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We Are Mentally Wired for God

Urantia Book readers may not need this assurance from science, but many others may. Read our blog below ... This article: Science Proves Your Brain Recognizes the Reality of God, Researchers Say by Jessilyn Justice addresses prayer and meditation, the benefits of which can be demonstrated with scientific experiments. But another thing that caught my attention was the researchers' use of the term/theory of the "supersense," which corresponds to an innate discernment of physical conditions, and provides for an innate sense of the spiritual world. Here's a snip from the article:

"According to National Geographic, fascinating new research has uncovered the possibility that believing in God may be hardwired in our brains.

" 'Psychologists and anthropologists deemed that children left to their own devices would have some conception of God. Some attribute this to our innate sense of detecting patterns in the world (as to discern predators or prey in nature), while others propagate the notion of a 'supersense'—or a cognitive tendency to infer hidden forces in the world working for good or ill,' says Shaheen E. Lakhan, who holds several doctorate degrees, including an M.D."

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Those who have embraced The Urantia Book's teachings about God may recognize this "supersense" as another way of expressing the book's teaching about the superconscious - the spiritual counterpart of the subconscious. In The Urantia Book, we learn that it is in the superconscious that the human mind makes contact with spiritual reality, and with the indwelling spirit of God-within, the Thought Adjuster

From The Urantia Book:

100:5.6 If one is disposed to recognize a theoretical subconscious mind as a practical working hypothesis in the otherwise unified intellectual life, then, to be consistent, one should postulate a similar and corresponding realm of ascending intellectual activity as the superconscious level, the zone of immediate contact with the indwelling spirit entity, the Thought Adjuster.

100:1.9 The unconscious nature of religious growth does not, however, signify that it is an activity functioning in the supposed subconscious realms of human intellect; rather does it signify creative activities in the superconscious levels of mortal mind. The experience of the realization of the reality of unconscious religious growth is the one positive proof of the functional existence of the superconsciousnes

111:4.5 Only in the higher levels of the superconscious mind as it impinges upon the spirit realm of human experience can you find those higher concepts in association with effective master patterns which will contribute to the building of a better and more enduring civilization.

As for prayer and the superconscious:

91:2.6 During the earlier times of racial evolution and even at the present time, in the day-by-day experience of the average mortal, prayer is very much a phenomenon of man's intercourse with his own subconscious. But there is also a domain of prayer wherein the intellectually alert and spiritually progressing individual attains more or less contact with the superconscious levels of the human mind, the domain of the indwelling Thought Adjuster. In addition, there is a definite spiritual phase of true prayer which concerns its reception and recognition by the spiritual forces of the universe, and which is entirely distinct from all human and intellectual association.

91:3.5 Aside from all that is superself in the experience of praying, it should be remembered that ethical prayer is a splendid way to elevate one's ego and reinforce the self for better living and higher attainment. Prayer induces the human ego to look both ways for help: for material aid to the subconscious reservoir of mortal experience, for inspiration and guidance to the superconscious borders of the contact of the material with the spiritual, with the Mystery Monitor.

There are many reasons to form a habit of prayer and meditation, mentioned in the cited article above; and there are many more. Click to read Urantia Book teachings on Prayerand Meditation

So, while the world may still be waiting for science to validate a belief in God, the effectiveness of prayer, or the value of meditation, Urantia Book readers are able to readily accept these realities. Why? Because these realities can be demonstrated in human experience - they are truths that can be lived.

Again, from The Urantia Book:

2:7.6 Intellectual self-consciousness can discover the beauty of truth, its spiritual quality, not only by the philosophic consistency of its concepts, but more certainly and surely by the unerring response of the ever-present Spirit of Truth. Happiness ensues from the recognition of truth because it can be acted out; it can be lived. Disappointment and sorrow attend upon error because, not being a reality, it cannot be realized in experience. Divine truth is best known by its spiritual flavor.

That is one of the best things about the teachings of The Urantia Book; they can be LIVED - ACTED OUT. And when we experience that, there's no longer any need for outside corroboration at all. We have all the proof we'll ever need, and it is rooted in our own experience.

If you are new to The Urantia Book, please understand that it is not some new religion or a fad; The Urantia Book is a revelation of truth to our world, mandated by God, at a time when we need it very much. The Urantia Book fills in all the gaps in our knowledge of our planet's history and gives us a new understanding of mankind's evolution and destiny. We learn to see with fresh insight why we are in the state that we're in, and how to overcome the darkness that surrounds us. We receive a comforting and uplifting revelation of God and how we can develop a whole new relationship with him and his son, Jesus, who IS the world's savior. The last part of The Urantia Book is a restatement of the complete Life and Teachings of Jesus - teachings that connect the other parts of the book into a beautiful whole that will lend beauty, hope, joy, peace and love to your life, from the inside out. It's a revelation for our world - and especially for YOU!

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