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 Post subject: The Principle that Be

Joined: Mon Nov 28, 2005 8:02 am +0000
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Hi again, my counsil,

Firstly to mark, a thank you.

Out of love we were conceived and love always claims it's own.

I would like to take this oppertunity to marry two approuches, trying to explane the same I think. One is the TUB approuch and the other was how I was made to understand. I think you will find the merit.

On one aspect both are in agreement; before Soul, memory was not possible. Soul is that created vechicle that makes memory or recall possible. Before I get to the actual subject maybe we can discuss Soul quickly. Memory is stored within the Soul as feeling, in recalling the feeling, the Soul plays back to you times within your live that you had similar feelings.

The following may have happened to you in your life, if it has, you may not have been aware that infact it has been Soular response. It also happens when you least axpect (influence) it.

You may have found yourself at a given time in a very happy or sad or just different mood or something may have evoked a emotional response from you, when all of a sudden, unbidden comes to mind other times that you FELT the same. It is not the action that recalls the memory but the emotional response evoked by the action that brings the Soul sometimes into action.

I mention this for we quite often talk about the soul as almost something abstract. I am trying to show, point out and it might be quite unessesary to you, that soular experiance happens from time to time in a way that brings practical awareness of it to the fore.

If this has happened to you or sometime happens to you, know it is the way of the Inner presence manifesting It's reality to you.

To come back to Principle, if I may, it may be of some help to look at the same from a different angle. Here is how I was made to understand, perhaps more simple than in the TUB:

I will substitude the word God with That Which Be, after reading this I think you will understand why I call it such.

Before That Which Be instantaneously went forth into creation or the expansion of Being, It contemplated self. This was the process whereby the direction of thought was changed and taken into self, before thought and feeling move within being as one. This simple action already expanded being, or made Be-ing to become more as intelegent friction srang up between the two. Creation is actualy the stepping down of spirit, or slowing down vibration rate of Spiritual substance. Spirit, as we term it today is the highest or fastest rate of vibration of Be-ing.

This which I was given to understand is not recorded, it could not be for soul then was not in existence to record experiance. It has been arrived at by logical reasoning and deduction as the only possible way of the steps leading to creation. (Not Mine, although I have come to make it mine since the explanation) Again please understand this is a simplified format.

In contemplating self, knowing it's intentions, self defined self to itself.
Here keep in mind, only one Be-ing, entity actualy exists. As such self was 'alone" by itself. And this is how self defined self and this definition of self it called the Principles of It's Be-ing, the Nature of It's Be-ing.

" The greatest aspect of myself is the order of my Be-ing and this I class the highest of my principles. I am the highest Order. I am completely balanced within myself and as such I will always be a balanced expression of myself and thus this will be principle nr 2, one step down from principle nr1. I am totally harmonious of Be-ing and this is Principle nr 3. This is the trinty or threefoldness of my Be-ing that encompass all other "lesser" or stepped down Principles of my Be-ing. Any 2 of the above always points to the 3rd.

I have, inherently within me the principle to grow as a Be-ing and this principle is the first unfoldment out of the trinity and law of my Nature nr 4. I Always perceive clearly, have the ability of clear perception and this is principle nr 5. I love myself and will do naught to harm myself. Here I just want to pause for a moment to explain something, again you may perceive clearly enough that I do not need to.

Be-ing as a power and expresive ability, in exsistence can be likened to a dot in a line. From the dot in either direction power or will can be exersized, for lack of better words, to the "good" of self or to the "detrement" of self. What controls the actions of self is Nature of Be-ing. Here to make this reasoning perhaps more clear to yourself it may help to put yourself in the "shoes" of Original Be-ing. Picture yourself as all alone, none other existing other than yourself. Close your eyes and imagine nothing, but no-thing exists other then yourself and then reason out of this view point.

Keeping this viewpoint, let us look at the next unfolding or Principle of self, that of love for self. Original be-ing considered this love for self and it's own Be-ing and made love the next Principle, nr 6 paramount. It, as Original Be-ing would not allow anything to distort this love for self. It would keep it in tact and grow it at all times.

Principle nr 7 is compassion with self, is, will always be compasionate to self.

