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I was thinking to myself that there are many candidates to Morontia phenomenon. Morontia is the space between physical reality and spiritual reality.

Rexford brought up the idea of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) being an example of Morontia phenomenon, thank you Rexford. I wanted to see what other ones we could identify.

I suppose for something to be Morontia it must approach our physical, material realm, yet be inexplicable in terms of that same realm. The trouble would be finding examples or true Morontia and not just apparent Morontia. For example, to the ancient Greeks lightning might appear as apparent Morontia (if they had the concept.) That's why we need candidates. I want to list just a few candidates, and see what ideas you guys have, as well.

  • Feeling of connectedness from eye contact.
  • Mothers lifting cars to save their trapped children.
  • Dark matter & dark energy.
  • Black holes (not black holes per se, but their consequent phenomena implied by mathematics)
  • Philosophical Mysteries (such as in Gabriel Marcel's definition about the mystery of being:)
    There is an order where the subject finds himself in the presence of something entirely beyond his grasp. I would add that if the word “transcendent” has any meaning it is here—it designates the absolute, unbridgeable chasm yawning between the subject and being, insofar as being evades every attempt to pin it down. (Marcel 1973, p. 193)
  • The animated soul of living things.
  • The emotional "atmosphere" in a room, city, state, or country.
  • Human relationships. (They are always a mystery and cannot be abstracted or broken down into component parts. This is probably why highly analytical types often make poor friends/companions.)
  • Mansion Worlds.
  • Misunderstood Spiritistic phenomena.
  • Acts of extreme heroism in war.
  • Acts of extreme heroism anywhere.
  • Great leaders i.e. Lincoln, Franklin, Socrates, Moses - leadership potential that seems to transcend the capabilities of what the "standard human" should be capable of in the times they are born into.
  • "Soul-mates" (not in the Hollywood sense of the term per se, but actual highly complementary couples.)
  • Feats of mathematical genius.
  • Another quote from Marcel: "Although a mystery may be insoluble, it is not senseless; and while its inexpressibility makes it inaccessible to communicable knowledge, it can still be spoken of in a suggestive way (Marcel 1964, xxv)."

These are just ideas of things that have partial or inadequate explanations, in my mind, that perhaps the Mota of Morontia could assist in explaining. They are not huge problems, but everyday commonplace things where I think the "Spiritual" might come close to the "Material" via the "Morontial." Just my ideas, I'd love to hear yours! :)

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Hello Redtread,
Your list includes mention of the one morontia phenomenon that the Urantia Book discusses specifically and at length: the evolving soul (your list refers to it as "the animated soul of living things").

111:2.8 (1218.6) The midway creatures have long denominated this evolving soul of man the mid-mind in contradistinction to the lower or material mind and the higher or cosmic mind. This mid-mind is really a morontia phenomenon since it exists in the realm between the material and the spiritual. The potential of such a morontia evolution is inherent in the two universal urges of mind: the impulse of the finite mind of the creature to know God and attain the divinity of the Creator, and the impulse of the infinite mind of the Creator to know man and attain the experience of the creature.


111:3.1 (1218.9) The mistakes of mortal mind and the errors of human conduct may markedly delay the evolution of the soul, although they cannot inhibit such a morontia phenomenon when once it has been initiated by the indwelling Adjuster with the consent of the creature will. But at any time prior to mortal death this same material and human will is empowered to rescind such a choice and to reject survival. Even after survival the ascending mortal still retains this prerogative of choosing to reject eternal life; at any time before fusion with the Adjuster the evolving and ascending creature can choose to forsake the will of the Paradise Father. Fusion with the Adjuster signalizes the fact that the ascending mortal has eternally and unreservedly chosen to do the Father’s will.

The morontia phenomenon of the evolving soul is potential in the human impulse to know God and be like Him, and the impulse of God to know man and understand the mortal experience.

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The morontia level most of us are capable of experiencing is our own soul. The only way to experience the soul is through faith. In Paper 101, Section 3 there is a list of 12 ways the morontia soul manifests itself in our lives. Check it out, it's pretty amazing.

In Friendship,

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Thanks Rexford 8)

Good stuff indeed .

101:3.4 (1108.3) Through religious faith the soul of man reveals itself and demonstrates the potential divinity of its emerging nature by the characteristic manner in which it induces the mortal personality to react to certain trying intellectual and testing social situations. Genuine spiritual faith (true moral consciousness) is revealed in that it:

101:3.5 (1108.4) 1. Causes ethics and morals to progress despite inherent and adverse animalistic tendencies. *

101:3.6 (1108.5) 2. Produces a sublime trust in the goodness of God even in the face of bitter disappointment and crushing defeat.

101:3.7 (1108.6) 3. Generates profound courage and confidence despite natural adversity and physical calamity.

101:3.8 (1108.7) 4. Exhibits inexplicable poise and sustaining tranquillity notwithstanding baffling diseases and even acute physical suffering.

101:3.9 (1108.8) 5. Maintains a mysterious poise and composure of personality in the face of maltreatment and the rankest injustice.

101:3.10 (1108.9) 6. Maintains a divine trust in ultimate victory in spite of the cruelties of seemingly blind fate and the apparent utter indifference of natural forces to human welfare.

101:3.11 (1108.10) 7. Persists in the unswerving belief in God despite all contrary demonstrations of logic and successfully withstands all other intellectual sophistries.

101:3.12 (1108.11) 8. Continues to exhibit undaunted faith in the soul’s survival regardless of the deceptive teachings of false science and the persuasive delusions of unsound philosophy.

101:3.13 (1108.12) 9. Lives and triumphs irrespective of the crushing overload of the complex and partial civilizations of modern times.

101:3.14 (1108.13) 10. Contributes to the continued survival of altruism in spite of human selfishness, social antagonisms, industrial greeds, and political maladjustments.

101:3.15 (1108.14) 11. Steadfastly adheres to a sublime belief in universe unity and divine guidance regardless of the perplexing presence of evil and sin.

101:3.16 (1108.15) 12. Goes right on worshiping God in spite of anything and everything. Dares to declare, “Even though he slay me, yet will I serve him.”

101:3.17 (1108.16) We know, then, by three phenomena, that man has a divine spirit or spirits dwelling within him: first, by personal experience — religious faith; second, by revelation — personal and racial; and third, by the amazing exhibition of such extraordinary and unnatural reactions to his material environment as are illustrated by the foregoing recital of twelve spiritlike performances in the presence of the actual and trying situations of real human existence. And there are still others.

101:3.18 (1109.1) And it is just such a vital and vigorous performance of faith in the domain of religion that entitles mortal man to affirm the personal possession and spiritual reality of that crowning endowment of human nature, religious experience.

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I think of the growth & development of the Morontial Form within the Human Tabernacle as being like the process of making a photograph from film in a dark room.
1. The Morontial Form is produced out of "Light", or Harmonious Combinence of the Adjutant Spirits in conjunction with the human striving and spiritual efforts
2. The Morontial Form develops within Man and is basically nonexistent to begin with.
3. The Human Character is linked to the Morontia Identity of the person, just like the photograph is linked to the moment that the Camera Shutter was opened
4. The Photograph is a more permanent version of the initial Time-Point within which the Light was captured

The analogy is inaccurate because of the Morontial Form is not as sensitive or delicate as the photo paper.
The Morontial Form develops and evolves, is not static or bound to the Human Character.

to the Underlaying Unity of All Life so that the Voice of Intuition may guide Us closer to Our Common Keeper

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