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Do the life carriers get bored?

Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:49 pm +0000

So much of Earth's history has progressed gruellingly slow. What do you think the life carriers did to pass the time?

Re: Do the life carriers get bored?

Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:41 am +0000

The life carriers are engaged in many areas of ongoing research and study.

36:2.1 (397.1) The Melchizedeks have the general oversight of the fourth group of seven primary spheres in the Salvington circuit. These worlds of the Life Carriers are designated as follows:

36:2.2 (397.2) 1. The Life Carrier headquarters.

36:2.3 (397.3) 2. The life-planning sphere.

36:2.4 (397.4) 3. The life-conservation sphere.

36:2.5 (397.5) 4. The sphere of life evolution.

36:2.6 (397.6) 5. The sphere of life associated with mind.

36:2.7 (397.7) 6. The sphere of mind and spirit in living beings.

36:2.8 (397. 8 ) 7. The sphere of unrevealed life.

36:2.9 (397.9) Each of these primary spheres is surrounded by six satellites, on which the special phases of all the Life Carrier activities in the universe are centered.

For example, World Number Three is devoted to the conservation of life. Here various modes of life protection and preservation are studied and developed by the assistants and custodians of the Life Carrier corps.

I love this teaching in TUB and I would imagine that it is applicable to all sentient beings, not just mortals, when it says:

28:6.18 (316.5) The universal economy is based on intake and output; throughout the eternal career you will never encounter monotony of inaction or stagnation of personality.

Re: Do the life carriers get bored?

Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:10 am +0000


If boredom is like monotony, then it is a symptom of immaturity of the creative imagination (14:5:8). The entire universe of space and time is based upon progress. Progress requires activity, motion, growth. Boredom and monotony are antithetical to progress because they are symptoms of inactivity and stagnation of the intellect. I'm quite sure the Life Carriers never let their intellects stagnate.

I have found that bored people tend to be people who are primarily self-centered in their world view. They're really bored with themselves and don't know it. They tend to take themselves and their ideas way too seriously, either that or they have very narrow interests . I don't know how anyone could be bored in this world, slow as it may seem. The slowness gives you more time to examine life in detail. Life is rich, exciting, always an adventure on every level. It's a matter of attitude.

In Friendship,

Re: Do the life carriers get bored?

Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:36 am +0000

Awesome answers, thanks Rex and Agon! That makes a ton of sense!!

Re: Do the life carriers get bored?

Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:15 am +0000

I believe that since they are not visible then they exist on the morontia plane of this planet plus others like the guardian seraphim on duty, midwayers, prince etc and on this invisible plane I believe they have their own way of live and numerous untold contrivances and they observe and only intervene our physical plane only if need be since they access both unlike us. Their plane of existence has its own landscape i believe because I cannot imagine the prince spent 300000 just observing in while in empty space like wind so I think it is likely to work this way. And I think also time on their plane is not necessarily as ours even though on the same planet may be their day is equal to Jerusem or Salvinton no one knows because the revelators did not give specifics of the lives of our planetary supervisors may be its unearned knowledge and I might have discovered something new as we speak now. somebody say halleluia. Things out there are very sophisticated according to me but we will definitely know everything there is to know in the long journey but we can here and there speculate based on the currently revealed info." Such architectural worlds are designed to accommodate both physical and spiritual personalities as well as the intervening morontia or transition stages of being." The same way morontia spheres serve various orders of beings I think Earth is like that only that of dominance are physical beings and they are to be told not that this is the case they have to tackle their live as it is. They said its a short intense test and I think it is.
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