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An open forum for general discussions of a spiritual nature where guests and readers entertain the teachings of The Urantia Book.
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Re: I don't want to "lay in wait", I want to prgress,.

Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:51 pm +0000

i devoured tub three times in a row in a year and a half and it took me a little longer to read with each read through. and then i found study groups and have been closely reading and studying it ever since. only when i'm not doing well in life have i gotten away from the book in terms of study groups or reading it myself or internet forums. i believe virtually most, like 99% or more get resurrected on the first mansion world just for living a halfway decent life. someone would have to be purposely extremely devious to not get a chance at eternal life regardless of what they know spiritually. this is a world of default, there is no visible presence of god. jesus was here for a short while, no one can be expected to have to know jesus. but just so we get the point that god's in charge and we are completely dependent upon him, yes on occasion, someone is not resurrected because of their evil but also so that everyone else knows that it can happen. the length of time for a resurrection can vary greatly however, and a thousand year wait would not be unusual. fundamental christians have a belief in hellfire for eternity, other than tub new agers have no concept of eternal extinguishment but our revelation reveals this: 20:3.2 When they sit in judgment on the destinies of an age, the Avonals decree the fate of the evolutionary races, but though they may render judgments extinguishing the identity of personal creatures, they do not execute such sentences. Verdicts of this nature are executed by none but the authorities of a superuniverse.

it can happen.

dkr315d wrote:I'm tryintg to read this book, little by little. But I think, like in highschool, when I was suppose to read a book I would buy the synopsis and try to pass. That is probably what I am still tryting to do by pickingt the brains of those who have read it, sorry, I am who I am. BUT, my question is to those of you who have read it is, do you really have to live a "God like life" in order to go to the next level when you die. I, by nature treat people well, maybe better than I treat myself. I am not a religious person and I'm sure I do my share of cussing, gossip, mostly it is done for the humer of it all. But when it come down to how I treat poeple, I have campasion. But don't really go the extra mile. I take care of my own. Do you really have to go out and take care of the world to secure the fact that you will not "sleep" for a thousand years before you go to the next level? I really wish it was simple, live a good life, do not cause another human pain and, there you go. But this " live a God like life", gees, I'm not sure I"m really doing that, don't really think I have any plans to do so. Again, yes I will eventually read the book, but my own instincts tell me that I'm OK, but, OK may not be enought to allow you to advance, I really don't want ot "sleep" for a thousand years.


Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:30 am +0000

dkr315d wrote:That is thousands of years that I was not of service to my Father, WHY, I don't want to wait a thousand years to be of service. It may not matter to you, but it does to me, that is why I ask what would make the difference between advancing after death and waiting for a very long tiime. If you don't go to the next level immediately, then you did not learn the lessons of life that you should have. I am trying to learn them, and I DO NOT WANT to W A I T to be of service.

I am like you in that I would like to skip the 1000 years. It's not my right but a privilege that I may gain, if I am passionate enough in following God.

Based on what you wrote, I see that you have a similar passion. If you want to follow God, start listening to your Mystery Monitor. It will guide you to the right direction. It is not what we do but how we relate to God that decides the issue.

As others have said, if you want to advance, start learning today. Seeing that this thread is already more than three years old, I suppose you may have already read TUB. But reading TUB is not a prerequisite to skipping the 1000 years, and not even to being able to fuse with your Adjuster. After all, I am certain Enoch did not read TUB and yet he fused with his Adjuster before death. :)

If you cooperate with your Adjuster and tell it that you want to skip the 1000 years, it will guide you in doing that. Following that path needs to be your first priority, however.

What I have found out in my own path, in cooperation with my Adjuster, is that putting others ahead of yourself is not always the right choice. In fact, for people who regularily put others before themselves, learning to put themselves first in some cases is required. The converse applies to people with opposite preferences.

There is no single road to God, but instead it depends on you and your current situation. Some people need to get more in line with the general expectations while some others need to go against them. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to do what your heart most desires (but what your neighbours most oppose).


Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:34 am +0000

alwilliams767 wrote:Good catch Iris!
I wonder if the fusers (Enoch & Co) did have adjusters with pre-experience! Just like the Master had the Adjuster who had lived thru MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.

Based on reading TUB, I have gotten the understanding that our Adjusters also typically have experience from worlds where adjuster fusion is not happening.

Adjusters are providing their experience at our disposal, but it is up to us to use it. I have a firm belief that whether we want to skip the 1000 year sleep, or even gain fusion with the adjuster before our death, the Adjuster is not the limiting factor. Neither is our current situation. No, the crucial factor is whether we are willing to.

Re: I don't want to "lay in wait", I want to prgress,.

Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:59 am +0000

I used to think like that, but now it seems to me that everyone sleeps after they die and whether its for a week or a thousand years it won't really be a difference. To get woken up right away you have to be a third circler and that is supremelly difficult to do in eighty or so years. Its not likely for ninety nine point nine nine percent of the world. The reason you sleep so long is for our own benefit. The gods are saying if we wait for a special moment to wake certain people up it will be that much more amazing for them. Maybe they awake all your loved ones and you at the same time so that ypu can progress with them from world to world. Maybe there is a human being you love deeply and who loves you and they wait for a special moment to awake both of you. Its not always an end of a age when people wake up either it could be at any moment inbetween. They could wait only five hundred years, there are mortals who are "detained" for much shorter periods who are not third circlers. It will be fine you will have not even noticed a day gone by and when you awake it will be amazing.

Just think of it like this you are awaking to start a career of eternity. Eternity is so much longer than a thousand years that for all intents and purposes a thousand years is just a moment.
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Re: I don't want to "lay in wait", I want to prgress,.

Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:17 am +0000

Very good points!
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