seeing if I can bore you I will attempt to make it concise.

I will try to highlight some of the key points of my guide's more obvious (at least to me) contacts (insights) but please understand that I am leaving out much more than I am including. Feel free to dig and dig deeply into any statement I make. I am an open book, but I am not a movie. You have to want to see.

First and foremost I must say that after being raised in a family of non-believers in anything spiritual I was unsure how or why to even want to know. But with a longing in my inner being to know how life was put together I began to seek some way to know reality. My first decision to seek at all, was made with the statement, "I want to know the TRUTH with a capital "T"." In other words I wanted to know and know I knew that what I was following was REAL. Somehow I knew I could know if something was real. See paper 16 section 6 paragraph 4 on the three ways we are able to identify reality. This is the first sense of real guidance from my Thought Adjuster and it happened long before I discovered the Urantia Book. At this point I had not discovered any more than that I knew I would know when I found it. I guess I had faith in the fact of faith without even knowing that I was doing it. I must have believed there was something (God as it turned out) and that the only way to know him for sure was to follow when I found him. I suppose my Thought Adjuster made that clear to me before I started looking. I have always tried to be as deeply honest with myself as I could find a way to be. That might be a key issue.

Well some months later I had a literal experience of a series of dioramas (visions if you will) that showed me that Jesus was "everything he said he was" and that I could follow him forever. I was so excited and convinced I had found everything I was looking for. What I didn't know was that I had also found something I had brought with me that was not wanted, by me or God. I was shown a vision of me standing about a half mile away from three crosses holding out my hand with my thumb pointed DOWN! I was faced with the realization that had I been in the crowd in Jerusalem during the trial before Pilate I would have yelled, "Crucify Him" as hard as I could. For that I had to beg forgiveness and repent of my self-centeredness. When I did that I was literally made new, I was reborn as a child of the living God. All of this was done while walking down a street in broad daylight. I was directed to those insights and visions but they were not for anyone but me. God was showing me about me and him. Just like the revelation says, it was autorevelation. The people on the street around me had no idea what was going on in me. I was alone with God though in a crowd of people.

Later and after I had been led to the Urantia Book, I decided to use the same intensity of determination to make myself into a real follower of Jesus (even that is a self endorsement). And by the way, I have never allowed myself to put the Urantia Book ahead of my decision to follow Jesus and our Father. That is always first and foremost. I found that I had lots and lots of personal issues that were in my way, so I decided to get busy. I was immature, self centered, self righteous, moody, self absorbed, scared, confused and on top of all that, embarrassed to be me. Many of these are still issues I work with, some I no longer have. I have found that growing with God takes time and though we can make it happen more slowly than it has to we can't speed it up. I decided to try not to impede it as the best thing I could do. So far that hasn't worked all that well and I am 68. I see growing up as merely cleaning up our own messes. I really think someone somewhere back in history realized we are each our own problems and decided to call this "original sin". I think we are really only inexperienced in dealing with all levels of issues so we have to grow through each one. Now here is a place where God can be known. If we decide that we are not responsible for an issue that is bothering us, he has no way to guide us. If, on the other hand, we decide that the mess is ours, he can. Then we have to seek his guidance and decide to follow it. We can't fix him but we can fix us. First we have to acknowledge that it is us that is the issue. That is the hard part. I always repeat to myself, "If I say some issue or other isn't my responsibility so I won't have to look at it, I will never really know if that is true. If I say it is and find out I was wrong and it really wasn't, I am better off because at least I know for sure. If I say it is and it really is, then I can learn to do something about it and grow. So part one is we must decide to clean up our own messes.

Part two is following the right guidance. Next we have to allow ourselves to actually try to live according to the teachings of Jesus. We must love God our Father and serve our fellows. I have found the Urantia Book an excellent aid in that. I decided when I found the Urantia Book in 1970 that the only way to prove it was to test it against the reality guide I knew by experience. To that point in time I didn't feel I had the requisite experience to allow a judgement of that import. That meant that I had to do that long enough to grow enough to be able to make that determination. This is exactly as it is stated in paper 101. It works. If anybody asks me if I believe in God I say, the real question is do I believe him, not merely believe in him. To that I answer that I do and ask if they do. To the same point, when people ask me if I believe in the Urantia Book I say no, but I do believe it. I believe it because I have experientially proven it to be authentic in the areas I have allowed my life to be tested by it's procedures. I cannot attest to the cosmology of the universe because I have no experience there. I can attest to the reality of the way we humans interact with God's spirit influences because I have 45 years of experience there. Because of that when I read your statements and your answers to my questions I know they are not authentic. This is not because I know what is in your head or heart but because I know what is authentic, from experience, deliberate experience. I believe you want to know as well.

