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Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:14 am +0000

There is much to talk about with regard to prayer. Paper 91 - The Evolution of Prayer contains many interesting things to ponder. To get the ball rolling, I'd like to know others thoughts on this passage:

91:7.13 (1001.4) But prayer has no real association with these exceptional religious experiences. When prayer becomes overmuch aesthetic, when it consists almost exclusively in beautiful and blissful contemplation of paradisiacal divinity, it loses much of its socializing influence and tends toward mysticism and the isolation of its devotees. There is a certain danger associated with overmuch private praying which is corrected and prevented by group praying, community devotions.

As someone who does not participate in a religious congregation, I rarely have opportunities to pray with a group. Sometimes, at organized meals, someone will say a prayer; or at a community event. In a way, I would enjoy opportunities to engage in 'community devotions' but rarely find opportunities that feel authentic or sincere.

I wouldn't say I engage in private praying 'overmuch'. I try to set aside time once each day; and then spontaneously throughout the day I might think a brief prayer of thanks or something like that. Anyway, just curious what others' experience is with prayer and thoughts on anything you've read in paper 91.

Re: Prayer

Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:06 pm +0000

I would say that I am pretty much in your camp Agon. I am wondering about the apparent contradiction between this author and Jesus when he said to do our praying in private.

Am I missing a distinction here that is too subtle for my thinking? Maybe it is the suggestion to keep to the Goldilocks principle. Quite frankly, I do what feels right for me.


Re: Prayer

Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:59 am +0000

Aloha... the entire paper At Jotapata 145 Jesus taught about prayer which I love . Here's a part...

P1640:1, 146:2.12 11. Many resort to prayer only when in trouble. Such a practice is thoughtless and misleading. True, you do well to pray when harassed, but you should also be mindful to speak as a son to your Father even when all goes well with your soul. Let your real petitions always be in secret. Do not let men hear your personal prayers. Prayers of thanksgiving are appropriate for groups of worshipers, but the prayer of the soul is a personal matter. There is but one form of prayer which is appropriate for all God's children, and that is: "Nevertheless, your will be done."
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