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An open forum for general discussions of a spiritual nature where guests and readers entertain the teachings of The Urantia Book.
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How I came to the urantia book

Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:47 pm +0000

When I was about 16 years old I had a very strange dream in which the word Urantia, was spelled. I woke up from my dream and wrote the word down, I went downstairs to my parents computer and put it into the search engine.

I found this strange book, that was allegedly "alien". I became paranoid for months that alien's were abducting me and I was deadly aftraid of the urantia book. A vision with strange letter's that led to a strange book, I was convinced the only logical explanation was that alien's were trying to mess with my head.

Eventually I actually looked at hte book and saw it spoke of jesus. I then soon realized that this was infact a book not by alien's. Phew was I relieved.

The 2nd strange occurance I had in connection with urantia was not long after, I had a dream that seemed very "lucid" in which a man in a egyptian pyramid standing in a room and in that room standing with scrolls he spoke a foreign langauge, yet the words again were translated for me. I awoke from the dream and I could only remember bits of what he had said and wrote the words that were spelled out in text in my dream onto a peace of paper.A few weeks went by and I decided to google those words and so I did. The word that jumped out was "Logos" of coarse just starting to read the urantia book i crossreferenced it with that and found nothing.....untill that is the part of Philo of alexandria talking about how Logo's was the word of god, among other things.....I found it quite odd that my dream had a man from a egyptian temple speaking wierdly in what appeared to be robes, with a scroll telling me about logos. and hear all along Philo of urantia would seem to fit that man.....anyway's this isnt nearly as exciting as the 1st story and much more speculative, but nonethe less I think its interesting. Especially considering my next strange expereince.

I became fascinated for some reason with the mysterous figure of Melkezedick at the age of about 20. I don't know why this character became so real to me in the book. I decided to meditate on this "priest of most high" every night I just "felt" this this machiventa was my freind and very close and very near. One night in my dream I had a dream of machiventa and jesus meeting each other and machiventa telling me that jesus was my freind as well and was near me to. I then had the most amazing feeling that felt like a "body extacy" anyway's, the next night instead of waiting to fall asleep, I thought I would meditate and pray for my freind to visit me again but this time awake, and what I felt was simply amazing. Again but this time fully conciounce and awake but laying in a bed the same feeling came to me and my entire body felt as though it was in "extacy". basically that feeling u get when you are consumating your marriage hahaha but in your intire body, was essentially the feeing I had.

Anyway why does it all matter? well I suppose none of it does, just to me but its fun to share stories hahaha. The worst thing that can happen when you share is someone looks at you funny.

Getting back to my story, I was curious as to what I had felt if it was similar to anyother's, again I decided a good ole google search would maybe find me someone who has felt the same experience with melkezedick hahaha, though not likely. But to my surprise I found a story again that really was not far from the same story that Logo's had come from. Yet again my freind Philo had a line that sent shiver's down my spine. the line was "Let him offer to the soul food full of joy and gladness," "but let Melkezedick instead offer wine, and give to souls strong drink, that they may be siezed by divine intoxication more sober than sobriety itself". "he grows wine that produces in man the sober intoxification of divine extacy".

I find it interesting that Philo a philosopher gets so personal with melkezedick, perhaps Philo had a similar or even more profound expereince than I did with Machiventa. who knows..haha.

this is a story that |I have kept in my journal for years now I am currently 24. I figured why the hell do I keep these expereinces to myself, what is the worst that can happen when you share them with felllow reader's they look at you funny?. hahaha anwyays. I hope someone else out there maybe tries as I did and more to just dare to "connect" with melkezedick or any agency of this revelation you feel is close to you. Maybe just maybe something physical and spiritual and real and finite will come over you, and maybe we don't have to wait to die to feel these beings close to us, and working with us. But I get the feeling alot of reader's and faithson's are feeling incredible divine agencies already! I have no doubt in my mind about that. I hold no attitude of "holier than thow" in my head because I dont think these are miracles at all. I think they will one day be common place expereinces we all have.

