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Re: Experiential Wisdom

Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:00 am +0000

The quote you ask about is in the next Paper:

48:6.4 (552.2) 1. Seraphic Evangels. The moment you consciousize on the mansion worlds, you are classified as evolving spirits in the records of the system. True, you are not yet spirits in reality, but you are no longer mortal or material beings; you have embarked upon the prespirit career and have been duly admitted to the morontia life.

48:6.5 (552.3) On the mansion worlds the seraphic evangels will help you to choose wisely among the optional routes to Edentia, Salvington, Uversa, and Havona. If there are a number of equally advisable routes, these will be put before you, and you will be permitted to select the one that most appeals to you. These seraphim then make recommendations to the four and twenty advisers on Jerusem concerning that course which would be most advantageous for each ascending soul.

48:6.6 (552.4) You are not given unrestricted choice as to your future course; but you may choose within the limits of that which the transition ministers and their superiors wisely determine to be most suitable for your future spirit attainment. The spirit world is governed on the principle of respecting your freewill choice provided the course you may choose is not detrimental to you or injurious to your fellows.


Re: Experiential Wisdom

Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:37 pm +0000

Thank you, Bradly! That was indeed the one I was looking for. :D

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:19 am +0000

As I have pointed out, it is interesting how the topics on "Experiential Wisdom" and "Evolution" and "What is Assurance" all intersect and overlap!!

Experiential Wisdom is the very foundation of Evolution!! And Evolution is the root of Experiential Wisdom expression!!

Evolution is the result of experience. Wisdom evolves by the results of experience. Evolution is experiential. Experience is evolutionary!!

Which is cause? Which is effect? Both are both!! Each causes the other and both are the effects of the other.

Even biologically and geologically!! But especially socially and religiously. And also on a planetary basis and universe basis...and even at the level of Deity and Paradise origin beings!

We are taught that the urge to perfect is inherent in life itself. Evolution is the functional and transitional and progressive experience of perfecting in time. All beings with freewill and personality in time evolve but so does all life evolve and, we are taught, does geological and stellar energies and forces seek equilibrium and gain stabilization over time. There are fewer radicalizations and volatility and uncertainty of outcomes due to evolutionary forces and experiential results!

We are told that their is no confusion or conflict for the purely material or the pure spirit. But every being in time with personality and freewill has some measure of confusion and conflict and uncertainty in the acquisition of wisdom by experience and in the experience of evolution itself. Outcomes of choice are uncertain when personality and time and relationships create circumstances and situations which require navigation by our decisions....lots of decisions by lots of beings. It's all so very fluid. And because there are so many freewills and so many personalities creating so many choices at so many intersections of decision and choice - then are there always inherently endless potentials for outcomes - almost all of which are unpredictable to those of us in time and making decisions!!

That's why we must experience and embrace Divine Assurance to eliminate fear and anxiety from the arena of choice!! We can only enjoy and anticipate uncertainty of outcomes by the certainty of our origin and destiny and by our personal relationship with Deity!!

Assurance is that gift which eliminates anxiety from uncertainty! Faith and truth experience come with assurance of Being and assurance of Belonging and the assurance of Becoming!!

Being. (I AM)

Belonging. (I AM SAFE)

Becoming. (I AM PERFECTING - or at least I AM PROGRESSING!)

Origin and Destiny! This is the gift of Divine Assurance.

Faith is its fruit. By faith do we choose to attach our branch to the vine. Then does the fruit of the Sprit (vine) come forth on the branch attached to the vine.

Link to the topic of "Evolution":


Link to the topic of "What is Assurance?":


Link to the topic "Experiential Wisdom":



8) Bradly

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:36 am +0000

Very Nice Bradley

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:12 am +0000

It was shown earlier that Adjusters, our prepersonal God Fragments within, have mind and selfhood and become experiential beings once fused with an ascendent mortal. Evidently Adjusters are experiential beings from their origin and are always so. They are fragments of the existential First Source and Center but they are not all knowing or all wise.

They learn and grow in skill by experience over time. An example, similar in this particular way to Paradise Sons and the Supreme I think, of those who are created in perfection who are also bound to experiential wisdom attainment in time and space.

109:1.3 (1195.4) Actual living experience has no cosmic substitute. The perfection of the divinity of a newly formed Thought Adjuster does not in any manner endow this Mystery Monitor with experienced ministrative ability. Experience is inseparable from a living existence; it is the one thing which no amount of divine endowment can absolve you from the necessity of securing by actual living. Therefore, in common with all beings living and functioning within the present sphere of the Supreme, Thought Adjusters must acquire experience; they must evolve from the lower, inexperienced, to the higher, more experienced, groups.

109:1.4 (1196.1) Adjusters pass through a definite developmental career in the mortal mind; they achieve a reality of attainment which is eternally theirs. They progressively acquire Adjuster skill and ability as a result of any and all contacts with the material races, regardless of the survival or nonsurvival of their particular mortal subjects. They are also equal partners of the human mind in fostering the evolution of the immortal soul of survival capacity.

