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Greetings everyone. I was reading another topic which ended up discussing the meaning of words used in the UB and in general. I wonder if anyone could provide the passage regarding, how Van actually came up with the original Greek language, from which as instance Henrew was derived. I found a couple of passages:

(838.1) 74:8.9 The Hebrews had no written language in general usage for a long time after they reached Palestine. They learned the use of an alphabet from the neighboring Philistines, who were political refugees from the higher civilization of Crete.

74:2.2 (829.4) The tongue of Eden was an Andonic dialect as spoken by Amadon. Van and Amadon had markedly improved this language by creating a new alphabet of twenty-four letters, and they had hoped to see it become the tongue of Urantia as the Edenic culture would spread throughout the world.

But neither of these are directly referring to what i remember having read. Might recall it wrong, though, but did it not say somewhere Van actually contributed to setting up this Cretan colony?

The authors of the UB point out the challenge of finding adequate expressions for the cause. It's fascinating considering some of our definitions actually are derived from heavenly dialects. Mainly because thus they contain divinely perfect connotations in referance to the Creation and its nature. For this I find particularly Greek fascinating. One the other hand choice for expressions like Michael can be understandable, considering the Hebrew root translates as "he who is like God". So whatever the kinship between any known Urantian language and the original celestial mother language, we do find tendency to define and refine the essential.

Apparently, the discoverer of DNA considered it to resemble language more than anything else. From there, the biblical idea God speaking the Word gets some new light on it.

My point is this: as we can define the reality through mathematical and physical equations, they prove everything makes perfect sense. The whole of Creation has been established on logic. Now, the languages deriving from the pure awareness itself, which engineered all this, must contain such pristine connotations, that understanding them is like a revelation in itself; they will perfectly reveal the nature of anything by purely self explanatory syllables in reference to the very thing. When you say 'God' in Nebadonese, it's like getting enlightened considering the meaning of the word.

It's difficult to estimate whether or not English can eventually deliver us the means to achieve linguistically the level of understanding, being part of the Satania requires/provides. Might still be quite a stretch develop a language like classic Greek to match the level of our progress, even combining it with the modern Greek. Being a theologian I have some basic understanding of the Koinee Greek, and even when the grammatic brilliance of the dialect struck me, the original classic Greek is still even more amazing. Try teach this to the whole population :o

The processing of all data was challenging for the authors of the UB, which is rather easy to tell from their heroic attempts trying to explain the relations within the original Trinity, which almost resemble more like ramblings at times rather than revelation. And all this because of the lingual restrictions, let alone the limits of our cultural heritage bound by the religion. Which is not to say, the truth is not there. When attaining more revelatory state of mind, it's actually possible to free yourself from the bondage of the physical mind and tap into the eternity. I wonder if the mother language is somehow constructed on the natural enlightened state of being. In a sense it has to be, and the further you venture towards the Paradise (paradizoo meaning garden in Greek :wink: ), the more spiritual everything will get. Consider our language being based on producing sound(waves), it makes you wonder if the original languages of the universe are more towards the platonic world of ideas. Even higher spheres consisting of physical attributes, so how does the "sound" travel between two spiritual beings? It has to be more based on connected minds through some provided circuit. The adamic family on Urantia originally could communicate telepathically due to special gas activity in their brain. I wonder if this is how the Material sons and daughters work on higher spheres as well?

But that's just my mental ramblings trying to pull it all together,

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Very interesting stuff there. You made me think of one of my favorites.

"Harmony is the speech of Havona."

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Greetings Entheosis!! A most interesting perspective on languages and word origins. I agree that Van's contribution to human culture and communication and technology is an important tale that I truly relish learning far more about on the Mansion worlds...what an adventure! Sorry for all the text, but this tale has lots of players over very long periods of time and includes some important post-Garden influences. A story of the people who became the gods of Greek myth to come.

A most interesting factoid below is that the Mother cults which originated surrounding the reality and traditions of Eve's role as Material Daughter was morphed into the cult of Mary, mother of Jesus, with the arrival of Christianity.

So nice to hear from a new voice and such a perspective. Welcome Entheosis.