Knowing it's intentions and the possibility within the Be-ing of self and having the foresight a further 5 Principles could be unfolded out of the trinity. That being nr 8, mercy, to be mercifull with self, out of nr 8, nr 9, illumination, the ability to illuminate self, out of illumination is born nr 10, salvation, the ability to salvate self. out of 10, nr 11, that of rightiousness, the ability to be rightious to self and out of nr 11, 12, justice, to be just to self at all times.

In creation each of these 12 principles or laws are reflected by a colour, of which only 7 are reflected upon earth, as mankind as yet are not giving expression to the 5 higher laws or principles of the nature of self.

Within these 12 Laws or Principles of the Nature of Original self is locked all the power of expression. " for as long as you remain within the laws of Original Be-ing all that I have is yours to use, freely given and in fullest measure to express".

The Trinity Laws or as the TUB says, the Father, the Christ-mother and the Universal Spirit is that which donates to the fullness of Be-ing.

Out of this Trinity, all is unfolded.

The above is Principled Nature of Be-ing. In our fall from grace we came to operate outside of these laws, or outside the Nature of our Original Be-ing and thus the smaller personality self came into existence. A veil was drawn between what we call today the inner, undying and Original self and the outer, dying personality self. The smaller, personality self must atone by regaining respect for self that was lost in the fall from grace and thus become at-one again with the inner self. This is where the thought Adjuster comes in to do the remarkable work. To keep at adjusting the thought process untill the 2 personalities has merged into original expression of the nature of self.

I truly hope that I have not offended any one with this post. If I have or if it is preferred that I do not post such, please let me know and I will refrain in future from doing so.

Regards and all mt love, to you my brothers and sisters in "arms".

God Bless and may we find unity.

P.S. I have not edited this, so please excuse the mistakes, there must be many.


Principle nr 8 is to be

Let the differences we find within each other not be greater than our love for one another, for surely then, we will drift apart.

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 Post subject:

Joined: Sat Oct 18, 2003 9:29 pm +0000
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Location: Tasmania
Hello Uchoz,

You have a powerful philosophy, it is yours alone and unique. I think we all have our own philosophy, that is, all who form their own concepts, rather than following a book of someone elses philosophy and adopting it wholly as their own.
We pick up truths that act as building blocks from the philosophies of others but we also percieve the world around us and see the beauty of intelligent design. From indoctrination we see the dogma of mass control; something we can break away from by rebelling against those tenets we see as false. Free will gives me the ability to go my own way and build my own unique concept of the Source Being.
I tend to agree with the UB on many things but not all.
You touched upon the "That which Be", the Source Being as having once been alone. I can equate with being alone within myself as an example of this. Even though the book says we have a spirit companion called a TA, I still feel alone. However, this does not worry me in the least, I have friends outside of myself. The Source Being is something much greater than I am but I am part of it, the Source is every personality in creation and always has been, therefore never alone.
You also philosophize that the source being had a beginning, I rather believe there was no beginning and the source has always been. It strikes me as an impossibility that there was ever a time of NO-THING. In that respect, my reasoning is, that even the mortal ascendants of Urantia have existed for all time in the source but maybe in a different form without personality.
What do you think? :idea:

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 Post subject: Principle

Joined: Mon Nov 28, 2005 8:02 am +0000
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Location: South Africa
Dear Mick,

1) Please forgive if I was not clear enough in the post, it was 12pm by the time it was posted.

In answer what I may not have made clear enough, the following;

1) That Which Be, always was, apart from Itself, nothing, no-thing exists.
That Which Be, exists without reason, It simply IS. And still is "alone"by Itself. (Now I am opening up another door again, allowed I will explain in more detail, this "aloneness") I think it is best that I do that before we discuss time.

Before creation Be-ing existed as One Individual. In the process of Creation the One Spirit fragmented itself, first into the Son (Actually more correct, the Sun of That Which Be) and in equal time to that the 3rd of the Trinity came forth as counter balance. I will use a crude explanation here. Visual this as to a coin. The Father the one flip side, the sun, the other and the 3rd, the whole I spirit, the actual coin that has 2 flip sides.