109:1.5 (1196.2) The first stage of Adjuster evolution is attained in fusion with the surviving soul of a mortal being. Thus, while you are in nature evolving inward and upward from man to God, the Adjusters are in nature evolving outward and downward from God to man; and so will the final product of this union of divinity and humanity eternally be the son of man and the son of God.

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Fri Feb 21, 2020 4:56 am +0000

Excellent thread..!!!
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Re: Experiential Wisdom

Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:55 pm +0000

A most unfortunate bit of commercialization. A peanut roaster?? Funny anyway.


Re: Experiential Wisdom

Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:39 am +0000

Evolution is the progressive expression of applying knowledge gained by experience and by reason and insight and revelation and guided by that certain wisdom that results from freewill choices in time. Evolution is more than experience. It's the pogressive results of experience. No progress, no evolution.

Likewise with experiential wisdom. No progress in understanding of reality and improvement in the outcomes of our choices, then no progress or experiential wisdom gained. Evolution and wisdom express learning and understanding and growth and developmental progress. They are agents for and the effects of perfecting.

Again...that which is the effect of cause becomes the cause for further effect. God is the First Cause. The First Source and Center of All Causes and All Effects. That which is and those who are imperfect in time seek and pursue perfection by the evolutionary process of experiential progress.

Evolution is another technique of creating that which is perfect. More accurately, that which is and those who are perfected by the process of perfecting by freewill experience and the personal expressions of evolutionary and experiential perfecting are also the perfect results or effects of the First Cause.

A most interesting correlation exists between the part(s) and the whole. As goes the parts so goes the whole. The whole of the time creation is perfected as each constituent personality and freewill experiences and expresses the perfecting process and result. The parts perfect the whole. But the perfecting of the whole...the aggregate and integrated results of the perfecting parts...ALSO is a cause with effects upon the parts!!! The progress of the parts creates the progress of the parts but the progress shared by the whole becomes its own cause for the further effects of perfecting progress. An amazing symbiosis and relationship in evolution and experiential wisdom!!

56:10.16 (647.7) All insight into the relations of the parts to any given whole requires an understanding grasp of the relation of all parts to that whole; and in the universe this means the relation of created parts to the Creative Whole. Deity thus becomes the transcendental, even the infinite, goal of universal and eternal attainment.

116:6.6 (1275.6) And as it is with the parts, so it is with the whole; the spirit person of Supremacy requires the evolutionary power of the Almighty to achieve completion of Deity and to attain destiny of Trinity association. The effort is made by the personalities of time and space, but the culmination and consummation of this effort is the act of the Almighty Supreme. And while the growth of the whole is thus a totalizing of the collective growth of the parts, it equally follows that the evolution of the parts is a segmented reflection of the purposive growth of the whole.

The eventual and eternal results of the perfecting experience of the imperfect in time are certain...no matter the uncertainties inherent in the process and experience itself. Destiny is ultimately certain. And thus may we and should we be boldly confident in our hope, faith, trust, and anticipation throughout this grand adventure in time!!!

3:5.5 (51.4) The uncertainties of life and the vicissitudes of existence do not in any manner contradict the concept of the universal sovereignty of God. All evolutionary creature life is beset by certain inevitabilities. Consider the following:

3:5.6 (51.5) 1. Is courage—strength of character—desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments.

3:5.7 (51.6) 2. Is altruism—service of one’s fellows—desirable? Then must life experience provide for encountering situations of social inequality.

3:5.8 (51.7) 3. Is hope—the grandeur of trust—desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties.

3:5.9 (51. 4. Is faith—the supreme assertion of human thought—desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe.

3:5.10 (51.9) 5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go wherever it leads, desirable? Then must man grow up in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.

3:5.11 (51.10) 6. Is idealism—the approaching concept of the divine—desirable? Then must man struggle in an environment of relative goodness and beauty, surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible reach for better things.

3:5.12 (51.11) 7. Is loyalty—devotion to highest duty—desirable? Then must man carry on amid the possibilities of betrayal and desertion. The valor of devotion to duty consists in the implied danger of default.

3:5.13 (51.12) 8. Is unselfishness—the spirit of self-forgetfulness—desirable? Then must mortal man live face to face with the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for recognition and honor. Man could not dynamically choose the divine life if there were no self-life to forsake. Man could never lay saving hold on righteousness if there were no potential evil to exalt and differentiate the good by contrast.

3:5.14 (51.13) 9. Is pleasure—the satisfaction of happiness—desirable? Then must man live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present experiential possibilities.

3:5.15 (52.1) Throughout the universe, every unit is regarded as a part of the whole. Survival of the part is dependent on co-operation with the plan and purpose of the whole, the wholehearted desire and perfect willingness to do the Father’s divine will. The only evolutionary world without error (the possibility of unwise judgment) would be a world without free intelligence. In the Havona universe there are a billion perfect worlds with their perfect inhabitants, but evolving man must be fallible if he is to be free. Free and inexperienced intelligence cannot possibly at first be uniformly wise. The possibility of mistaken judgment (evil) becomes sin only when the human will consciously endorses and knowingly embraces a deliberate immoral judgment.

