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The Ruins of Bethsaida

Bethsaida was an important place for Jesus; he trained evangelists, established a hospital, healed the paralytic, and headquartered there with the apostles. In this Smithsonian article: Unearthing the World of Jesus by Ariel Sabar, Special attention is given to new discoveries of this key city in the Master's life. See our blog below, but first, here's a snip about findings at Bethsaida from the article:

"The ruins of Bethsaida lie atop an oval-shaped, 20-acre mound of volcanic earth. Flowing all around are the hills of the Golan, which plunge through stands of eucalyptus and across plains of mango and palm groves to the Sea of Galilee."

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What does The Urantia Book teach about Jesus and his connection to Bethsaida?

When Jesus was 27 years-old he first met Zebedee, a friend of Jesus' earth father Joseph. Zebedee lived in Bethsaida and worked as a boatbuilder; Jesus lived and worked there with Zebedee and his family for a year before embarking on his tour of the Mediterranean world with the Indian travelers.

Later, following the choosing of the first six apostles, Bethsaida became the headquarters for Jesus and the apostolic party, which was established in the home of Zebedee and Salome, the parents of apostles James and John Zebedee. And this headquarters was to be "home base" for Jesus and the twelve for nearly three years, so they came in and out of Bethsaida frequently.

138:5.4 Zebedee and Salome had gone to live with their son David so that their large home [in Bethsaida] could be turned over to Jesus and his twelve apostles. Here Jesus spent a quiet Sabbath with his chosen messengers; he carefully outlined the plans for proclaiming the kingdom and fully explained the importance of avoiding any clash with the civil authorities

Additionally, there is an entire Paper devoted to Jesus and the apostles' activities in Bethsaida. Among them are these notable events:

Training the Evangelists

Establishing the Bethsaida Hospital

Healing the paralytic

Jesus' delievered discourses in Zebedee's garden on Evil, Sin, and Iniquity, the Purpose of Affliction, and the Discourse on Job.

Most notably perhaps, Jesus established the women's corps in Bethsaida.

And there are many other references for Bethsaida in The Urantia Book. Use our convenient Search feature at the top right of any TruthBook page to see how many there are! Just enter the word Bethsaida in the box marked "Search The Urantia Book only."

These excavations in the area of the Sea of Galilee are exciting to watch. Once again, we are delighted to see that modern science is discovering the places that Jesus lived and worked - places that are so familiar to Urantia Book readers!

Discover them yourself, along with the entire Life and Teachings of Jesus!

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