In Equal proportion, Spirit was fragmented, however it still remained One Spirit that could defragment itself. The Father and Son could now act as individuals while the whole I spirit was that which bound them together in Unity of Be-ing.

To explain perhaps better by example again, let us look at crystals, the building blocks or atoms of crystals are identical on the inside as well as the outside. What is in the small, is in the large. Let us consider Spirit is this light. By making 3 crystals out of the one, it is still the same crystal, each crystal is complete within itself, i.e. the trinity exist within each crystal, however overuling function has been donated to each crystal.

Of the 3 aspects of spirit, each would be responsible for bringing to the fore or manifesting that specific aspect of self.

When the Father and Son said" let us create in our image what took place was that the Son crystal defragmented again by half, this time the resulting fragments were minutest possible particles of crystal. Liken it to the atoms of the crystal. This is what we are in the make-up of things.

Each a complete trinity within itself and a co-creator of the universe.

The Father had the basic thought, i.e. of a flower, through the powers invested invested by the Son, these miramid "smaller" suns of That Which BE came together in groups and expanded upon the basic thought of the Father,i.e. created variation of the basic thought. The basic thought or basis of thought is feeling. The Father Originated the basic thought, the suns of the Father, through assistence by the mother (Sun of hat Which Be) went ahead and created original expanded versions of the basic idea, thought. ( We will come back later to the Original expanding of the basic thought, for it was in the process of doing this, that we fell from grace).

Time is a consept and dimention that was created in order to mark passage. To explain the consept of time perhaps a bit better, the following.

Inherent within spirit is the ability to grow, thus in creation, evolution was a must, to evolve creation had to have 4 dimentions of which time was the 4th, as duration of existence or experiance. Without the dimention of time, creation would have been "static"

Thus to come back to That Which Be, - Only One Be-ing exists, and this Be-ing exists outside of the created borders of time and this Be-ing although fragmented, still is One Be-ing.

Trust to have resolved this for you, however I know I must have opened up a new couple of doors, unfortuanately everything is interlinked and you cannot cover one without bringing the other into play.

Hi Again,

The Reason for creation?

That Which Be wanted to experiance self and the abilities of self. now keep in mind that only self and the substance of self is in existence. To experiance implies conditions where by or where within experiance could be taken upon self.

As nothing / no-thing existed apart from self, self had to create oppertunity within self to do so. Thus by will power self created, rented a void within self by pulling substance apart. Into this vacuum within the substance of self was projected the image of a sun.

How was the image made manifest?

The Be-ing has 2 poles, one can say, one being that of feeling, involentry and unpridictable and the other of mind, scientific and exact. Again here see trinity in expression. Feeling as one aspect of Be-ing and mind as the other, total Be-ing is the 2 combined.

The process of contemplation of self, reversed direction of Mind/thought aspect and consentrated this potential energy at the centre of Be-ing, this energy asumed the positive active and expressive role, becoming what we call positive energy, Feeling asumed the negative, receptive side. Intelegent friction srang up between the 2 and thus "space" not space as we talk of in the universe between the 2 came into Be-ing, came to Be. Thus this contemplating of self already was the becoming "more" than was before.

Again keep in mind all action happened instantaniously. Into the viod electro magnetic interplay between the 2 "poles" sprang up and (again a crude example) like the 2poles of a battery being brought together, by will power the image of the sun was sparked into the void.

Spirit Defragmented and breathed' itself into the image and Lo, the image became a living image. The Sun and Son of That Which Be came forth as Mother to creation. The Father and Sun/son/Mother deemed it good and perfect and by mutual consent, the Parent Sun, sparked from Itself into the void by the millions uncountable,tiny images of self, suns, halfing the mass of the Original sun. Again instantaneous, the tiniest fragments of spirit was breathed into the images and Lo, so came to Be you and I.

These tiny Trinity Suns clustered/ came together in groups and within the void, together with the "First Born or oder Sun, came to manifest the basic thoughts of the Father together with the mother by expanding upon the basic thought into miramid original versions of the same thought.

I hope this answer some of the opened questions.

Let the differences we find within each other not be greater than our love for one another, for surely then, we will drift apart.

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