3:5.16 (52.2) The full appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness is inherent in the perfection of the divine universe. The inhabitants of the Havona worlds do not require the potential of relative value levels as a choice stimulus; such perfect beings are able to identify and choose the good in the absence of all contrastive and thought-compelling moral situations. But all such perfect beings are, in moral nature and spiritual status, what they are by virtue of the fact of existence. They have experientially earned advancement only within their inherent status. Mortal man earns even his status as an ascension candidate by his own faith and hope. Everything divine which the human mind grasps and the human soul acquires is an experiential attainment; it is a realityof personal experience and is therefore a unique possession in contrast to the inherent goodness and righteousness of the inerrant personalities of Havona.

3:5.17 (52.3) The creatures of Havona are naturally brave, but they are not courageous in the human sense. They are innately kind and considerate, but hardly altruistic in the human way. They are expectant of a pleasant future, but not hopeful in the exquisite manner of the trusting mortal of the uncertain evolutionary spheres. They have faith in the stability of the universe, but they are utter strangers to that saving faith whereby mortal man climbs from the status of an animal up to the portals of Paradise. They love the truth, but they know nothing of its soul-saving qualities. They are idealists, but they were born that way; they are wholly ignorant of the ecstasy of becoming such by exhilarating choice. They are loyal, but they have never experienced the thrill of wholehearted and intelligent devotion to duty in the face of temptation to default. They are unselfish, but they never gained such levels of experience by the magnificent conquest of a belligerent self. They enjoy pleasure, but they do not comprehend the sweetness of the pleasure escape from the pain potential.

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:30 am +0000

196:3.20 (2095.4) Every time man makes a reflective moral choice, he immediately experiences a new divine invasion of his soul. Moral choosing constitutes religion as the motive of inner response to outer conditions. But such a real religion is not a purely subjective experience. It signifies the whole of the subjectivity of the individual engaged in a meaningful and intelligent response to total objectivity—the universe and its Maker.

Me here: Every time...every single time. Every decision made by sincere motive delivers a religious experience of value and with meaning containing truth, beauty, and goodness. Each invasion enlarges our capacity for evermore experiences and expressions of the religious life.

117:6.9 (1289.2) Men all too often forget that God is the greatest experience in human existence. Other experiences are limited in their nature and content, but the experience of God has no limits save those of the creature’s comprehension capacity, and this very experience is in itself capacity enlarging. When men search for God, they are searching for everything. When they find God, they have found everything. The search for God is the unstinted bestowal of love attended by amazing discoveries of new and greater love to be bestowed.

117:6.10 (1289.3) All true love is from God, and man receives the divine affection as he himself bestows this love upon his fellows. Love is dynamic. It can never be captured; it is alive, free, thrilling, and always moving. Man can never take the love of the Father and imprison it within his heart. The Father’s love can become real to mortal man only by passing through that man’s personality as he in turn bestows this love upon his fellows. The great circuit of love is from the Father, through sons to brothers, and hence to the Supreme. The love of the Father appears in the mortal personality by the ministry of the indwelling Adjuster. Such a God-knowing son reveals this love to his universe brethren, and this fraternal affection is the essence of the love of the Supreme.

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Thu Mar 12, 2020 3:33 am +0000

Paper 196:3.20 wrote:"Every time man makes a reflective moral choice, he immediately experiences a new divine invasion of his soul. . . ." (196:3.20, 2095.4)

Makes me think of Adjusters literally weaving morontia fibers into our shared future fabric; each fiber being the Adjuster's adjusted and amplified reflection of that precious moral choice?

Foreword 5.12 wrote:"Morontia is a term designating a vast level intervening between the material and the spiritual. It may designate personal or impersonal realities, living or nonliving energies. The warp of morontia is spiritual; its woof is physical." (0:5.12, 9.2)

thanks Bradly!

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:40 am +0000

Experiential wisdom is the prize of freewill personalities in time!!!! The ultimate and realized and actualized perfection of all creation depends upon the realities of both perfect AND perfecting wisdom...the existential and experiential.

Experiential wisdom is acquired...well...painfully. Or so it seems. Especially early and by the immature and inexperienced.

Are there actual advantages and meaning and value which result from human suffering? How are wisdom and enlightenment and perfecting affected by suffering? How is the world and the universe affected by suffering?

We are taught that evolutionary and experiential life in-time is for the perfecting of the imperfect by the freewill choice of each personality born or created in time and imperfection. THIS is the very purpose of time and the plan and process created by the Creators and First Source and Center.

It is immature and blind to ask "Why is there suffering?" when one understands the plan for and purpose of perfecting the imperfect!! How could there possibly be no suffering??!! Consider the objective. All that is imperfect and weak and impure and unreliable and disloyal and untested and incomplete and inadequate and immature and inexperienced and incapable and ignorant and blind and self important and not yet forged and not tempered is not and cannot be perfect.

All of time is about perfecting. The potential of freewill, personality, and experience to develop wisdom and to choose perfecting and to realize truth, beauty, and goodness in both experience and our expressions of that reality experience is to actualize new levels of perfection...perfection achieved by the decisions and choices and actions (experience) of imperfect freewill personality in time.

To focus too intently upon suffering, whether our own or that of others even, tends to blind us and obscure the actual causes and results and very purpose of suffering. We are told early humans do not even think unless hungry or in pain...suffering.

