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Was Jesus' First Miracle a Mistake?

Have you ever wondered this? I mean, God sends His One and Only Son to earth as a baby with the purpose of saving every person ever born, or to be born, from their sins. Hebrews says He is the creator and sustainer of all things. Jesus, who healed the lame, gave sight to the blind, cured leprosy and sent demons packing comes to the critical moment of his first miracle and... let down.

Surely He knew that for the rest of time this particular miracle would bring stark disagreement and even violent debate. This one story, recorded only in John's Gospel has sparked much debate over the centuries. What does the word translated "wine" mean? It can mean fermented or unfermented, so no conclusive evidence there. Teetotalers believe it MUST mean grape juice and others assume it means an alcoholic beverage. Was the "grape juice" saved for the last of the party or the "alcohol"? I just heard an argument that it MUST have been grape juice they were drinking because how could a drunk person tell if the "wine" was good or not? Of course, the counterpoint is that if the master of the ceremony was hammered he wouldn't have been very good at his job.

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Evidently, Biblical scholars have a problem with Jesus' first miracle having to do with wine, which many Christian religions prohibit. At the end of the article, the author wonders whether Mary was "showing off," and why Jesus performed this feat, when he has just told Mary that his time had not yet come...?

Both, good questions...and The Urantia Book has answers.

On this topic, The Urantia Book is very clear. The turning of the water into wine is not considered a miracle at all, even though it appears to be. Here, we are told why:

137:4.13 But this was in no sense a miracle. No law of nature was modified, abrogated, or even transcended. Nothing happened but the abrogation of time in association with the celestial assembly of the chemical elements requisite for the elaboration of the wine. At Cana on this occasion the agents of the Creator made wine just as they do by the ordinary natural processes except that they did it independently of time and with the intervention of superhuman agencies in the matter of the space assembly of the necessary chemical ingredients.

Jesus himself was surprised at this turn of events:

137:4.12 It was gradually dawning upon Jesus what had happened. Of all persons present at the marriage feast of Cana, Jesus was the most surprised. Others had expected him to work a wonder, but that was just what he had purposed not to do. And then the Son of Man recalled the admonition of his Personalized Thought Adjuster in the hills. He recounted how the Adjuster had warned him about the inability of any power or personality to deprive him of the creator prerogative of independence of time. On this occasion power transformers, midwayers, and all other required personalities were assembled near the water and other necessary elements, and in the face of the expressed wish of the Universe Creator Sovereign, there was no escaping the instantaneous appearance of wine. And this occurrence was made doubly certain since the Personalized Adjuster had signified that the execution of the Son’s desire was in no way a contravention of the Father’s will.

In other words, it was simply the power of Jesus desiring to fulfill his mother's request, coupled with this desire not going against God's will that made it happen. After this, Jesus was more careful about what he thought and when...

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