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The Heart of Why Nature Matters

Coral reefs provide medicines that save lives. Forests give us wood for shelter and heat. Rivers provide fish to eat and jobs for fisherman. Through the Conservancy’s special feature on why Nature Matters, you can hear directly from people who depend on a healthy environment for their food, livelihood or medication.

Reading these inspiring stories and watching the videos got me to thinking… why does nature matter to our own Conservancy scientists? What has motivated them to do the work they do? So, I reached out to a few and asked them just that.

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Nature is a part of our world - more accurately, we are part of Nature - and it is such a beautiful, majestic, and sometimes mysterious part of life. Many people find God in nature...and these people in the article seem to feel that kind of reverence for it...maybe you do, too

Nature plays a large part in The Urantia Book, too. For some of its teachings regarding Nature, please see HERE, for our topical study on the subject.

Nature can make us think about Mother Spirit as well. After all, she does breathe life on the natural world of things and beings - the original "Mother Nature."

Link to External Source Article

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