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An open forum for general discussions of a spiritual nature where guests and readers entertain the teachings of The Urantia Book.
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The Prevention of Crime

Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:26 am +0000

Does that Urantia Book indicate that it is proper to apprehend and incarcerate a person who demonstrates the potential to commit murder?

(72:10.2) These people are passing out of the negative into the positive era of law. Recently they have gone so far as to attempt the prevention of crime by sentencing those who are believed to be potential murderers and major criminals to life service in the detention colonies. If such convicts subsequently demonstrate that they have become more normal, they may be either paroled or pardoned. The homicide rate on this continent is only one per cent of that among the other nations.

Re: The Prevention of Crime

Mon Jun 13, 2016 9:05 am +0000

Life on a Neighboring Planet shows how a different society has addressed social issues -- it's not necessarily a cookbook but more a stimulant to constructive social thinking. Jesus told us to render unto Caesar the things of Caesar and to God what are his. Crime is a social issue as well as a personal spiritual one. Society is required to protect its citizens, from policing, jail, prison, and the taking of life. If it fails in these regards civilization will not progress. Read about the social values of war http://truthbook.com/urantia-book/paper ... 22#U70_2_0 to understand how seemingly harsh social actions can eventually lead to positive results.


Re: The Prevention of Crime

Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:34 am +0000

If civilization progresses via the positive results of seemingly harsh social actions, will it regress if social actions are too accommodating, too progressive, too quick in response to societal actualities?

(71:5.1) Competition is essential to social progress, but competition, unregulated, breeds violence.

If fair competition for an individual's place in industry is compromised because of the corruption of unregulated economic competition, and leads to unemployment, can we blame some for being militant?

(71:5.1) Murder and war differ in their status before the mores, murder having been outlawed since the early days of society, while war has never yet been outlawed by mankind as a whole.

Re: The Prevention of Crime

Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:50 pm +0000

I will maintain that in this world, in our particular culture, a person must actually commit a crime before convictions be proven, notwithstanding that certain threats constitute actual crimes. Positive justice refers to the rewards of love and mercy, extra votes for the more loyal contributors.

It is interesting to place several institutions communications, surveillance, scholastic achievement et cetera in affiliation with the modern era of justice. And it is safe to say that the authors of the Urantia Papers do make certain recommendations perscriptions for society progressing. But when you look at our world's history the Gestapo making secret arrests, the withholding of phonecalls and informations from a population deemed "at risk" or "unpredictable", there have been recurring failures on the part of who authorizes such arrests/convictions. To suffer accusation of this nature implies Libel on the part of a statesman.

Perhaps it is that "religious motivation" and "positive justice" are so oft alluded to but difficult to define that you raise your concern. But there are neuroses and flaws inherent in the psychological motivation of the Mosiac law-model "thou shall not commit crimes"; we risk the creation of false expectations. "I will be rewarded if I do a goodness"; it does not follow that "I will be rewarded if I do not do a sin."

You are seeing the predictive analyses of social science come into the fore; actuarial science and insurance business have become America's strongest nonpolitical lobbies who attempt to have influence upon the politicians. "How true is a person to his rep-sheet?" and the several stage clearances; trading in federally-overseen markets like Wall-Street NY requires "approved credit instruments". But many of the violations are written in order to prevent market collapse, to ensure market stability, not necessarily crimes. What you have is a failed economy that relies on welfare from national governments on a large scale, and oppression as a result.

You will see that victims of this actual oppression make rationalizations in order to justify/allow the abuser to continue these crimes. As it is now, we are only delaying a greater collapse by allowing soils to be depleted and by allowing national farmers to be diverted away from the patent office and towards certain theives of the marketplace.

You are going to overglorify the House of Congress, the marketplace, the Church but the Universe is the Church, the marketplace is reliant upon the land and industry, and government is reliant upon social cooperation. It soon may come that any established house or address, whether a market or a hall of government is deemed unsafe because of perceived threats, and our society may plunge deeper into preventative justice negative.

What is positive justice are the rewards for efficiency, the growing possibilities for those who continually serve, the ability to appreciate the simple blessings that God has bestowed upon our world, self-awareness, the ability to create a role within the universe.

If there is so much regulation of the nature I have described, such Wall Stree NY no longer becomes a marketplace but infact a greater political institution than the Constitutional U.S., the crimes of economic unfairness often go unreported, settled out of courts. The threat of a new lawsuit often compells doctors to act against the "hypocratic oath" (that they swore to), and certain lawsuits are made to intentionally slander innocent defendants. For these reasons, America has too much regulation just as the Pharisees of yore suffered from the burden of "613 Commandments".
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