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Remembering those who have graduated.
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Donald S. Green

Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:00 pm +0000

3/12/16 - Friends,
Our dear brother and longtime dedicated Urantian, Donald Shea Green, graduated this morning (Sunday) with a confident smile on his face. He knew where he was going and couldn’t wait to get there. For 30 years, Don religiously manned the Urantia Book Club booth three days a week at the University of Colorado’s student center. He loved to talk and introduced hundreds of students to the book throughout the years. He also served the Fellowship for many of those years, day after day calling stores to get the UB on the shelves, and calling donors to get help for the work to be done. He was a long time student of the UB, having graduated from the Boulder School in 1985 and having studied under Chris Halvorson in his later years. Suffice it to say, he loved the revelation and was not timid about telling folks about it. In late January, at 76 years old, when he was diagnosed with cancer in his lungs, spine and around his heart, he seemed content to know his life in the flesh was over. He said, ‘I’ve got my ticket, now I just need to get it punched” And so he did!
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