Tools for hunting, gathering, planting, building come only to relieve suffering. Cooperation with others, community, trade, specialization, towns?? Progressive responses to relieve and reduce human suffering! Medicine, mass production, education, music, art, science? To reduce suffering. We act collectively to reduce personal suffering...our own and other's.

And if we don't? More suffering for longer by more people. And what motive best serves this reality? Love of others delivers perfecting progress best and fastest!! Suffering lasts longer and is more acute by acts of self importance. That's a fact. Deal with it. Learn that. Make better choices for better reasons and watch suffering subside and retreat.

Suffering has a purpose. It also has a cause. And it also has a solution. A simple solution. Not easy...but simple. Love one another. The greatest good for the greatest number is also the best for the each as well as for the all. How so?

In two ways...first, the individual is always eventually and ultimately best served when all others also are motivated by love of others. Always. Also...we are wired for reality response...which means our true happiness and joy and contentment and all the fruits of the Spirit only come to us in response to our embrace and expressions of truth, beauty, and goodness - LOVE!!!

103:5.5 (1134.3) Human happiness is achieved only when the ego desire of the self and the altruistic urge of the higher self (divine spirit) are co-ordinated and reconciled by the unified will of the integrating and supervising personality. The mind of evolutionary man is ever confronted with the intricate problem of refereeing the contest between the natural expansion of emotional impulses and the moral growth of unselfish urges predicated on spiritual insight—genuine religious reflection.

103:5.6 (1134.4) The attempt to secure equal good for the self and for the greatest number of other selves presents a problem which cannot always be satisfactorily resolved in a time-space frame. Given an eternal life, such antagonisms can be worked out, but in one short human life they are incapable of solution. Jesus referred to such a paradox when he said: “Whosoever shall save his life shall lose it, but whosoever shall lose his life for the sake of the kingdom, shall find it.”

103:5.7 (1134.5) The pursuit of the ideal—the striving to be Godlike—is a continuous effort before death and after. The life after death is no different in the essentials than the mortal existence. Everything we do in this life which is good contributes directly to the enhancement of the future life. Real religion does not foster moral indolence and spiritual laziness by encouraging the vain hope of having all the virtues of a noble character bestowed upon one as a result of passing through the portals of natural death. True religion does not belittle man’s efforts to progress during the mortal lease on life. Every mortal gain is a direct contribution to the enrichment of the first stages of the immortal survival experience.

103:5.8 (1134.6) It is fatal to man’s idealism when he is taught that all of his altruistic impulses are merely the development of his natural herd instincts. But he is ennobled and mightily energized when he learns that these higher urges of his soul emanate from the spiritual forces that indwell his mortal mind.

103:5.9 (1134.7) It lifts man out of himself and beyond himself when he once fully realizes that there lives and strives within him something which is eternal and divine. And so it is that a living faith in the superhuman origin of our ideals validates our belief that we are the sons of God and makes real our altruistic convictions, the feelings of the brotherhood of man.

103:5.10 (1134. Man, in his spiritual domain, does have a free will. Mortal man is neither a helpless slave of the inflexible sovereignty of an all-powerful God nor the victim of the hopeless fatality of a mechanistic cosmic determinism. Man is most truly the architect of his own eternal destiny.

Me here: God created that which is and those who are perfect. His Paradise Creator Sons have created the universes of time and filled them with imperfect beings, who are each given personality, mind, freewill, and spirit by Paradise Deity, for the adventure of perfecting. 

So how is perfecting achieved by the imperfect? By the experience of adversity. Conflict. Dilemma and paradox. Perplexion and confusions. Problems and puzzles to solve. Disappointments and failure. Resolutions that require teamwork and collaborative cooperation. Right and wrong. Good choices and better choices. Outcomes of choices. Unintended outcomes as well as the intended ones sometimes. Foolishness and wisdom. 

Pain and suffering are not desirable but they are inherently vital parts of the process. The avoidance and reduction and elimination of pain and suffering are the hamner and anvil and fire and water and steam of the forge of perfecting the imperfect by the freewill choices of the imperfect.

Perfection is not and cannot be required or forced upon the imperfect and also be chosen by freewill. Experiential wisdom is a great prize in the universe of universes!! There is no substitute or equal! Experiential wisdom cannot be given or bestowed one to another. There is only one way to acquire and achieve experiential wisdom. 

The personal religious experience delivers first the perfecting and purification of motive and intention and priorities long before experiential wisdom arrives. But the fruits of the Spirit arrive to us and our own suffering is relieved by the very faith experience that purifies our motive and philosophy of living that expresses that religious experience. 

Or so I understand the teachings. 


Re: Experiential Wisdom

Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:13 am +0000

I am blessed to have been raised within a strong family unit that extends outward into a cultural tribe and community of in-laws and out-laws where the old attend the small and the young help the old and everyone works together, prays together, and serves one another.

Family. The pattern of reality. The core element of civilization and social progress. The individual and humanity both thrive or suffer by the stability and function of the family. Experiential wisdom is personal in its acquisition but we all share many of the same environments and circumstances and situations and challenges and frustrations and disappointments and victories and triumphs that originate in the family dynamic.

