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An open forum for general discussions of a spiritual nature where guests and readers entertain the teachings of The Urantia Book.
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Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Wed May 25, 2011 6:09 pm +0000

After reading this, I am open to the possibility that something strange did happen that shouldn't have, I dont know if I'd say a rebellous midwayer was behind it but I can't rule that out. Though with this information in light I would say the rebellion started after 1955....with the re-edited version...

http://www.divinitywithinus.org/study/A ... ilogue.htm

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Wed May 25, 2011 11:18 pm +0000

Aloha...hope all is well and safe.....this sheds more light on the human/revelatory commission in the final product of our wonder book...


Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Thu May 26, 2011 2:04 pm +0000

If Jesus could declare that the Bible, while full of spiritual truths, was not perfect and infallible, why can't we admit that the same is possible for the Urantia Book?

Jesus Illuminates The Scriptures

159:4.1 And then went Jesus over to Abila, where Nathaniel and his associates labored. Nathaniel was much bothered by some of Jesus' pronouncements which seemed to detract from the authority of the recognized Hebrew scriptures. Accordingly, on this night, after the usual period of questions and answers, Nathaniel took Jesus away from the others and asked: "Master, could you trust me to know the truth about the Scriptures? I observe that you teach us only a portion of the sacred writings-the best as I view it-and I infer that you reject the teachings of the rabbis to the effect that the words of the law are the very words of God, having been with God in heaven even before the times of Abraham and Moses. What is the truth about the Scriptures?" When Jesus heard the question of his bewildered apostle, he answered:

159:4.2 "Nathaniel, you have rightly judged; I do not regard the Scriptures as do the rabbis. I will talk with you about this matter on condition that you do not relate these things to your brethren, who are not all prepared to receive this teaching. The words of the law of Moses and the teachings of the Scriptures were not in existence before Abraham. Only in recent times have the Scriptures been gathered together as we now have them. While they contain the best of the higher thoughts and longings of the Jewish people, they also contain much that is far from being representative of the character and teachings of the Father in heaven; wherefore must I choose from among the better teachings those truths which are to be gleaned for the gospel of the kingdom.

159:4.3 "These writings are the work of men, some of them holy men, others not so holy. The teachings of these books represent the views and extent of enlightenment of the times in which they had their origin. As a revelation of truth, the last are more dependable than the first. The Scriptures are faulty and altogether human in origin, but mistake not, they do constitute the best collection of religious wisdom and spiritual truth to be found in all the world at this time.

159:4.4 "Many of these books were not written by the persons whose names they bear, but that in no way detracts from the value of the truths which they contain. If the story of Jonah should not be a fact, even if Jonah had never lived, still would the profound truth of this narrative, the love of God for Nineveh and the so-called heathen, be none the less precious in the eyes of all those who love their fellow men. The Scriptures are sacred because they present the thoughts and acts of men who were searching for God, and who in these writings left on record their highest concepts of righteousness, truth, and holiness. The Scriptures contain much that is true, very much, but in the light of your present teaching, you know that these writings also contain much that is misrepresentative of the Father in heaven, the loving God I have come to reveal to all the worlds.

159:4.5 "Nathaniel, never permit yourself for one moment to believe the Scripture records which tell you that the God of love directed your forefathers to go forth in battle to slay all their enemies-men, women, and children. Such records are the words of men, not very holy men, and they are not the word of God. The Scriptures always have, and always will, reflect the intellectual, moral, and spiritual status of those who create them. Have you not noted that the concepts of Yahweh grow in beauty and glory as the prophets make their records from Samuel to Isaiah? And you should remember that the Scriptures are intended for religious instruction and spiritual guidance. They are not the works of either historians or philosophers.

159:4.6 "The thing most deplorable is not merely this erroneous idea of the absolute perfection of the Scripture record and the infallibility of its teachings, but rather the confusing misinterpretation of these sacred writings by the tradition-enslaved scribes and Pharisees at Jerusalem. And now will they employ both the doctrine of the inspiration of the Scriptures and their misinterpretations thereof in their determined effort to withstand these newer teachings of the gospel of the kingdom. Nathaniel, never forget, the Father does not limit the revelation of truth to any one generation or to any one people. Many earnest seekers after the truth have been, and will continue to be, confused and disheartened by these doctrines of the perfection of the Scriptures.

