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The Inspirational Grandfanda

Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:11 pm +0000

I want to talk a moment about Grandfanda, the ultimate torchbearer who was the first ascendant (formerly a human being) to make it the central Universe of Havona, fuse with his spirit adjuster, and then become the first to be admitted to Corp of the Finality, that group of beings who may one day be take part in the administration of the newly forming universes outside the current Grand Universe.

Grandfanda, which was probably not his real name back when he was a lowly human being in Super Universe 1, might very well have lived in an age similar to our own, or perhaps he was born as a human being during the beginnings of the his worlds age of Light and Life, or perhaps he was a leader of some Yellow or Red tribe during the early development of his world, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this person went through the whole of universal experience, and this experience, coupled with his spirit fragment, embraced the Universal Father, and now leads the Corp for all future Finaliters.

This should make every Urantia student excited beyond belief.

As I move about through my day trying to "figure it out,” and as I incorporate the Urantia concepts into my living philosophy, I often wonder if what I learn today will come in handy someday as I serve as a temporary staff member to some Adam and Eve, or with some future Planetary Prince on some evolving world of time and space, or as an assistant to a family of Univitatia on Salvington. But whatever the future holds, and after I have served in every one of the seven super universes before I make my ascent to Havona, and then on to the shores of Paradise, I know that Grandfanda paved the way.

I also appreciate the impact Grandfanda made by ascending to the bosom of the Father, as this was such an important event that from that day forward, Paradise actually began the Havona broadcasts, "The Reports of Glory,” to all of creation. It's an honor to read about Grandfanda, this first one-time human ascender who is now the leader of the Mortal Corp of the Finality, since it was his ascension that promulgated the implementation of a continual universal broadcast of spiritual news to all of creation from The Central and Divine Universe.

It’s an incredible reminder of just how cool it is to be an ascending son of God.
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