So much of human myth is not mythological at all!!!! :idea: 8)

67:6.5 [Part III]
The affairs of Urantia were for a long time administered by a council of planetary receivers, twelve Melchizedeks, confirmed by the mandate of the senior constellation ruler, the Most High Father of Norlatiadek. Associated with the Melchizedek receivers was an advisory council consisting of: one of the loyal aids of the fallen Prince, the two resident Life Carriers, a Trinitized Son in apprenticeship training, a volunteer Teacher Son, a Brilliant Evening Star of Avalon (periodically), the chiefs of seraphim and cherubim, advisers from two neighboring planets, the director general of subordinate angelic life, and Van, the commander in chief of the midway creatures. And thus was Urantia governed and administered until the arrival of Adam. It is not strange that the courageous and loyal Van was assigned a place on the council of planetary receivers which for so long administered the affairs of Urantia.

67:6.6 [Part III]
The twelve Melchizedek receivers of Urantia did heroic work. They preserved the remnants of civilization, and their planetary policies were faithfully executed by Van. Within one thousand years after the rebellion he had more than three hundred and fifty advanced groups scattered abroad in the world. These outposts of civilization consisted largely of the descendants of the loyal Andonites slightly admixed with the Sangik races, particularly the blue men, and with the Nodites.

67:6.7 [Part III]
Notwithstanding the terrible setback of rebellion there were many good strains of biologic promise on earth. Under the supervision of the Melchizedek receivers, Van and Amadon continued the work of fostering the natural evolution of the human race, carrying forward the physical evolution of man until it reached that culminating attainment which warranted the dispatch of a Material Son and Daughter to Urantia.

73:1.6 [Part III]
These Nodites had freely mated with the Sangik races and had left behind an able progeny. And some of the descendants of the rebellious Dalamatians subsequently joined Van and his loyal followers in the lands north of Mesopotamia. Here, in the vicinity of Lake Van and the southern Caspian Sea region, the Nodites mingled and mixed with the Amadonites, and they were numbered among the "mighty men of old."

Me here: After the default, the Vanites or Amadonites get new blood:

77:4.10 [Part III]
4. The northern Nodites and Amadonites — the Vanites. This group arose prior to the Bablot conflict. These northernmost Nodites were descendants of those who had forsaken the leadership of Nod and his successors for that of Van and Amadon.

77:4.11 [Part III]
Some of the early associates of Van subsequently settled about the shores of the lake which still bears his name, and their traditions grew up about this locality. Ararat became their sacred mountain, having much the same meaning to later-day Vanites that Sinai had to the Hebrews. Ten thousand years ago the Vanite ancestors of the Assyrians taught that their moral law of seven commandments had been given to Van by the Gods upon Mount Ararat. They firmly believed that Van and his associate Amadon were taken alive from the planet while they were up on the mountain engaged in worship.

77:5.2 [Part III]
Adamson was among that group of the children of Adam and Eve who elected to remain on earth with their father and mother. Now this eldest son of Adam had often heard from Van and Amadon the story of their highland home in the north, and sometime after the establishment of the second garden he determined to go in search of this land of his youthful dreams.

77:5.3 (861.3) Adamson was 120 years old at this time and had been the father of thirty-two pure-line children of the first garden. He wanted to remain with his parents and assist them in upbuilding the second garden, but he was greatly disturbed by the loss of his mate and their children, who had all elected to go to Edentia along with those other Adamic children who chose to become wards of the Most Highs.

77:5.4 (861.4) Adamson would not desert his parents on Urantia, he was disinclined to flee from hardship or danger, but he found the associations of the second garden far from satisfying. He did much to forward the early activities of defense and construction but decided to leave for the north at the earliest opportunity. And though his departure was wholly pleasant, Adam and Eve were much grieved to lose their eldest son, to have him go out into a strange and hostile world, as they feared, never to return.

77:5.5 [Part III]
A company of twenty-seven followed Adamson northward in quest of these people of his childhood fantasies. In a little over three years Adamson's party actually found the object of their adventure, and among these people he discovered a wonderful and beautiful woman, twenty years old, who claimed to be the last pure-line descendant of the Prince's staff. This woman, Ratta, said that her ancestors were all descendants of two of the fallen staff of the Prince. She was the last of her race, having no living brothers or sisters. She had about decided not to mate, had about made up her mind to die without issue, but she lost her heart to the majestic Adamson. And when she heard the story of Eden, how the predictions of Van and Amadon had really come to pass, and as she listened to the recital of the Garden default, she was encompassed with but a single thought — to marry this son and heir of Adam. And quickly the idea grew upon Adamson. In a little more than three months they were married.