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:52 pm +0000

by the way I wrote this literlaly in 6 minutes hahah, I did not use spell check ,i figured if i just let it flow that way I won't try and embelish the story. So that is what i did, i write as though I am speaking plainly.

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:31 am +0000

Dear boomshuka,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It is always great to read others' stories of how they found The Urantia Book. I am wondering if you would consent to my posting your story on our feature called "How The Urantia Book Changed My Life...?" http://www.truthbook.com/changed/index.cfm I would spell-check for you, and maybe edit just a bit, but would check with you before posting it on the site.

And everyone else - if you have not already submitted your story, please consider doing so. We can always use new stories for the edification and inspiration of others! Just pm me for more info...

Thanks again!

Mary Jo

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:17 pm +0000

Hi boomshuka --

boomshuka wrote:When I was about 16 years old I had a very strange dream in which the word Urantia, was spelled.

Wow...very interesting stories...thanks for sharing them here.


Re: How I came to the urantia book

Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:41 am +0000

Mine happened about years back while having my inner religious-spiritual conflict; questions like is there a true and correct church/religion today on earth? are everything told in the Bible are geniune and true? is there life after death? who is God?etc..

I then decided to pray for an answer; that if there is 'truth' on earth today, i want to be in the truth and allow me access to that truth. and then i had some personal dream of spiritual in nature. After sometimes, these things happen to me:
1. I discovered a book "Embraced by the light' by Beatty Eddie; about life after death; i was so by it that my body shivered (ectasy) and i went into my room crying without my wife even knowing it! Then I pray that.' If this is true, give me some more. I want to know more." I then began to collect volumes of such subjects from various sources; just to satisfy my quest.
During those specific period i was only thingking about finding a true church; and true enough, a missionary knocked at my gate and uttered this first word ;the exact word which i mentioned in my past prayer,' The true church has been restored back on earth'. I begin to learn and after sometime becoming a member until now; but i felt something was missing and went unanswered, especially about the tecahing of this church which claimed that God spoke to its Prophet/founder. i was wondering if there is beside this man, any other similar material or experiences which are in agreement with each other; like before, i pray for. Then oneday i had this very strong urge to typed the word 'truth' on my pc, browsing through i discovered this blue cover book. At first i only read the e-version thru my pc, but after sometimes i decided to make an order.
I shared my new found interest with friends and they were excited about it. I seek help from this UB site staff /administrators and they were very kind and helpful enough to provide me with 6 copies, which i gave out all.
Today the book is always with me in a bag;never want to depart with it...been learning lots of things from this site too, i am grateful...tq for all those who help and friends

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:21 pm +0000

Howdy Friends,

Interesting stories!

My first experience with the UB was in Tallahassee, Florida in 1971. I was playing music, guitar and vocals, with a rock band one night at their rented home. I played in-between their breaks at a night club in town. Someone handed me this big blue book and told me it was on lone and maybe I would like to browse through it a little before they took it back to the owner. Well, I opened it up and read a page... then turned to some other part and read another page. I read a few pages over the next half hour or so, and then I had to give the book back to it's owner.

I thought to myself... "I have to read this book someday." And sure enough, 5 years later, I had my own book. I will say that reading the book for the first time actually put all the things I studied for so many years in perspective. Finally! All my previous studies and thoughts on God and the Universe had all been from here and there... one philosophy or another. And after a time all that information got a little confusing since I never really got that firm feeling of 'Truth' from any one of the many philosophies I'd studied. But as soon as I had read the UB... well, everything all came together in there proper places on the puzzle board... my mind.

Great stories, friends. We should all be excited about such a great future we have just waiting for our arrival.

Have a great day,

God Bless,

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:33 pm +0000

I was shopping for sheets at the mall...went into Bed Bath and Beyond...in back of store, in the Beyond section, found shelves labled cheap..pretty good...and great...being picky..I started shopping in the great shelf..at the top was a big blue book. It fell into my hands and I have been reading since. Go figure that The Urantia Book can be found in the great beyond... at the mall. :mrgreen:

Or did I get the truthbook.com address from a friend...oh yeah...that might be how I found the book :wink: now that I think about it.