45:6.4 (516.2) No surviving mortal, midwayer, or seraphim may ascend to Paradise, attain the Father, and be mustered into the Corps of the Finality without having passed through that sublime experience of achieving parental relationship to an evolving child of the worlds or some other experience analogous and equivalent thereto. The relationship of child and parent is fundamental to the essential concept of the Universal Father and his universe children. Therefore does such an experience become indispensable to the experiential training of all ascenders.

82:0.2 (913.2) While religious, social, and educational institutions are all essential to the survival of cultural civilization, the family is the master civilizer. A child learns most of the essentials of life from his family and the neighbors.

84:0.3 (931.3) The home is basically a sociologic institution. Marriage grew out of co-operation in self-maintenance and partnership in self-perpetuation, the element of self-gratification being largely incidental. Nevertheless, the home does embrace all three of the essential functions of human existence, while life propagation makes it the fundamental human institution, and sex sets it off from all other social activities.

84:1.8 (932.5) While the mother-child association is neither marriage nor home, it was the nucleus from which both sprang. The great advance in the evolution of mating came when these temporary partnerships lasted long enough to rear the resultant offspring, for that was homemaking.

84:1.9 (932.6) Regardless of the antagonisms of these early pairs, notwithstanding the looseness of the association, the chances for survival were greatly improved by these male-female partnerships. A man and a woman, co-operating, even aside from family and offspring, are vastly superior in most ways to either two men or two women. This pairing of the sexes enhanced survival and was the very beginning of human society. The sex division of labor also made for comfort and increased happiness.

84:6.2 (938.6) Every successful human institution embraces antagonisms of personal interest which have been adjusted to practical working harmony, and homemaking is no exception. Marriage, the basis of home building, is the highest manifestation of that antagonistic co-operation which so often characterizes the contacts of nature and society. The conflict is inevitable. Mating is inherent; it is natural. But marriage is not biologic; it is sociologic. Passion insures that man and woman will come together, but the weaker parental instinct and the social mores hold them together.

84:6.3 (938.7) Male and female are, practically regarded, two distinct varieties of the same species living in close and intimate association. Their viewpoints and entire life reactions are essentially different; they are wholly incapable of full and real comprehension of each other. Complete understanding between the sexes is not attainable.

84:6.4 (938.8) Women seem to have more intuition than men, but they also appear to be somewhat less logical. Woman, however, has always been the moral standard-bearer and the spiritual leader of mankind. The hand that rocks the cradle still fraternizes with destiny.

84:6.5 (938.9) The differences of nature, reaction, viewpoint, and thinking between men and women, far from occasioning concern, should be regarded as highly beneficial to mankind, both individually and collectively. Many orders of universe creatures are created in dual phases of personality manifestation. Among mortals, Material Sons, and midsoniters, this difference is described as male and female; among seraphim, cherubim, and Morontia Companions, it has been denominated positive or aggressive and negative or retiring. Such dual associations greatly multiply versatility and overcome inherent limitations, even as do certain triune associations in the Paradise-Havona system.

84:6.6 (939.1) Men and women need each other in their morontial and spiritual as well as in their mortal careers. The differences in viewpoint between male and female persist even beyond the first life and throughout the local and superuniverse ascensions. And even in Havona, the pilgrims who were once men and women will still be aiding each other in the Paradise ascent. Never, even in the Corps of the Finality, will the creature metamorphose so far as to obliterate the personality trends that humans call male and female; always will these two basic variations of humankind continue to intrigue, stimulate, encourage, and assist each other; always will they be mutually dependent on co-operation in the solution of perplexing universe problems and in the overcoming of manifold cosmic difficulties.

84:6.7 (939.2) While the sexes never can hope fully to understand each other, they are effectively complementary, and though co-operation is often more or less personally antagonistic, it is capable of maintaining and reproducing society. Marriage is an institution designed to compose sex differences, meanwhile effecting the continuation of civilization and insuring the reproduction of the race.

84:6.8 (939.3) Marriage is the mother of all human institutions, for it leads directly to home founding and home maintenance, which is the structural basis of society. The family is vitally linked to the mechanism of self-maintenance; it is the sole hope of race perpetuation under the mores of civilization, while at the same time it most effectively provides certain highly satisfactory forms of self-gratification. The family is man’s greatest purely human achievement, combining as it does the evolution of the biologic relations of male and female with the social relations of husband and wife.

84:7.28 (941.9) Marriage, with children and consequent family life, is stimulative of the highest potentials in human nature and simultaneously provides the ideal avenue for the expression of these quickened attributes of mortal personality. The family provides for the biologic perpetuation of the human species. The home is the natural social arena wherein the ethics of blood brotherhood may be grasped by the growing children. The family is the fundamental unit of fraternity in which parents and children learn those lessons of patience, altruism, tolerance, and forbearance which are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men.

84:7.30 (942.1) Family life is the progenitor of true morality, the ancestor of the consciousness of loyalty to duty. The enforced associations of family life stabilize personality and stimulate its growth through the compulsion of necessitous adjustment to other and diverse personalities. But even more, a true family—a good family—reveals to the parental procreators the attitude of the Creator to his children, while at the same time such true parents portray to their children the first of a long series of ascending disclosures of the love of the Paradise parent of all universe children.

