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What Is the Smallest Thing in the Universe?

"The answer to the enduring question of the smallest thing in the universe has evolved along with humanity. People once thought grains of sand were the building blocks of what we see around us. Then the atom was discovered, and it was thought indivisible, until it was split to reveal protons, neutrons and electrons inside. These too, seemed like fundamental particles, before scientists discovered that protons and neutrons are made of three quarks each...

The Planck length

Superstrings, singularities, and even grains of the universe could all turn out to be about the size of the 'Planck length.'

A Planck length is 1.6 x 10^-35 meters (the number 16 preceded by 34 zeroes and a decimal point) — an incomprehensibly small scale that is implicated in various aspects of physics.

Perhaps all of the universe's smallest things are roughly the size of the Planck length."

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I was struck by how many theories there are in this article. This one discovery will be so important for humanity. The Urantia Book tells us about this smallest material unit, and that it has Paradise as its nucleus. This information alone could change the direction of our world. When will they discover the Ultimaton???

Read about the Ultimaton here:

"Ultimatons, Electrons, and Atoms

42:1.2 Matter—energy—for they are but diverse manifestations of the same cosmic reality, as a universe phenomenon is inherent in the Universal Father. “In him all things consist.” Matter may appear to manifest inherent energy and to exhibit self-contained powers, but the lines of gravity involved in the energies concerned in all these physical phenomena are derived from, and are dependent on, Paradise, The ultimaton, the first measurable form of energy, has Paradise as its nucleus.

Link to External Source Article

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