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jwatkins00 wrote:
Thank you for taking my initial question and expounding on things about prayer that I hadn't thought of.

My question centers around a rather disturbing thought that perhaps wisdom is missing from much of today's world because of the fact that things have become so humanistic and secular.

I am inclined to believe that the seventh adjutant, Wisdom, is being utilized among fewer and fewer human beings, which is why it seems we are regressing as a society in the West. I have no idea how things are progressing in say parts of India, or Africa, or China, but in the Occidental west, meaning the U.S., Europe, Russia, places where Christianity is the dominant religion, I think less and less people are worshipping, and are moving away from meaningful spiritual growth (predicated on God), which means the 'spiritual lever' of solving problems is becoming more and more absent. Our "noble" approach of running things without regard for spiritual realities is being exposed in the emerging decay we see around us.

While I do think people pray, they usually pray for things or conflict-resolution. True prayer, as the UB states a million times, is seeking the truth and in seeking to do God's will. How many millions of people do you think really pray like that?

I am sorry to say but real wisdom is lacking in today's world, and its because religion is not progressing in any particular direction.

As Rexford and others have stated, we are not even at a point where God is thought of as a personality. Man is still worshipping God the same way as his ancestors.

I am willing to bet that if we could get the data, we would find this generation of human beings is probably at a low point of seventh-adjutant mind activity on a global scale, perhaps even sixth Adjutant (Worship) is declining as well.

Spiritually speaking, I believe we are entering the dark ages, which is why I think interest in the Urantia Book, while growing, is growing slowly (which is not necessarily bad, mind you).

What to do about it? Start living and speaking with spiritual authority. We have truth on our side, we have spirit on our side, we have God and his entire creation on our side.

Greetings Jim...and All! I'd like to add a few thoughts. It seems to me that recognizing the difference in quantity and quality might be important here. I don't know how one might determine the quality of others' religious experience with the Spirit within. We do know that all or almost all of us are endowed the same and we know that each of us will respond in very personal and unique ways according to very many different factors while we all generally face uncertainties, obstacles, vicissitudes, disappointments, failures, tragedies, etc.

Wisdom is not a static point as enlightenment is not. On a scale of 1-100, how wise am I if 50 is as wise a fused ascender? Are most Urantians a 1-5? I am not the least wise mortal nor the most....so I'm a 2-3?? Does this "measure" matter? To me as one who gains wisdom by experience and spiritization? Or to the world whose destiny is in the hands of the Most Highs?

I disagree completely with the despairing notion that we are in any kind of "dark ages" and it is a complete falsehood that awareness of and interest in the UB is "growing slowly".

The first proposition belies the amazing power of the Son's Spirit these past 20 centuries and 80 generations of mortals. The second is demonstrably false at its face by lots of empirical/factual evidence which easily demonstrates an exponential growth curve in readership and networking.

It might be interesting to note how many people consider themselves "believers" in God...and heaven and angels and those who say they are spiritual but not "religious" (meaning affiliated with any evolutionary church) compared to the declining proportion of them who follow specific creeds, doctrines, ceremonies, etc. When you say "religion is not progressing in any particular direction", I wonder what that means? Institutionally? Personally? The only true religion is that one which is lived within by each faither....the domain of soul and TA and Spirit of Truth.

If one were to view religious beliefs and practices historically from the time of the first Protestants and the printing press to today, one would see a very specific and meaningful progression in a very "particular direction" in my view. The direction is a surging form of personalization of religious experience and spiritual philosophy at the expense of and decline of organized and institutionalized authority and the failure of creeds, dogmas, and ceremonies and FEAR to attract or hold believers. It is my opinion that you are recognizing a profoundly important form of progress that truly illustrates greater wisdom among believers and one that indicates a more personal relationship with Spirit and guidance - but that you are misinterpreting the data and its meaning/value.

One might interpret the data to mean that the religion OF Jesus has been increasing compared to the religions ABOUT Jesus I would propose. And this is the very purpose of the Son's Spirit is it not? The Mortal Epochs eventually REQUIRE that evolutionary religious authority surrender to the revelatory religion OF Jesus. This is an eventuation of certainty. Is such a trend a bad thing? No, not at all.

Is the world less religious? Is it less wise? Is it less spiritual? Whose opinion is right? The answers given by each demonstrates not the facts of the issue but the perspective of the opinionator only. Indeed...does such an opinion elevate any but the opiner/opinionator relative to the indicted masses? Is it a perspective of snobbery and specialness I wonder? How does such thinking elevate the one or the many or the all? Is it "wise" I wonder to question the methods and results of Thought Adjusters, the Holy Spirit, and the Son's Spirit? Do we demonstrate wisdom when we doubt the great effects of these three great causes over the past 2000 years? Isn't this a form of doubt and lack of faith? Is the pessimist right to be so? Where is hope and confidence in a friendly and very capable universe in pessimism?

Jim - I don't ask these of you personally....I know you to be sincere and genuinely curious about the issue. My questions are rhetorical only....and believe me, I ask them of myself all the time!

As a wise one once noted: Things are not as they appear....and neither are they different.

Things are as they appear to be to the one who looks but a wiser voice might opine that things (reality) are not as they "appear" to any tadpole in the pond.

I am certain the sky is not falling. Saw a great post on FB the other day..."THE BEGGINING IS NEAR!"

Brad 8)

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