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 Post subject: COLD FUSUIO

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"Those who follow the unprecedented Cold Fusion episode might be interested in my new essay;

it is posted at: http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/xyz.htm

Please share this link with those who might be interested, for example, with journalists, friends, colleagues, students, etc.

Or forward this post to them.

The essay is not copyrighted; feel free to use it in any way you wish. Comments will be appreciated, as usual.

Thank you in advance,


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 Post subject: Re: COLD FUSUIO

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Hi Ludwik,
I am of the opinion that "cold fusion" should better be presented as "cold fission". The problem is heat. Of course we harness this heat to produce steam power to turn turbines and produce electricity, an energy that is much more wieldy, can be transported in wires, and can be stored in batteries.

TUB makes mention of light without heat. What a terrific clue! Light without heat is a reality but where is it?

TUB makes mention of Paradise as the nucleus of the Ultimaton. What a terrific clue!

Paradise is surrounded by Havona. TUB tells us quite a bit about Havona's physical makeup. But why is this?

The description of the physics of Havona are unique. The spheres of Havona are perfect. They revolve around Paradise is a procession, and they do not rotate, nor do they expand or contract and spheroids do in the Superuniverse levels.

This tells me that the space of Havona is not hyperbolic space but parabolic space. They are arranged in an Arithmetic spiral and not the logarithmic spiral of our space-time. Recall that Havona is not a time creation and that is because parabolic space cannot hold circular time in a perpendicular relationship as do circles and hyperbolas (geometric fact).

Note that the logarithmic spiral is not defined at the center but the Spiral of Archimedes is defined at the center. Space-time never reaches the center, Paradise, but parabolic space can reach the center. How else could light proceed from Paradise and return to Paradise. It must do this in the paths of the Havona spheres, in an arithmetic spiral. This spiral does not allow the photon to spin or breath, it must travel through this parabolic space without these motions. As light proceeds from the center of the atom, Paradise, it gathers these motion as it leaves Havona and enters hyperbolic space and circular time. These become electronic activity and heat is the measure of electronic activity (TUB).

If the energy leaving the nucleus of the atom in "fission" activity were to be channeled to continue in arithmetic spiral after leaving Havaona, rather than acquire the logarithmic spiral motion of space-time, it would remain "light without heat". This light would then be harnessed, not to boil water, but to produce electricity directly by means of a photovoltaic cell. Voila!

Think, fiberoptic coils arranged in parallel. Think Archimedean spiral fiberoptic coils. All theoretical of course, but you don't even need algebra, just geometry.

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