I will stop there for the time being. I will be happy to deeply and honestly discuss any issue you may desire with reality, verifiable reality as the guide. I have asked for real guidance in this response so I pray you hear this in your soul.


Re: How Has the Father Guided you?

Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:41 pm +0000

Brother Jim

Thanks for your deep personal insights

Brother Jim , i can relate , well said an thanks
for sharing your wise words of wisdom .

''How has the Father guided you?''

My simple answer Is That he has guided me
By Sincere Prayer and Worship .

Re: How Has the Father Guided you?

Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:28 pm +0000

Hey See-La:

“How has the Father guided you?

How can the Thought-Adjusters better lead humanity in this generation, and for each of us as human individuals?

How can we connect to the cosmic-mind adjutant ways in a befitting manner of harmony of Knowledge, and Truth, in the search for Wisdom?

Please sanctify those who would answer my pleas to know”

Deep questions, man!

Not sure I could answer any of them. Never felt the guidance of the Father, although I have little doubt he is guiding me all along. After all, he lives in all of us, resting gently just above our super-conscious watching and no doubt guiding us as we stumble thru this existence. Never been one to “let go”… too proud I guess. And you know what comes after pride! (hint, it rhymes with “tall”).

Same with connecting to the universe. Just can’t do it. Life is just too much to do… and I mean that in a good way. Too busy being the tadpole to worry about what it will be like when I am a frog.

The way I see it, we are all being swept along with the current. And, while we are fully in command of how we view the universe, it is a rare soul who will actually make a change on this world. All I try to do is flow with my little corner of the planet where I am right now.

The world is changing and we are changing along with it. Slowly, imperceptibly, the spirit of the Father is spreading out and changing the world. Sometimes it is hard to see, you know, with all the bad stuff that happens, but I feel that if I squint and woowoo my head just right, I can see the reality of love and goodness under even the worst atrocities.

Life is like a wave. You’ve got to surf it for all your worth. Its’ a short manic thrill ride thru the circus mirror of existence. Time is short, it is precious. Life to me is too short to worry too much.

Someday, far in the misty future, mankind will live in Light and Life. But I will never see it, so I just try to live in Al’s weird version of Light and Life today. 8)

Re: How Has the Father Guided you?

Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:52 am +0000

Thanks Al and Jim!!!...and Stephen Sela for the triggering questions. Important.

I think the responses from Al and Jim share a common purposefulness which I also believe: believers are not to await the future of dispensation or L&L or death or rapture or any other "event", but are charged with creating L&L in our own life and daily walk and perspective.

Harmonizing our belief, faith, philosophy, seat of identity, and destiny within the vicissitudes of life and the edges of conflict in our daily walk completely changes our perspective of the material world and eliminates fear and anxiety and other mind poisons in profound ways which facilitate our ability to live in L&L, no matter the circumstances and situations which present themselves. Such a unifying philosophy does not eliminate confusion and uncertainty as to determining the best choice in every case....but it should certainly result in better choices and better outcomes that are more centered in spirit realities and less dependent upon material factors.

Thus, the Spirit within leads us into perspective and choice - our motive for choices made and our response to all intersections of circumstances, situations, relationships....and the unexpected. Our comforter and truth confirmer works best when we abide in the Spirit and listen for the pilot's whisper....this way, this way home.

We are given time and mercy to harmonize our lives according to good intentions, sound motivation, and the results of such a living experience. Even tadpoles, and I am one too Al, can be joyful and confident and playful and enjoy this gift of life - if we identify with the Spirit within sufficiently and enduringly. Or so I think.


Re: How Has the Father Guided you?

Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:41 am +0000

Cool Beans!

Re: How Has the Father Guided you?

Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:33 pm +0000


''Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~ Lao-Tzu

''Resistance to what “is” causes much unwanted heartache. I have mentioned it time and again… and it is an excellent point worth mentioning often.

Change is absolutely inevitable. There is no way to stop change from occurring in any aspects of our lives. As I have learned again, very recently, even the best laid plans with the greatest of intentions can be derailed. Not always in a bad way, but, like my case, even “good” derailments come along. What is the best reaction?? Re-evaluate, and then go with the flow.''


Sometimes unexpected events, people, or “life changes” will make an entrance into our lives. This is nothing to fear or any reason to beat ourselves up over… life throws curve balls. The best option is to look at the “unexpected” non-judgmentally… look at it with an open mind and with an open heart. Ask yourself if it is adding or taking away from the quality of your life and then react accordingly. Obviously, something that causes a change that is not good for you, or is unhealthy for who you are, must be dealt with accordingly. But something that unexpectedly pops up into your bubble… if this something is good… be open, be mindful, be accepting to the possibility that, though it wasn’t originally in your plans, your plans can be changed.

Go with the flow. You may enjoy where it leads.''

By bipolarmuse
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