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Remembering those who have graduated.
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Carol Kline

Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:14 pm +0000

We want to honor the life of Carol Kline, Paul Butitta's wife, a gracious host and lovely presence, in groups of those in the Santa Cruz/Monterrey area. Carol had been ill for some time. She passed on peacefully on June 20th.

Although you might not have an opportunity to attend a Memorial Service for Carol, still we can honor her in our hearts and minds.

There is nothing quite like having the Revealed Perspective, that comes to us as students of the Urantia Book. We have insight into where we are going when we leave the flesh behind. We also know how we shall become better at being ourselves, as we enter more fully into the life of the Mansion Worlds.

We say "Farewell" to Carol Kline and also to Phil Geiger, only for a time. Then, we shall be re-united in a better life on a better world.

We seek to have a blessing from our spiritual risen teachers and leaders. May our lives always feel our joined reality with those who have gone on, before us.

Stephen Zendt

Re: Carol Kline

Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:17 pm +0000

Carol was *such* a lovely person. I spent time wandering through Jerusalem with
Carol and Paul in 1994, and they were both so gracious and kind to me. Maybe we'll wander through Jerusem together someday. Sending thoughts of comfort and peace to Paul and their family ❤️
...Cheryl Zents
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