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Is this a transport seraphim?

Wed May 20, 2020 6:58 pm +0000

Hello friends,
I was reading TUB and came across these passages that were talking about how the transport seraphim look like.
Then I remembered that not so long ago there was a strange phenomenon in the sky above Belgrade, Serbia.
An object of amber, reddish hue. I included the video links and the enlarged picture of the object.
May I know your thoughts on this?

(The background noise is a little bit too loud, advisable to decrease your volume a little bit.)

(The object from another perspective.)

39:5.12 (438.5)
The erroneous idea that angels possess wings is not wholly due to olden notions that they must have wings to fly through the air.
Human beings have sometimes been permitted to observe seraphim that were being prepared for transport service,
and the traditions of these experiences have largely determined the Urantian concept of angels.
In observing a transport seraphim being made ready to receive a passenger for interplanetary transit,
there may be seen what are apparently double sets of wings extending from the head to the foot of the angel.
In reality these wings are energy insulators—friction shields.

39:5.14 (438.7)
And now, under the influence of the transformers and the transmitters,
a strange metamorphosis begins as the seraphim is made ready to swing into the energy currents of the universe circuits.
To outward appearance the seraphim grows pointed at both extremities and becomes so enshrouded in a queer light of amber
hue that very soon it is impossible to distinguish the enseraphimed personality.
Object in the sky.jpg

Re: Is this a transport seraphim?

Thu May 21, 2020 1:22 pm +0000

it's not completely clear to me, but i think all transport activity occurs at a single geographic location somewhere on the planet...and i'm assuming that if it was over belgrade there would be more sightings but really not sure. i'll just post quotes regarding a physical, mindal and spiritual energy pole.

39:4.15 5. The Transporters. These are the transport seraphim who function in the local systems. In Satania, your system, they carry passengers back and forth from Jerusem and otherwise serve as interplanetary transporters. Seldom does a day pass in which a transport seraphim of Satania does not deposit some student visitor or some other traveler of spirit or semispirit nature on the shores of Urantia.

39:5.13 When celestial beings are to be enseraphimed for transfer from one world to another, they are brought to the headquarters of the sphere and, after due registry, are inducted into the transit sleep. Meantime, the transport seraphim moves into a horizontal position immediately above the universe energy pole of the planet.

39:5.15 While planetary space reports are received at noon at the meridian of the designated spiritual headquarters, the transporters are dispatched from this same place at midnight. That is the most favorable time for departure and is the standard hour when not otherwise specified.

62:7.2 It was an eventful day on Urantia when our small group gathered about the planetary pole of space communication and received the first message from Salvington over the newly established mind circuit of the planet. And this first message, dictated by the chief of the archangel corps, said:

so i guess assuming these are the same location and it doesnt move i'll say no its not a transport seraphim...but could be a secondary midwayer.

Re: Is this a transport seraphim?

Sun May 24, 2020 12:56 am +0000

Extremely unlikely in my opinion. The object hovers and bobs as if it's playing at something and has no "business" purpose. Considering that there is some type of carnival going on at the same time I would guess it is a laser projection or maybe a man-made plasma object possibly attached to a kite. Fun to watch!
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