159:4.7 "The authority of truth is the very spirit that indwells its living manifestations, and not the dead words of the less illuminated and supposedly inspired men of another generation. And even if these holy men of old lived inspired and spirit-filled lives, that does not mean that their words were similarly spiritually inspired. Today we make no record of the teachings of this gospel of the kingdom lest, when I have gone, you speedily become divided up into sundry groups of truth contenders as a result of the diversity of your interpretation of my teachings. For this generation it is best that we live these truths while we shun the making of records.

159:4.8 "Mark you well my words, Nathaniel, nothing which human nature has touched can be regarded as infallible. Through the mind of man divine truth may indeed shine forth, but always of relative purity and partial divinity. The creature may crave infallibility, but only the Creators possess it.

159:4.9 "But the greatest error of the teaching about the Scriptures is the doctrine of their being sealed books of mystery and wisdom which only the wise minds of the nation dare to interpret. The revelations of divine truth are not sealed except by human ignorance, bigotry, and narrow-minded intolerance. The light of the Scriptures is only dimmed by prejudice and darkened by superstition. A false fear of sacredness has prevented religion from being safeguarded by common sense. The fear of the authority of the sacred writings of the past effectively prevents the honest souls of today from accepting the new light of the gospel, the light which these very God-knowing men of another generation so intensely longed to see.

159:4.10 "But the saddest feature of all is the fact that some of the teachers of the sanctity of this traditionalism know this very truth. They more or less fully understand these limitations of Scripture, but they are moral cowards, intellectually dishonest. They know the truth regarding the sacred writings, but they prefer to withhold such disturbing facts from the people. And thus do they pervert and distort the Scriptures, making them the guide to slavish details of the daily life and an authority in things nonspiritual instead of appealing to the sacred writings as the repository of the moral wisdom, religious inspiration, and the spiritual teaching of the God-knowing men of other generations."

159:4.11 Nathaniel was enlightened, and shocked, by the Master's pronouncement. He long pondered this talk in the depths of his soul, but he told no man concerning this conference until after Jesus' ascension; and even then he feared to impart the full story of the Master's instruction.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Thu May 26, 2011 4:28 pm +0000

All revelation from God, or revelators, has to go through man and is thereby subject to a certain amount of distortion.

But, I believe TUB has much less distortion than the bible.

The revelators used a better method of delivery.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Fri May 27, 2011 12:30 am +0000

Yoder777 wrote:If Jesus could declare that the Bible, while full of spiritual truths, was not perfect and infallible, why can't we admit that the same is possible for the Urantia Book?

Yes, brother, that is one of my most favourite passages in the Urantia Book and I so much wish that many Christians would understand it! And when I show this passage to them they cannot gainsay it in any way, except to (all independently repeating the same thing, amazingly!) say: "I do not recognize this 'Jesus' of yours as the same Jesus I know from the Bible. This sounds more like Satan speaking and you are helping Satan to spread his lies. How could you, traitor, after so many years of faithful service to the Lord God of Israel by producing these wonderful Bibles of yours!"

And I cannot explain to them that the 'image of Jesus' they created for themselves is just a collection of their own emotional responses to the Bible passages which they treat non-objectively because the Organized Religion has brainwashed them into believing these passages to come from a 'sacred text'. And how, pray tell me, after seeing this (and the fact that it was the Organized Religion that has murdered my Lord and my God) am I to treat the Organized Religion as anything but an enemy to progress and enlightenment of all my brothers and sisters? But the Urantia Book says I should see the potential hidden in it somewhere and treat it as a cocoon out of which some good may come eventually. I do not yet understand it but I learn every day trying to reconcile these things....

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Sat May 28, 2011 7:48 pm +0000

Yoder777 wrote:If Jesus could declare that the Bible, while full of spiritual truths, was not perfect and infallible, why can't we admit that the same is possible for the Urantia Book?

I think there's no problem with the point that the UB is fallible, but we should expect a different kind of imperfection from what we see in the Bible. The Bible is the result of mortals writing down their interpretation of things they saw or heard in visions, and the like, or things they were told about such experiences. We don't know how many levels of interpretation and retelling are embedded in the Biblical texts.

