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A Reference to secular totalitarianism?

Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:42 pm +0000

92:6.20.Ancestor worship onetime constituted a decided advance in religious evolution, but it is both amazing and regrettable that this primitive concept persists in China, Japan, and India amidst so much that is relatively more advanced, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. In the Occident, ancestor worship developed into the veneration of national gods and respect for racial heroes. In the twentieth century this hero-venerating nationalistic religion makes its appearance in the various radical and nationalistic secularisms which characterize many races and nations of the Occident. Much of this same attitude is also found in the great universities and the larger industrial communities of the English-speaking peoples. Not very different from these concepts is the idea that religion is but "a shared quest of the good life." The "national religions" are nothing more than a reversion to the early Roman emperor worship and to Shinto—worship of the state in the imperial family.

Re: A Reference to secular totalitarianism?

Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:43 am +0000

Hi Randall,

Ancestor worship and secular totalitarianism are independent concepts, in my understanding at least... Different dimensions of political or social conditions I think.

But the 2 can be intertwined certainly, such as the pre-world war II culture of Japan and arguably current political conditions in China, though it feels as if much of the totalitarianism of China is slowly fading away, possibly. That trend may reverse if its leaders decide to force their hand in war I expect.
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