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:47 pm +0000

Hey fishin'mom...Nice to see that you got home safe and sound...GREAT to meet you in Boulder. You are as sweet in person as you are here - even sweeter. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Colorado.

Love the story of the "Beyond" section of BB+B...


Re: How I came to the urantia book

Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:50 pm +0000

Hey thanks Russ, and wow you guys these are wicked stories. I used to think this was all sort of "serindipity" but the more you hear from other people the more you think, jee whiz maybe God is really supreme, and can really use almost anything to engage us at any time :). A random person, a book, a dream, a thought adjuster, a thought adjuster, dream and freind and book all at once.

Yea my initial expereince's when I was young was rather extreme, I went from extreme fright of alien's visiting me at night and fearing that they were brainwashing me hahaha. to feeling really in awe that the book was written by divine beings. LOL I really couldn't have gone from one extreme to another more quicker hahaha. Mind you there was a "ego" that definitely devoloped at the point of realizing what happened, but today I realize that these expereinces are happening everywhere!. and that there really are no limits to how divinity can engage us. LOL but good thing is I am a plumber, and doing physical labor all day definitly is a humbing experience where that "ego" just sort of fades away hahahaha.

thats really interesting Babuk, the experience of feeling physical extacy without any medication hahaha or drugs is a curious thing to me. Especially when it comes in conjuction with a spiritual experience. I really am left dumbfounded as to the nature of how things like that happen, hahaha but supremacy is a mystery to me completly as well soooo I guess there is just alot to find out still.

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:43 pm +0000

'ecstacy' is my word to described my physical condition during that moment; you know when your limb went, your breath is fast and your head is very light with a sense of ephoria! you felt that you would want to hug and love the whole wolrd and all people! I guess it was a profound sense of deep gratefullness and relieve; it was as if your inner self is being touched, and in my case from reading and praying; whats more, it lasted for weeks! you know that that kind of feeling as if you now understand and see beauty in everything. even the equatorial sunrise and sunset clouds seems to speaks to you of God!!

yes,i believe God works in numerous and least expected ways; touching our soul.

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:04 pm +0000

Hey I guess the "extacy" I was describing in my personal expereince, was sort of like that feeling you get when you are consumating your marriage hahaha, except it is felt threw your entire body. Like a more literal or physical "extacy" hehe but yea I get where you are coming from. that is reallly interesting..:)

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:18 pm +0000

Ecstacy...that a good word and well describes those purely grateful moment in God conscienceness and thanks giving...like I had the other day.

I work on a construction site...mega home down on the coast...we recently moved from the basement to the upstairs room...well there I am sitting at my little desk, nose in the books and look up to pause to view the ocean, Maui, palm trees, a stones throw away...then one of the bosses starts to strum "Somewhere over the Rainbow" softly on his Ukulele....I was stunned in worship and brought to tears how grateful I am...

Aloha and hope you have a stunning day:~)