In the case of the UB, it's supposedly done very differently. No interpretation or retelling by humans is involved at all. Instead, it is the product of various orders of celestial beings, in collaboration with midwayers. So, while midwayers are not infallible, we would expect a higher level of competence from them.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Sat May 28, 2011 8:52 pm +0000

I don't understand the antipathy that Urantians often have for labeling the Urantia Book a "channeled" book. A Course in Miracles, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Oahspe are also regarded as channeled material, and their origins are similar to the Urantia Book. I guess by insisting that the method of receiving the Urantia Book was wholly unique and incomprehensible is intended to bolster the purported uniqueness of the Urantia Book as superior to all over revelations.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Sun May 29, 2011 5:24 am +0000

IT IS Superior and Unique
to ALL Other Revelations.

The Word ~ made Book .

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Sun May 29, 2011 10:11 am +0000

That might be true, but that wouldn't stop it from being a channeled book.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Sun May 29, 2011 1:17 pm +0000

The person may have had no memory of anything that is happening, maybe a better description for the even twould be an indwelling spirit of god communicated it to a midwayer. It doesn't seem that this happens every other week lol. A midwayer could have wrote it while communicating with the sleeping subject's thought adjuster.

The entire purpose of the urantia book is to be the 5th epochal revelation. If it is only the 5th in the entire human history than that automatically cuts it off from all other vision's that people have.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:47 pm +0000

I value the Urantia book as a spiritual book but I don't think it should replace the canonical Gospels. Instead, I think it can supplement and complement them.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:51 pm +0000

Aloha...may I add...

0:12.11 In formulating the succeeding presentations having to do with the portrayal of the character of the Universal Father and the nature of his Paradise associates, together with an attempted description of the perfect central universe and the encircling seven superuniverses, we are to be guided by the mandate of the superuniverse rulers which directs that we shall, in all our efforts to reveal truth and co-ordinate essential knowledge, give preference to the highest existing human concepts pertaining to the subjects to be presented. We may resort to pure revelation only when the concept of presentation has had no adequate previous expression by the human mind.

0:12.12 Successive planetary revelations of divine truth invariably embrace the highest existing concepts of spiritual values as a part of the new and enhanced co-ordination of planetary knowledge. Accordingly, in making these presentations about God and his universe associates, we have selected as the basis of these papers more than one thousand human concepts representing the highest and most advanced planetary knowledge of spiritual values and universe meanings. Wherein these human concepts, assembled from the God-knowing mortals of the past and the present, are inadequate to portray the truth as we are directed to reveal it, we will unhesitatingly supplement them, for this purpose drawing upon our own superior knowledge of the reality and divinity of the Paradise Deities and their transcendent residential universe.

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:49 pm +0000

Have you been to this site?


Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:28 pm +0000

Greetings Rajan and all,

I've been personally convinced of the superhuman authorship of the FER for many years, and yet, perhaps in part because of those years, I find myself less and less inclined to bother highlighting the issue. I certainly hope to avoid any witness of my faith walk being dependent upon who authored the UPapers.

There are likely pragmatic as well as philosophic ideals to be realized in arriving at one's own settlement, but like all values, their worth seems to me peripheral to the experiential realization of living sonship that is the overarching theme of this gift from above.

Allegedly, our Sovereign Lord Christ Michael achieved a perfected human life without so much as a printing press, much less all the mysterious phenomena surrounding the advent of the FER!

In these, as in all matters, I believe it behooves us to keep in mind and weigh our loyalties and actions with a scale calibrated upon a "common denominator" alluded to by such quotes as:

"Your message to the world shall be: Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and in finding these, all other things essential to eternal survival shall be secured therewith." (140:1)

"Always keep in mind: True religion is to know God as your Father and man as your brother." (99:5)

"In preaching the gospel of the kingdom, you are simply teaching friendship with God." (159:3)

"Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it." (196:1)

With Love,

Re: Super Human Authorship of the Urantia Book .

Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:39 am +0000

I don't take the Urantia Book in its entirety to be literal truth. What's more important is the spiritual truth, beyond literal factuality, that the book emphasizes.
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