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 Post subject: as above so below
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25:3.5 The commissioners' decisions are placed on the planetary records and, if
necessary, are put into effect by the divine executioner. His power is very
great, and the range of his activities on an inhabited world is very wide.
Divine executioners are masterful manipulators of that which is in the interests
of that which ought to be. Their work is sometimes carried out for the apparent
welfare of the realm, and sometimes their acts on the worlds of time and space
are difficult of explanation. Though executing decrees in defiance of neither
natural law nor the ordained usages of the realm, they do ofttimes effect their
strange doings and enforce the mandates of the conciliators in accordance with
the higher laws of the system administration.

the divine executioners take prisoners to the ancients of days i assume.

25:3.1 Conciliators maintain group headquarters on the capital of their
superuniverse, where their primary reserve corps is held. Their secondary
reserves are stationed on the capitals of the local universes. The younger and
less experienced commissioners begin their service on the lower worlds, worlds
like Urantia, and are advanced to the adjudication of greater problems after
they have acquired riper experience.

conciliate - to overcome the hostility of; placate; win over; to win or gain
(favour, regard, etc), esp by making friendly overtures. that sounds nice.
uversa. there are commissioners right here among us. jobs are jobs throughout

25:3.3 1. Conciliators to the Worlds. Whenever the supervising personalities of
the individual worlds become greatly perplexed or actually deadlocked concerning
the proper procedure under existing circumstances, and if the matter is not of
sufficient importance to be brought before the regularly constituted tribunals
of the realm, then, upon the receipt of a petition of two personalities, one
from each contention, a conciliating commission will begin to function

this arguing stuff goes on everywhere, not just among the lowest order of will

40:6.1 The mortal races stand as the representatives of the lowest order of
intelligent and personal creation. You mortals are divinely beloved, and every
one of you may choose to accept the certain destiny of a glorious experience,
but you are not yet by nature of the divine order; you are wholly mortal. You
will be reckoned as ascending sons the instant fusion takes place, but the
status of the mortals of time and space is that of faith sons prior to the event
of the final amalgamation of the surviving mortal soul with some type of eternal
and immortal spirit.

know that. divinely loved is nice.

25:3.4 When these administrative and jurisdictional difficulties have been
placed in the hands of the conciliators for study and adjudication, they are
supreme in authority. But they will not formulate a decision until all the
evidence has been heard, and there is absolutely no limit to their authority to
call witnesses from anywhere and everywhere. And while their decisions may not
be appealed, sometimes matters so develop that the commission closes its records
at a given point, concludes its opinions, and transfers the whole question to
the higher tribunals of the realm.

all these parallels to human governments, courts and realities is interesting,
outside of tub who would of guessed how much more there is to the phrase created
in the image of god.

25:3.9 4. Conciliators to the Local Universes. In this larger work of a
universe the commissioners are of great assistance to both the Melchizedeks and
the Magisterial Sons and to the constellation rulers and the hosts of
personalities concerned with the co-ordination and administration of the one
hundred constellations. The different orders of seraphim and other residents of
the headquarters spheres of a local universe also avail themselves of the help
and decisions of the referee trios.

i'm looking forward to a magisterial son visit here.

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 Post subject: Re: as above so below

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<---Thoroughly enjoying your insights. Thanks for sharing your studies!

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 Post subject: Re: as above so below
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Joined: Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:35 am +0000
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somebody loves me, most people on here don't. thanks. i'll keep plugging away at it. tub is pretty much my only interest and i know the book very well and enjoy typing on it on forums. there's not anything else out there that's more important in my view than reading and understanding and spreading the word of tub. i wouldn't be here except that i enjoy the book. jesus was homeless and they thought he was insane, so i'm in good company. 100:7.12 This divine enthusiasm led his unspiritual brethren to think he was beside himself, but the onlooking universe appraised him as the model of sanity and the pattern of supreme mortal devotion to the high standards of spiritual living.

if i'm very happy and peaceful all the time regardless of how others on here treat me, then i'm doing good.

Edril wrote:
<---Thoroughly enjoying your insights. Thanks for sharing your studies!

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