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 Post subject: Representation
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Dear Friends,
I have been on this site for a few years. Unfortunately our site is following the Internet trends. The Internet has become a place where discourse can turn into viciousness in an instant. With the faceless freedom inherent in an anonymous post, one can easily offer viciously offensive and brutal remarks like what can be found here on our Religious forum.

My contention is this... We represent the Urantia Book to the world and when we post, we need to respect the fact that the entire planet has access to our comments.

I would expect forum participants who claim to be avid readers to show, at minimum, a responsibility to the highest Religious standard, one that is representative of the Master, Jesus.

Regardless of the fact that you are human and prone to errors, you and I can still strive for an impeccable standard of morality, even further a high and perhaps righteous standard of behavior that is representative of a superior Religious attitude.

If we are want to be Urantia Book Christians, Jesusonian in nature, then I say that the practice thereof starts here at this forum.

It is high time we cease to banter, instigate, inflame, taunt, torment and discredit another participant to whom you do not agree with. That type of behavior is the opposite of Religious attitude and we as Urantia Book readers would do well in our positive representation to refrain from such distasteful acts of immaturity.

We are the Internet representation of the Urantia Book to the entire world. This revelation lives or dies in the minds of potential seekers based on how we are viewed...on just how we act towards each other here.


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 Post subject: Re: Representation
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To all who “have ears to hear” and will listen,

Time to cut to the chase here. We have been going around and around for years and it is time we came to a real understanding. There seem to be two distinctly different emphases placed on the Urantia teachings and it is the intent of this post to identify, define and make as plain as possible the differences between them.

Finally, we have a door of insight opened for us into a method that has illuminated a difference in our approaches to living. This admission by Brad on another thread of his position was a revelation to me as well as an explanation by him of a procedure and practice of thinking that is both determinative of one’s assessments, comprehensions and understandings and through which we can all, all who will read this and be open minded to it, discover a deeper and more substantial relationship with the true God who indwells each of us. This includes you and me as well. So, thank you Bradly, you have opened a door for all of us to walk through.

First his quote.

“But the fact is I consider myself to be a realist who is thrilled by reality and have no anxieties about my future or that of Urantia.”

The balance of his statement reveals something of how he is guided by this practice.

To begin with, I think we need to consider this a little more deeply. You see, I find no place in the Urantia Book where we are taught to be realists. I can find no place where Jesus ever in the least intimated that I should ascribe to “see myself as a realist.” On the other hand, what we are taught to be, and what we surely must become, is real. It is our personal interaction with reality not simply our comprehension and appreciation (belief) of it that propels us heavenward. In the comprehension of language, the difference between “realist” and “real” seems miniscule but in living practice the difference is vast. The difference is as important and as valuable as true and false. Real “ist” is no more real than a geologist is geology, scientist is science or religionist is religion. Realist is “one who studies God” while “real” is being Godlike; Jesus didn’t merely study God, He realized God. Knowing of and studying Jesus would make me a “Jesusist”. Being like Jesus is being “Godlike”; in other words, God is not a realist, God is real.

Real is the experience of God in our souls. Realist is philosophical. Real is actual. It is fine to be a realist if one means by that that they subscribe to a particular philosophy. But even a purveyor of such a philosophy must be actually real in life. The philosophy and the philosopher are not the same thing. And the philosopher is the one who experiences reality. Call it realizations, call it revelations or whatever term we wish, the true experience of reality comes with parameters set by God and by which we must all personally discover, recognize and process.

The parameters of real experience as set by God are the same for all. First, we recognize that we have been practicing the self-appointed art of the study of reality (realism) or not, next, we admit we have been trying to convince ourselves that we are discovering reality using our self-controlled intellects, a practice in futility, then, finally, we decide to quit trying to do the impossible and we accept God’s appreciation of our turning from our own ideas to his. This recognition, repentance, forgiveness, acceptance process is the driver of our personal spiritual experience, and it enables us to experience “real”. Real is the only truth, the only fact, the only meaning and the only value we need to know to grow. Our willingness to give up our accumulated knowledge of life on our terms, even if it is the exhaustive understanding and lifelong appreciation of the Urantia Book, and submit ourselves to actual scrutiny by God inside our souls, is the only step we are asked to take to experience God’s version of real, and his version is the only one that counts.

We are all in this together my brothers, we have no need to work hard to convince each other that we are successful. Just be real. We must stop thinking “realist” is adequate or the same. It isn’t.

For a long time, I have been seeking God for insight in how to confront this human error. It is so very common among religionists and scientists as well. And while this error may be a common mistake in humanity at large, in a forum of those who are seeking to understand and apply the truth of God’s Fifth Epochal Revelation to our planet, and in which the instructions for overcoming these issues are plainly stated, our reluctance to live these truths and love each other out of our confusions is an error of greater import. We have an obligation to assist our brothers even when we are not complete in ourselves and when our brother is unwilling to listen.

If the people of this world are in need of seeing the reality of Jesus, it is through us he will be seen. If all we are able to say is “I believe”, we are not going to reveal anything other than just one more human view of Jesus, i.e., something to debate. The people of this world are in need of seeing him for real. Reality is what is missing. The authenticity of personal spiritual experience as the base for our authority regarding what we know of God, is what is missing. The authority of properly understanding our belief in the Urantia Book is not the same as a personal experiential relationship in reality. The world has been languishing in religious unreality for far too long. “I believe in him” must be replaced with “I KNOW HIM and I can prove it” without pointing to a book or a belief. The responsibility for hearing the truth must be transferred from the religious speaker to the, “he who has ears to hear”, listener. The world needs to experience those souls who know the experience of God and are willing to say so. The knowledge of truth can transform this world but we must be willing to be it, not merely say it or especially, be “like” it. Expressing the truth of GOD is love. Being merely nice and non-confrontive aren’t primary characteristics of God’s Love. If it were, the killing Jesus and the prophets and the apostles would not have been our legacy. This planet is ripe for us to confront it with the reality of God as living examples of how to know him. And I doubt all will find our message fun or amusing. The organized churches will certainly not, and in my experience, do not enjoy it. There are billions of people on old 606 who are unaware of the difference between “realist” and “real” and it is our epochal task to reveal it to them.

The Urantia Book says, “if you have faith, have it to yourself.” This means to me that I am to apply it to myself. I must be the first to come clean with God, to open up my deepest most vulnerable self to his scrutiny and enlightenment. My brothers and sisters, we must open ourselves up to him and learn to know the reality of his communication with us. And we must rely on that growing personal spiritual experience as our guide, not a book, not even the Urantia Book. Only then will we be personally confident in our faith to stand on the authority of our own personal spiritual experience as the highest form of substantiation of our relationship with God, and his with us.

‘I know the Bible.’ ‘I know the Urantia Book.’ ‘I know the Koran.’ ‘I know all the books of the world.’ These statements have little value and require exhaustive substantiations. I know God, the Eternal God who lives in me and I know how to listen to him and I follow his direction as well today as I can and hopefully better tomorrow; now that has real value and is offered for all to challenge. If it is real, it requires only a willingness to share when asked. Jesus even told us we didn't have to be mindful of what we would have to say when challenged, only tell the truth.

I know God and am hoping to share my relationship with him, with the whole world, one reality perceiving person at a time. And though I admit I have a long way to go to be what I am striving toward, with every ounce of my will and soul I can still go into the world and say, “How do you know that I do not know?”


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