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Tue May 19, 2020 2:52 pm +0000

Experiential wisdom is never absolute...it is always gaining wisdom by further experience. There is wise and ever more wise. But most wise would be limited, I think to the pure spirit and Deity level of wisdom and not the experiential levels of wisdom. We have read earlier that the greatest wisdom is the wisdom combined together from both forms.

Indeed, the greatest wisdom is a form of group wisdom, an integrated and harmonized wisdom that is experientially realized by relationships! Changes in group/team membership by adding or reducing participants or by further experience results in new levels of wisdom expression. Learning to work in pairs and groups is a most important skill and experience for those of us from the worlds of time. It is a most important function of the male/female teamwork that marriage delivers even to the most primitive of beings.

84:6.5 (938.9) The differences of nature, reaction, viewpoint, and thinking between men and women, far from occasioning concern, should be regarded as highly beneficial to mankind, both individually and collectively. Many orders of universe creatures are created in dual phases of personality manifestation. Among mortals, Material Sons, and midsoniters, this difference is described as male and female; among seraphim, cherubim, and Morontia Companions, it has been denominated positive or aggressive and negative or retiring. Such dual associations greatly multiply versatility and overcome inherent limitations, even as do certain triune associations in the Paradise-Havona system.

84:6.6 (939.1) Men and women need each other in their morontial and spiritual as well as in their mortal careers. The differences in viewpoint between male and female persist even beyond the first life and throughout the local and superuniverse ascensions. And even in Havona, the pilgrims who were once men and women will still be aiding each other in the Paradise ascent. Never, even in the Corps of the Finality, will the creature metamorphose so far as to obliterate the personality trends that humans call male and female; always will these two basic variations of humankind continue to intrigue, stimulate, encourage, and assist each other; always will they be mutually dependent on co-operation in the solution of perplexing universe problems and in the overcoming of manifold cosmic difficulties.

28:5.13 (311.5) 3. The Union of Souls. Completing the triune staff of attachment to the Perfectors of Wisdom, are these reflectors of the ideals and status of ethical relationships. Of all the problems in the universe requiring an exercise of the consummate wisdom of experience and adaptability, none are more important than those arising out of the relationships and associations of intelligent beings. Whether in human associations of commerce and trade, friendship and marriage, or in the liaisons of the angelic hosts, there continue to arise petty frictions, minor misunderstandings too trivial even to engage the attention of conciliators but sufficiently irritating and disturbing to mar the smooth working of the universe if they were allowed to multiply and continue. Therefore do the Perfectors of Wisdom make available the wise experience of their order as the “oil of reconciliation” for an entire superuniverse. In all this work these wise men of the superuniverses are ably seconded by their reflective associates, the Unions of Souls, who make available current information regarding the status of the universe and concurrently portray the Paradise ideal of the best adjustment of these perplexing problems. When not specifically directionized elsewhere, these seconaphim remain in reflective liaison with the interpreters of ethics on Paradise.

28:5.14 (312.1) These are the angels who foster and promote the teamwork of all Orvonton. One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork. The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings. Few are the duties in the universe for the lone servant. The higher you ascend, the more lonely you become when temporarily without the association of your fellows.

10:5.2 (113.3) The functions of the Paradise Trinity are not simply the sum of the Father’s apparent endowment of divinity plus those specialized attributes that are unique in the personal existence of the Son and the Spirit. The Trinity association of the three Paradise Deities results in the evolution, eventuation, and deitization of new meanings, values, powers, and capacities for universal revelation, action, and administration. Living associations, human families, social groups, or the Paradise Trinity are not augmented by mere arithmetical summation. The group potential is always far in excess of the simple sum of the attributes of the component individuals.

19:2.4 (216.2) Wisdom is twofold in origin, being derived from the perfection of divine insight inherent in perfect beings and from the personal experience acquired by evolutionary creatures. The Perfectors of Wisdom are the divine wisdom of the Paradise perfection of Deity insight. Their administrative associates on Uversa, the Mighty Messengers, Those without Name and Number, and Those High in Authority, when acting together, are the universe wisdom of experience. A divine being can have perfection of divine knowledge. An evolutionary mortal can sometime attain perfection of ascendant knowledge, but neither of these beings alone exhausts the potentials of all possible wisdom. Accordingly, whenever in the conduct of the superuniverse it is desired to achieve the maximum of administrative wisdom, these perfectors of the wisdomof divine insight are always associated with those ascendant personalities who have come up to the high responsibilities of superuniverse authority through the experiential tribulations of evolutionary progression.

19:2.5 (216.3) The Perfectors of Wisdomwill always require this complement of experiential wisdom for the completion of their administrative sagacity. But it has been postulated that a high and hitherto unattained level of wisdom may possibly be achieved by the Paradise finaliters after they are sometime inducted into the seventh stage of spirit existence. If this inference is correct, then would such perfected beings of evolutionary ascent undoubtedly become the most effective universe administrators ever to be known in all creation. I believe that such is the high destiny of finaliters.