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:29 am +0000

For Boom

Belle esperienze davvero,
circa nel 2005 facevo delle ricerche sul Web sulla parola di Melschisedek quando incotrai per la prima volta il sito di Urantia, della Fondazione.
Avevo all'epoca circa 42 anni e la mia esperienza era ormai da molti anni fuori dal cattolicesimo in un percorso in solitaria, certamente mai senza la compagnia di Dio. Ma in quel momento trovai il sito Urantia e lessi qua e la soprattutto di come è nata la vita e mi fissai su quel lato li ovvero stavo indagando le ipotesi evoluzioniste e creazionisti ma senza conoscere altro del Libro. Poi anche per me melchisedek è stato ed è un personaggio vivo e non soltanto nei libri sacri, io sento di avere un qualche contatto spirituale anche se razionalmente non saprei come spiegare tutto questo.
Ho ripreso da pochi mesi la lettura del Libro di Urantia e ogni volta rimango sempre più sconcertato da quello che leggo ma quello che voglio dire è che la mia Fede non si basa sul Libro ma sulla vita vissuta. Ora ho anche letto circa la Personalità, la Mente, l'Anima, il Dono Divino e tanti altri particolari che vengono descritti splendidamente su Urantia, è tutto molto edificante e ciò nonostante ritengo che la Fede non può far affidamento soltanto sul Libro di Urantia, può essere di aiuto, di molto aiuto ma non sarà mai l'unico mezzo.
Non fraintendetemi non sto denigrando il Libro anzi tutto al contrario sto dicendo quello che si legge anche su Urantia ovvero che la Fede è unprocesso vivo e in evoluzione. Ora però mi dovrò impegnare molto di più nello studio del Libro di Urantia, sono davvero all'inizio, dimenticavo di dire che appena scoprii Urantia sul Web fui impegnato in diversi forum esoterici, dove stavo superando le ultlime incertezze e fare pulizia di tutti i retaggi storici ma a livello personale che circolavano ancora nella mia mente. Ho passato 3 anni di prova ma anche di evoluzione mentale e spirituale, ora ne sono uscito più forte e posso finalmente dedicarmi allo studio, con una mente molto più duttile, aperta e fiduciosa. Un abbraccio a tutti.
Really beautiful experience,
in 2005 about doing the web searches on the word of Melschisedek met when for the first time the site of Urantia Foundation.
I was then about 42 years and my experience was many years away from Catholicism in a lonely path, certainly never without the company of God But then I found the Urantia site and read here and especially how did life on that side and I stared at them or I was investigating the evolutionary and creationist hypothesis but without knowing much of the Book. Then for me Melchizedek was and is a lively character and not only in the sacred books, I feel I have some spiritual contact even though rationally I do not know how to explain it all.
I filmed a few months reading the Urantia Book, and every time I remain more puzzled by what I read but what I mean is that my faith is not based on paper but on real life. Now I also read about the Personality, Mind, Soul, God's gift and many other details that are described beautifully on Urantia, it's all very uplifting and yet I believe that faith can not rely only on the Urantia Book, can help, much help but will never be the only way.
Do not get me wrong I'm not denigrating the book indeed quite the contrary I am saying what you read or even on Urantia unprocesso that faith is alive and evolving. But now I'll have to try much harder in the study of the Urantia Book, I am really beginning, I forgot to say that I just discovered Urantia Web esoteric engaged in various forums, where I was passing the ultlime uncertainties and do cleaning of all inheritances historians but personally still circulating in my mind. I spent three years testing but also mental and spiritual evolution, now I came out stronger and I can finally dedicate myself to the study, with a mind much more flexible, open and trusting. A hug to everyone.

How I came to the urantia book

Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:09 am +0000

boomshuka wrote:I became fascinated for some reason with the mysterous figure of Melkezedick at the age of about 20. I don't know why this character became so real to me in the book.

Hi boomshuka. I chose Melchizedek as my user name at Christian websites because the brief references to him in the Bible appear to put him higher on the spiritual hierarchy than Jesus. Christians of course cannot accept this. So I was challenging Christians to resolve this apparent enigma.

I like the word Melchizedek so much that I might consider including it in my real name. :smile:

Re: How I came to the urantia book

Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:06 am +0000

It was the Melchizedek character in the UB that reduced my skepticism tremendously, some 38 years ago. From my Catechism classes growing up in the Lutheran church I was very familiar with Genesis. I immediately looked up this wondrous figure and was so pleased at the bible's reckoning of him; as the one who "blessed Abraham with the word of God," as well as him bringing "bread and wine" to Abraham's victory celebration when all surrounding kings brought gifts.

I also looked him up in the Jewish encyclopedia and was astonished at how the jewish traditions view this fellow: "A mysterious character of the bible who was without mother or father, and blessed Abraham with the word of God."

I always have wondered why, if he was considered so important in the beginning of Jewish teachings, he did not remain a reigning figure in their religion other than this momentous and magnificent beginning. After all, turning the Father of their people on to God would seem to give him a place in their history more than which has evolved? Wouldn't you say?
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