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Words of Christ II - listen FREE at Truthbook

Dear Friends,

Pato Banton, internationally known Reggae artist, and devoted Urantia Book lover, has created a new sublime and inspiring CD, called The Words of Christ II. You can listen to the entire album at

Please click on "external link" at the bottom of this article to access the CD.

You may be familiar with Pato's original effort - The Words of Christ - which has been thrilling visitors to for a couple of years now. Pato's soothing and unique voice narrating Jesus' words, accompanied by the amazing music of Clyde JJ Forde, combine to give the listener an incredibly inspiring new way to grasp the teachings of the Master.

In this new CD, Pato has chosen another thrilling collection of the Master's talks, discourses and sermons. As well as the matchless music and narration, the text of each selection can also be read while listening, giving you a total sight-and-sound-and-mind experience of absorbing these soul-satisfying lessons on life.

Click here to go to The Words of Christ II page at Truthbook.

We know that you will enjoy this wonderful new CD. Each selection can be emailed, so that your Christian and truth-seeking friends and family can share them with you, and we hope that you will feel free to take this opportunity to help spread the good news.

With Love and Affectionate Regard,

The Truthbook Team

Pato dedicates this lovingly produced CD with these words:

I would like to dedicate this labor of love to all genuine Truth Seekers.

For far too long people have focused their attention on the personality and appearance of Christ, when the true focus should be on his life and teachings.

What was hidden from the wise and prudent is now revealed to the babes and suckling in these words which have been taken from The Urantia Book. ~ Pato Banton

1. First Sermon In The Synagogue

2. Discourse On The Water Of Life & The Discourse On Assurance

3. Jesus' Teaching At Tyre

4. On Counting The Cost

5. The Discourse On True Religion

6. Why Do The Heathen Rage

7. The Sermon At Gerasa

8. Teaching About Accidents

9. The Talk About Angels

10. Teachings About Wealth

11. The Enquiring Greeks

12 Evil, Sin & Iniquity

13. Enmity Of The World

14. Sermon On The Good Shepherd

Pato Banton - Words of Christ II

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