Re: Experiential Wisdom

Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:42 am +0000

So.....experiential wisdom is functional in many diverse parts of reality, from the individual mortals and celestials in time who gain wisdom by improving decisions and choices through knowledge and outcomes, to God the Supreme and related experiential Deities who reflect the integrated aggregation of all experiential wisdom gained by all other experiential beings in time.

This relationship between individual beings and experiential Deity is a feedback loop in that as wisdom is gained by the individuals so does The Supreme distill, accumulate, aggregate, integrate, and assume ALL experiential wisdom gained by ALL experiential beings in time but so does The Supreme also effect the evolutionary progress of the universes of time. The Supreme is effected by the wisdom gained and expressed by all experiential beings but is also the cause of effects in time. As are the individual experiential beings of time BOTH the cause of effects but also are effected by cause...the feedback loop! The universes of time are also the universe arenas of potential as potential is created by the perfecting process of experiential wisdom gained, both individually and collectively.

Potential is that which freewill choice and discovery of meanings and values and the expressions of truth, beauty, and goodness MIGHT create. Both the experience of living and the expression of meaning create new values in universe reality. Before their realization and actualization these are merely potentials. But the realization and actualization of potentials creates ever new and more potentials for future realization and actualization by new choices and new wisdom experienced by individual beings and the collective of all beings and by experiential Deity. Realization of potential is an effect and is also a cause of effects....perpetually.

One aspect of the relationship between the individual experiential beings in time and experiential Deity in time is Collective Progress!

Collective progress is expressed and experienced on the material worlds of time and in the systems, constellations, local universes, and super universe levels of time. This is the evolutionary progress that results from the experiential wisdom gained by individually and collectively and by the Supreme in a form of relationship that is fascinating to consider. Each is a cause of effect upon the others and each is an effect by the causes of the others. The collective reality is effected by the individual experience and expression and the individual reality is effected by the collective reality and both are effected by the Supreme and the Supreme is a repository and reflective Deity force and person effected by both the individual and collective who exerts influence upon all of experiential wisdom and potential and outcomes in time.

Creator Sons and Most Highs and System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes and all administrators and rulers in the universes of time are gaining experiential wisdom...everyone is getting better and wiser at their various jobs by experience....wisdom is growing by experience and overcoming errors or learning how to make choices with better and better results and outcomes. Every being in time is perfecting their motive and intentions and knowledge and skill and effectiveness due to their personal experience and growth of wisdom by such experience. These gains are achieved every moment by every being at every level of time-creation. This process of universal progress has profound effects on both the individual beings in time and also the collective of all beings in time!

This collective evolution of reality in time is the fruit of experiential wisdom. It leads us mortals through the Planetary Mortal Epochs of Time (Paper 52) and then through the Planetary Stages of Light and Life (Paper 55). The perfecting process described at the planetary level extends outward and upward to every level of universe organization and administration. The all is perfecting as well as the each - as goes the parts, so goes the whole!! The each (parts) are also affected by the whole and its progressive reflection of the perfecting individual beings within the whole. As more and more parts are more and more perfected by evolutionary experiential wisdom expression then also is the collective reality of all such beings progressing and creating a collective momentum and mass that moves the each in response to the all as well as moving the all in response to the each!

This relationship of cause and effect and part and whole and each and collective of all is one way in which the Revelation teaches us to perceive reality in new and profoundly powerful ways to realize how we are all related to one another...the each to the each and the each to the whole and the whole to the each in this universe family of creation. The ties that bind us to all others and all others to us is itself a profound revelation of universe reality and relationship.

Back soon with more related text....and please do comment, contribute, and share related text....as you wish!!


116:4.1 (1271.5) The unity of the Supreme Whole is dependent on the progressive unification of the finite parts; the actualization of the Supreme is resultant from, and productive of, these very unifications of the factors of supremacy—the creators, creatures, intelligences, and energies of the universes.

116:4.7 (1272.6) But the local universes are the real laboratories in which are worked out the mind experiments, galactic adventures, divinity unfoldings, and personality progressions which, when cosmically totaled, constitute the actual foundation upon which the Supreme is achieving deity evolution in and by experience.

116:4.8 (1272.7) In the local universes even the Creators evolve: The presence of the Conjoint Actor evolves from a living power focus to the status of the divine personality of a Universe Mother Spirit; the Creator Son evolves from the nature of existential Paradise divinity to the experiential nature of supreme sovereignty. The local universes are the starting points of true evolution, the spawning grounds of bona fide imperfect personalities endowed with the freewill choice of becoming cocreators of themselves as they are to be.

116:4.11 (1273.3) The local universe is the starting place for those personalities who are farthest from God, and who can therefore experience the greatest degree of spiritual ascent in the universe, can achieve the maximum of experiential participation in the cocreation of themselves. These same local universes likewise provide the greatest possible depth of experience for the descending personalities, who thereby achieve something which is to them just as meaningful as the Paradise ascent is to an evolving creature.

116:6.6 (1275.6) And as it is with the parts, so it is with the whole; the spirit person of Supremacy requires the evolutionary power of the Almighty to achieve completion of Deity and to attain destiny of Trinity association. The effort is made by the personalities of time and space, but the culmination and consummation of this effort is the act of the Almighty Supreme. And while the growth of the whole is thus a totalizing of the collective growth of the parts, it equally follows that the evolution of the parts is a segmented reflection of the purposive growth of the whole.

