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Even though the apostles had access to the same scriptures, still, they taught differently based on their unique interpretation of what they read and heard from the master teacher. We are told this in the following:

148:1.2 (1658.1) Each of the apostolic teachers taught his own view of the gospel of the kingdom. They made no effort to teach just alike; there was no standardized or dogmatic formulation of theologic doctrines. Though they all taught the same truth, each apostle presented his own personal interpretation of the Master’s teaching. And Jesus upheld this presentation of the diversity of personal experience in the things of the kingdom, unfailingly harmonizing and coordinating these many and divergent views of the gospel at his weekly question hours. Notwithstanding this great degree of personal liberty in matters of teaching, Simon Peter tended to dominate the theology of the school of evangelists. Next to Peter, James Zebedee exerted the greatest personal influence.

We should emulate the master teacher by seeking to harmonize differing views instead of bickering and debating over them. Look for common ground, and if there is none, then be at peace. In the finale, all interpretations lead back to the original source of all, Father, who is the ultimate Truth.

BB, the Urantian Gnostic606

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So...as I understand you...THAT quote should be taken "literally"??

I agree!! :wink: :biggrin: 8)

I wonder about the difference in the method of the Master's teaching and its purpose compared to the schools of Dalamatia and the Garden for example but especially compared to the textbook most recently provided as differing forms of Epochal Revelation.

What differences in teaching might arise from oral traditions compared to written factual knowledge - not inspired works by humans but the text books of and by celestials on the realities of the universes for example? What led to the nearly complete loss of the essence of the Jesusonian Gospel and the turmoil and chaos we know as Christianity today and over the past 2000 years? Was it what Jesus taught? No. It was the theological and dogmatic transformation of what Jesus taught that eventually paganized the Jesusonian Gospel into something almost unrecognizable compared to the teachings of the Master. Interpretation and distortion are inherent outcomes of the oral tradition.

Perhaps this is why we are provided with a written text book this time? Something to consider? There will always be diversity of experience and the expression of experience, including the religious life and growth in the Spirit! But there is only one reality, no? And a knowledgeable presentation of universe reality, we are taught, certainly is of great help in the discovery and embrace of truth.

It seems to me that Jesus was, perhaps, less focused on cosmology and the knowledge of reality so much as on the personal relationship of the Spirit, the transfer of the dual nature from materialism to spirit, the transformation of self and growth of soul through the Circles of Progress, and the unshackling of personal religious experience from the priesthood and creedal slavery of that time. Just an interpretive opinion mind you...and an open question for discussion. Jesus taught the crowds with parables and the Apostles by questions. Some of his clearest teaching was directly to individuals as presented in the UB....notably so the trip to Rome and his many talks with Ganid!

Consider this:

52:5.8 [Part II]
The postbestowal Son age may extend from ten thousand to a hundred thousand years. There is no arbitrary time allotted to any of these dispensational eras. This is a time of great ethical and spiritual progress. Under the spiritual influence of these ages, human character undergoes tremendous transformations and experiences phenomenal development. It becomes possible to put the golden rule into practical operation. The teachings of Jesus are really applicable to a mortal world which has had the preliminary training of the prebestowal Sons with their dispensations of character ennoblement and culture augmentation.

For those who love Jesus and wish to sit at the feet of the Master and receive his teachings directly, we are blessed to receive this gift called The Urantia Papers and, we are taught, every mind of every generation since Pentecost has received the voice and ministry of the Son's Spirit of Truth which teaches and confirms the truths of the Master. From the authors of Part IV:

121:8.12 [Part IV]
[Acknowledgment: In carrying out my commission to restate the teachings and retell the doings of Jesus of Nazareth, I have drawn freely upon all sources of record and planetary information. My ruling motive has been to prepare a record which will not only be enlightening to the generation of men now living, but which may also be helpful to all future generations. From the vast store of information made available to me, I have chosen that which is best suited to the accomplishment of this purpose. As far as possible I have derived my information from purely human sources. Only when such sources failed, have I resorted to those records which are superhuman. When ideas and concepts of Jesus' life and teachings have been acceptably expressed by a human mind, I invariably gave preference to such apparently human thought patterns. Although I have sought to adjust the verbal expression the better to conform to our concept of the real meaning and the true import of the Master's life and teachings, as far as possible, I have adhered to the actual human concept and thought pattern in all my narratives. I well know that those concepts which have had origin in the human mind will prove more acceptable and helpful to all other human minds. When unable to find the necessary concepts in the human records or in human expressions, I have next resorted to the memory resources of my own order of earth creatures, the midwayers. And when that secondary source of information proved inadequate, I have unhesitatingly resorted to the superplanetary sources of information.

121:8.13 [Part IV]
The memoranda which I have collected, and from which I have prepared this narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus — aside from the memory of the record of the Apostle Andrew — embrace thought gems and superior concepts of Jesus' teachings assembled from more than two thousand human beings who have lived on earth from the days of Jesus down to the time of the inditing of these revelations, more correctly restatements. The revelatory permission has been utilized only when the human record and human concepts failed to supply an adequate thought pattern. My revelatory commission forbade me to resort to extrahuman sources of either information or expression until such a time as I could testify that I had failed in my efforts to find the required conceptual expression in purely human sources.

121:8.14 [Part IV]
While I, with the collaboration of my eleven associate fellow midwayers and under the supervision of the Melchizedek of record, have portrayed this narrative in accordance with my concept of its effective arrangement and in response to my choice of immediate expression, nevertheless, the majority of the ideas and even some of the effective expressions which I have thus utilized had their origin in the minds of the men of many races who have lived on earth during the intervening generations, right on down to those who are still alive at the time of this undertaking. In many ways I have served more as a collector and editor than as an original narrator. I have unhesitatingly appropriated those ideas and concepts, preferably human, which would enable me to create the most effective portraiture of Jesus' life, and which would qualify me to restate his matchless teachings in the most strikingly helpful and universally uplifting phraseology. In behalf of the Brotherhood of the United Midwayers of Urantia, I most gratefully acknowledge our indebtedness to all sources of record and concept which have been hereinafter utilized in the further elaboration of our restatement of Jesus' life on earth.]


By the way....the Master encouraged the Apostles to discuss and disagree and debate and often required it before offering any explanations of his teachings to them....for those who might wish to "emulate the master teacher". :wink:

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