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 Post subject: The Christ Experiment
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I first found out about The Christ Experiment from a thread here at this forum.
thechristexperiment.org is the website btw.

The goal of this group of Urantia Book Readers is to take the advise in part 4 of the UB and copy just what Jesus did in his ministry. Jesus set up a group of disciples led by the Apostles to go out doing good and teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom. So, with that said, you and I (I'm already a student) can take a course that they offer that is designed to assist us (the Urantia Book reading community) to speak to Christians about Bible scripture in such a way (using Jesus' method of adding to--not taking away from) as to activate their "Spirit of Truth" and to slowly open a Christian up to the ideas within the UB.

I have almost finished this on line course and I have to say unequivocally that what The Christ Experiment has done is Amazing.

Firstly, like some or perhaps many of us UB readers I was and have been, because of negative past experience with Christians, put off by the Bible--especially the Anthropomorphic portions of the Old Testament and some of the Pauline doctrines too. As an ex-Catholic I never became Bible versed and have never read it cover to cover either. Yet, I have not really considered the true value of the Bible (my downfall in some respects) and have also failed to notice just how the UB uses it.

The Urantia Book creators had a mandate to use "sources" from the existing planetary registry. The greatest single source used is The Holy Bible! I have been reading part one recently and the plethora of Old Testament quotes used in this section is dumbfounding. How it was that such wisdom made it into that source so long ago is truly a miracle, especially given the ignorance of the average person of that time period (many humans of that era worshiping inanimate objects and gods in the image of nature etc.). We owe a debt to the Hebrews of that distant past.

The Christ Experiment has an intrinsic value for the Urantia Book community in that they will assist us in acquiring techniques using scripture (just like Jesus did) to illuminate new truths found in the UB for today's Christian. I know of many readers here on this forum that, like myself, have never had success in presenting the UB to fellow Christians. Presenting the UB to the Christian community is a task that seems to be an exercise in failure. I could never do it because I really didn't know scripture, let alone "specific" scripture to use like Jesus used. Jesus mastered the art of using scripture to uplift the spiritual concepts of the Jews and Gentiles of his era and we could do the same--so I am learning!

As you can tell I am very impressed with this group of UB readers and what they have done with their on line courses and the website as well. They have a goal of Service and also of Spiritual Illumination. They want to bring about the spiritual brotherhood in our generation using the techniques Jesus used. I believe they have it down, they have done their homework.


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On the origins and statement of beliefs and mission:

https://www.thechristexperiment.org/abo ... of-beliefs

The Jesusonian Gospel or Gospel of Jesus is readily found and discernable in the Bible. Consider the Jeffersonian edition and the KJV red letter edition to begin such a study. This gospel is cocooned we are told within the Christian religion about Jesus.

Such a ministry is best undertaken by those with a knowledge of the Bible I think - as you point out. There are many sources of research and scholarship to consider.

Jesus certainly used those texts and concepts and symbols of familiarity with those he taught, finding commonality with all truth seekers. The UB is itself a great resource for study, understanding, and appreciation of the Bible.

Enjoy. 8)

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