77:5.6 (861.6) Adamson and Ratta had a family of sixty-seven children. They gave origin to a great line of the world’s leadership, but they did something more. It should be remembered that both of these beings were really superhuman. Every fourth child born to them was of a unique order. It was often invisible. Never in the world’s history had such a thing occurred. Ratta was greatly perturbed—even superstitious—but Adamson well knew of the existence of the primary midwayers, and he concluded that something similar was transpiring before his eyes. When the second strangely behaving offspring arrived, he decided to mate them, since one was male and the other female, and this is the origin of the secondary order of midwayers. Within one hundred years, before this phenomenon ceased, almost two thousand were brought into being.

77:5.7 (862.1) Adamson lived for 396 years. Many times he returned to visit his father and mother. Every seven years he and Ratta journeyed south to the second garden, and meanwhile the midwayers kept him informed regarding the welfare of his people. During Adamson’s life they did great service in upbuilding a new and independent world center for truth and righteousness.

77:5.8 (862.2) Adamson and Ratta thus had at their command this corps of marvelous helpers, who labored with them throughout their long lives to assist in the propagation of advanced truth and in the spread of higher standards of spiritual, intellectual, and physical living. And the results of this effort at world betterment never did become fully eclipsed by subsequent retrogressions.

77:5.9 (862.3) The Adamsonites maintained a high culture for almost seven thousand years from the times of Adamson and Ratta. Later on they became admixed with the neighboring Nodites and Andonites and were also included among the “mighty men of old.” And some of the advances of that age persisted to become a latent part of the cultural potential which later blossomed into European civilization.

Me here: I am not able to provide the references you describe but I did find the following migration and cultural/racial profile for both Crete and Greece:

7. Andites of the Mediterranean Isles

80:7.1 (895.1) During the decline of culture in Mesopotamia there persisted for some time a superior civilization on the islands of the eastern Mediterranean. *

80:7.2 (895.2) About 12,000 B.C. a brilliant tribe of Andites migrated to Crete. This was the only island settled so early by such a superior group, and it was almost two thousand years before the descendants of these mariners spread to the neighboring isles. This group were the narrow-headed, smaller-statured Andites who had intermarried with the Vanite division of the northern Nodites. They were all under six feet in height and had been literally driven off the mainland by their larger and inferior fellows. These emigrants to Crete were highly skilled in textiles, metals, pottery, plumbing, and the use of stone for building material. They engaged in writing and carried on as herders and agriculturists.

80:7.3 (895.3) Almost two thousand years after the settlement of Crete a group of the tall descendants of Adamson made their way over the northern islands to Greece, coming almost directly from their highland home north of Mesopotamia. These progenitors of the Greeks were led westward by Sato, a direct descendant of Adamson and Ratta.

80:7.4 (895.4) The group which finally settled in Greece consisted of three hundred and seventy-five of the selected and superior people comprising the end of the second civilization of the Adamsonites. These later sons of Adamson carried the then most valuable strains of the emerging white races. They were of a high intellectual order and, physically regarded, the most beautiful of men since the days of the first Eden.

80:7.5 (895.5) Presently Greece and the Aegean Islands region succeeded Mesopotamia and Egypt as the Occidental center of trade, art, and culture. But as it was in Egypt, so again practically all of the art and science of the Aegean world was derived from Mesopotamia except for the culture of the Adamsonite forerunners of the Greeks. All the art and genius of these latter people is a direct legacy of the posterity of Adamson, the first son of Adam and Eve, and his extraordinary second wife, a daughter descended in an unbroken line from the pure Nodite staff of Prince Caligastia. No wonder the Greeks had mythological traditions that they were directly descended from gods and superhuman beings.

80:7.6 (895.6) The Aegean region passed through five distinct cultural stages, each less spiritual than the preceding, and erelong the last glorious era of art perished beneath the weight of the rapidly multiplying mediocre descendants of the Danubian slaves who had been imported by the later generations of Greeks.

80:7.7 (895.7) It was during this age in Crete that the mother cult of the descendants of Cain attained its greatest vogue. This cult glorified Eve in the worship of the “great mother.” Images of Eve were everywhere. Thousands of public shrines were erected throughout Crete and Asia Minor. And this mother cult persisted on down to the times of Christ, becoming later incorporated in the early Christian religion under the guise of the glorification and worship of Mary the earth mother of Jesus.

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There is a man who has taken much time to study the entomology of coined words in the Urantia book.


It’s located in his library under “writings”

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