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Morontial Perspective of Material Body

Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:11 pm +0000

I want to talk about the body's natural life cycle, from infancy to old age. And the way the tissues develop and gradually wear down throughout an age of functional activity within the body. But more importantly, I am not trying to find the medical viewpoint of these facts, but rather the mota viewpoint. How does the soul develop and then gradually come to appreciate the original living form in which it inhabits? Let us investigate further.

This topic may seem strange to some. But I hope that there are enough elders in this group perhaps waxing in their morontial forms while wizened in the flesh. How does your experience of the pains in your life influence your soul's perception/opinion of your body? Do you become more attached to your living vessel, or do you look forward to a time that you may be liberated from its material obligations? What is the current viewpoint and what is the ideal viewpoint concerning the soul's life within the human body?

It is said that the Mystery Monitors go through a passage of development (even though they remain essentially unchanged): first they are Thought Monitors, then they are called Thought Adjusters until at the end of the human life span they are deemed Thought Controllers. These names are for how they are perceived and identified by the human morontial being. So it stands to reason that these names are because of the soul's metamorphoses rather than the Mystery Monitor. What is changing inside of the morontial form, that allows for this graduation in the identification of the individualised God-fragment indwelling the soul?

How does the human experience prepare the morontial form for adaptibility: to inhabit advancingly spiritual life-vessels? And is the human life form capable of becoming spiritized through the morontial being's worship and his individual effort? Can the morontial-type of sensitivity and sensation develop well on Urantia citizens? How does this modality of sensation-perception actually begin to develop while the soul is living in its human tabernacle.
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