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The many names and confusion thereof

Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:45 am +0000

The Holy Name of the Jews' and Catholics' Deity Eli-Yahu Tzbaoth as El Elyon "God most High" or "The Lord of Hosts" is analogous to Sri Krishna's Name Deva Deva or the fact that He is the supreme Sura of the Sura-gana. Sri Krishna is Hari of the Hari-jana, or the aryans, just as the Jewish Deity is ELI of the elohima. In fact HARI and ELI are the same Deity historically and theologically, which is why Judeo-Catholic Angelogy and related astrology may be studied comparatively with Vaishnava devic cosmo-genesis and astrology . For more information on this and the Biblical doctrine of God's Judgement as KRIMA in relationship to the doctrine of KARMA, see http://jeffreyarmstrong.com/ Conservative Catholic Historian Favorably Reviews a Book on...Astrology? These Judeo-Catholic Traditions are also connected to Afro-Egyptian and European forms of Heliopolitan Monotheism. So, for those unprejudiced persons who are able to delve deeply into Judeo-Catholic and Platonic macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic Traditions, there is a wealth of Vaishnava connections to be studied with regard to the Planets and their Regents, the Planetary Devas or 'Hosts' and lowest-level Cosmic 'Angels'.

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