116:7.6 (1276.7) Man’s urge for Paradise perfection, his striving for God-attainment, creates a genuine divinity tension in the living cosmos which can only be resolved by the evolution of an immortal soul; this is what happens in the experience of a single mortal creature. But when all creatures and all Creators in the grand universe likewise strive for God-attainment and divine perfection, there is built up a profound cosmic tension which can only find resolution in the sublime synthesis of almighty power with the spirit person of the evolving God of all creatures, the Supreme Being.

Re: Experiential Wisdom

Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:21 am +0000

117:0.4 (1278.4) The parts and individuals of the grand universe evolve as a reflection of the total evolution of the Supreme, while in turn the Supreme is the synthetic cumulative total of all grand universe evolution. From the mortal viewpoint both are evolutionary and experiential reciprocals.

117:1.6 (1279.4) The evolving divine nature of the Supreme is becoming a faithful portrayal of the matchless experience of all creatures and of all Creators in the grand universe. In the Supreme, creatorship and creaturehood are at one; they are forever united by that experience which was born of the vicissitudes attendant upon the solution of the manifold problems which beset all finite creation as it pursues the eternal path in quest of perfection and liberation from the fetters of incompleteness.

117:5.5 (1286.3) Man does not unite with the Supreme and submerge his personal identity, but the universe repercussions of the experience of all men do thus form a part of the divine experiencing of the Supreme. “The act is ours, the consequences God’s.”

117:5.6 (1286.4) The progressing personality leaves a trail of actualized reality as it passes through the ascending levels of the universes. Be they mind, spirit, or energy, the growing creations of time and space are modified by the progression of personality through their domains. When man acts, the Supreme reacts, and this transaction constitutes the fact of progression.

Me here: A profound distinction and differentiation between the UB teachings and evolutionary religious perspective and philosophies is this triad relationship of universe reality between the each and the collective all and experiential Deity.

The Collective ALL is not some amorphous collective soul or mind or being of source and destiny. Those beliefs are primitive misunderstandings and misperceptions of our ancient human past on this world.

94:3.4 (1030.4) In certain phases the concept of the One Universal Oversoulas the totality of the summation of all creature existence led the Indian philosophers very close to the truth of the Supreme Being, but this truth availed them naught because they failed to evolve any reasonable or rational personal approach to the attainment of their theoretic monotheistic goal of Brahman-Narayana.

94:3.5 (1030.5) The karma principle of causality continuity is, again, very close to the truth of the repercussional synthesis of all time-space actions in the Deity presence of the Supreme; but this postulate never provided for the co-ordinate personal attainment of Deity by the individual religionist, only for the ultimate engulfment of all personality by the Universal Oversoul.

94:3.6 (1030.6) The philosophy of Brahmanism also came very near to the realization of the indwelling of the Thought Adjusters, only to become perverted through the misconception of truth. The teaching that the soul is the indwelling of the Brahman would have paved the way for an advanced religion had not this concept been completely vitiated by the belief that there is no human individuality apart from this indwelling of the Universal One.

94:3.7 (1030.7) In the doctrine of the merging of the self-soul with the Oversoul, the theologians of India failed to provide for the survival of something human, something new and unique, something born of the union of the will of man and the will of God. The teaching of the soul’s return to the Brahman is closely parallel to the truth of the Adjuster’s return to the bosom of the Universal Father, but there is something distinct from the Adjuster which also survives, the morontial counterpart of mortal personality. And this vital concept was fatally absent from Brahmanic philosophy.

Me here: The Collective ALL is social and familial - it is billions of trillions of mortals on 7 trillion evolutionary material worlds like Urantia and trillions of trillions of mortals and celestials in the morontial estate of time and space and countless spirit beings in the Havona estate and more and more being born and created and then more to come in the future creations to come.

Personalities and selfhood and individualism persists at every level of universe reality. There is organization and leadership and stewardship and enterprise and cooperation everywhere and forever.

This Collective ALL is a progressive realization of potential and expression of experiential wisdom as are its individual constituents. God the Supreme grows in power and potential as the universes of time and space reflect their ever growing experiential wisdom.

117:7.1 (1291.5) The completed realization of all finite potentials equals the completion of the realization of all evolutionary experience. This suggests the final emergence of the Supreme as an almighty Deity presence in the universes. We believe that the Supreme, in this stage of development, will be as discretely personalized as is the Eternal Son, as concretely powerized as is the Isle of Paradise, as completely unified as is the Conjoint Actor, and all of this within the limitations of the finite possibilities of Supremacy at the culmination of the present universe age.

118:9.9 (1304.2) God the Supreme is the personalization of all universe experience, the focalization of all finite evolution, the maximation of all creature reality, the consummation of cosmic wisdom, the embodiment of the harmonious beauties of the galaxies of time, the truth of cosmic mind meanings, and the goodness of supreme spirit values. And God the Supreme will, in the eternal future, synthesize these manifold finite diversities into one experientially meaningful whole, even as they are now existentially united on absolute levels in the Paradise Trinity.

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